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Word Moments Answers, Cheats & Solutions for All Levels

Want to boost your brain power and kill some daily time when having soup or making cookies? Do you like letter spelling games? Are you a fun of photography? Welcome to Word Moments, the best crossword game ever!

Word Moments is a new story-based brain training game created by Sharp My Mind. There are hundreds of well-designed levels to test your spelling skills and enhance your vocabulary, and also imaginative puzzle themes to promote your creative power. Word Moments is simple and easy! Swipe to find answers in crossy words, and sharp your mind with 500+ challenging levels! Every puzzle has a challenging theme, including sports, fashion, geography, shopping, education, games and so many others.

Just solve puzzles to catch precious moments in a photo. Try and fill up your album with tens of lovely photos! You are always given the clue of what you’re looking for. Plan ahead to pick words in the right order. If this is not enough, you can always shuffle the letters. Make the best of the theme and find words related to it. And if you’re still stuck, don’t worry. We’re here to help you. Below you can find our complete list of Word Moments answers, cheats and solutions!

Word Moments Answers, Cheats & Solutions for All Levels

word moments answers level 4

1: tiger, dog, cat
2: mouth, foot, eye
3: green, red, pink, blue
4: apple, mango, lemon
5: castle, tower, swing, weekend

word moments answers level 11

6: battle, tale, ball, straw
7: image, garden, scene, button
8: eyes, gloves, lovers, couple
9: wake, mist, lazy, tea
10: relax, bath, calm, dinner, silent
11: good, sunny, flower, smile
12: shoes, wallet, store, cheap
13: soup, fuel, stove, summer, desert
14: export, retail, product, credit
15: stress, seat, pen, fail

word moments answers level 28

16: party, travel, resort, trip, journey
17: nail, spray, spa, wash, soap
18: band, January, age, begin
19: coat, jacket, pet, family
20: minute, brand, alarm, bell, second
21: air, water, food, oxygen
22: gift, cookie, ribbon, package
23: skill, hurt, pain, wound, cheese
24: base, dawn, join, opening, occur, birth
25: harvest, gain, ruin, heel, reach
26: tomato, fruit, juice, sausage, pastry, coffee
27: businee, office, currency, tree, mall
28: club, play, sing, party, toy, zoo
29: memory, sight, garden, princess, sunset
30: courage, teacher, drama, peace, sport

word moments answers level 45

31: tour, chance, health, vacation, money, holiday
32: capacity, value, trust, focus, mayor, role, decision
33: sad, captain, necklace, safe, wealthy, cargo
34: lion, sound, rush, tiger, swift
35: Religion, Latin, Japanese, Politics, Italian
36: Tuesday, first, early, morning, August
37: country, forest, sea, name, office
38: French, test, Spanish, exam, English, Business, Art
39: activity, drawing, book, call, spa, vacation
40: export, goods, cost, charge, income
41: end, plot, figure, point, origin, ending
42: trust, freedom, taste, despair, moral
43: romance, court, angel, candy, ribbon, hug
44: fleet, battle, rifle, advance, navy, marine, squad
45: magazine, sign, drama, tip, activity, plan
46: leaf, bud, seed, grain, herb
47: mood, surf, jeans, sky, lake
48: sale, clothing, brush, basket, optional
49: watch, pin, band, diamond, pearl
50: foam, dress, goose, tooth, dove, towel

word moments answers level 74

51: taxi, station, hotel, landmark, crossing, jam, alley
52: February, August, January, November, June, March, April
53: human, change, free, energy, secure, future, beach
54: picture, music, film, face, gift, place, sketch
55: forest, base, dragon, tunnel, evil, basement
56: cloud, balloon, bullet, missile, fairy, dream, thinking
57: mask, sweat, brow, tear, grasses, cheeks, forehead
58: daughter, marriage, pregnant, aunt, lady, bride, grandma, damsel
59: Michael, James, David, Noah, Daniel, Luke, Antony
60: native, ceremony, friend, history, Thursday, Indian, potato
61: baby, pants, clothes, toilet, children, dog, boots, car
62: pepper, seafood, beef, vacation, lamb, coal, plate
63: shopping, cheap, auction, bargain, credit, mall, season
64: college, present, recall, separate, research, plan, delay, senior
65: gallery, plane, stadium, beach, house, school

66: bicycle, route, path, garage, ticket, vehicle, port
67: three, war, justice, magic, ranger, camp, tower
68: equity, venture, output, property, contract, company, report, interest
69: uniform, hair, helmet, coat, law, fur, scarf
70: car, arrest, courage, patrol, gun, cop, hat71: smoke, question, detail, room, tea, theory
72: family, break, resign, music, comedy, zoo, reading
73: Asia, forest, cape, frigid, farming, peak, pond, fossil
74: news, picture, contact, sing, opera, church, drive
75: shame, feeling, hostile, thrill, delight, attitude
76: language, party, law, office, meeting, right, threat
77: room, house, pack, budget, lease, memoir, rent
78: actor, story, sound, release, skill
79: medicine, doctor, flower, nurse, monitor, trauma, cure
80: breakup, mistake, secret, meaning, forgive, request, afraid, hurt