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Word Tailor Answers & Solutions for All Levels

Looking for another word game for you to while the time away with? You might as well check out Word Tailor, which comes to us from Word Tailor Games — they are what they make, we’d say. In this Android and iOS game, you don’t need to do anything out of the ordinary when it comes to finding the words — all you have to do is find the hidden words from the mixed letters, find other words from the main words, and build up your spelling and vocabulary skills while at it. This is an easy-to-play game that anyone can enjoy, with sew-kit bonus rewards as you move further into the game, and if you ever get stuck with a word, you can make use of the game’s hint system, which is actually the option to ask help from your friends through social media.

Why wait for your friends to reply with the answer when you could ask us and get the information straight away? We haven’t completed all of the levels yet, but we’ve gone through the first 60, and have all the answers from those levels here in this list of Word Tailor answers and solutions. Read on, but don’t read too much into our answers, if you’re looking for some instant help!

Word Tailor Answers Levels 1-20

1 As, ask.
2. Am, map.
3. We, me, mew.
4. By, be, bye.
5. Of, or, for.
6. Us, sue, use.
7. It, is, sit, its.
8. No, on, in, ion.
9. At, ate, eat, tea.
10. No, on, won, now.

11. An, at, ant.
12. Ray, rag, gray.
13. Go, or, row, grow.
14. In, ice, nice.
15. Tie, lie, let, lite.
16. Am, me, male, meal.
17. At, as, rat, art, arts, rats, star.
18. Me, it, tie, item, time, emit.
19. Cap, pat, act, cat, tap, pact.
20. In, is, ski, ink, inks, sink, skin.

Word Tailor Answers Levels 21-40

21. By, buy, rub, ruby.
22. Go, do, god, dog, old, gold.
23. Am, me, age, game, mage, mega.
24. Ace, ape, cap, pea, cape, pace.
25. As, saw, has, ash, was, wash.
26. To, so, pot, top, post, stop.
27. Am, an, men, man, mean, name.
28. At, tea, tap, pet, pat, eat, tape.
29. An, ear, are, ran, earn, near.
30. On, no, pen, one, nope, pone, open.

31. We, war, raw, era, ear, are, wear.
32. Or, on, no, to, ton, rot, not, torn.
33. Am, me, at, tea, mat, eat, meat, mate, team.
34. On, no, net, ten, toe, not, one, note.
35. At, as, tea, set, sea, eat, seat, east.
36. Ice, vice, voice.
37. My, me, merry.
38. Give, given.
39. It, hit, tick, thick.
40 .We, he, lie, while.

Word Tailor Answers Levels 41-60

41. It, hit, him, might.
42. As, am, all, mall, slam, small.
43. See, sees, seen, sense.
44. It, at, ail, via, tail, vital.
45. So, he, she, hoe, hoes, shoe, shoes.
46. Am, mad, arm, drama.
47. It, if, hit, fit, fifth.
48. See, seen, seek, knee, knees.
49. We, he, her, were, here, where.
50. Is, in, sin, ice, ices, nice, since.

51. It, in, tin, nut, unit, until.
52. On, no, in, go, iom, gon, going.
53. Me, see, seees, seem, mess, seems.
54. On, no, own, now, know, known.
55. As, has, ash, all, hall, shall.
56. Tie, quit, quiet, quite.
57. Us, duty, dust, study.
58. all, coal, call, local.
59. Us, is, sum, music.
60. To, at, lot, total.