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Word Mania Answers & Solutions

Word King’s new mobile game called Word Mania is one of what must be a bajillion titles on the iOS and Android platforms with that name. So if you’re having trouble telling this game from the many others with similar (e.g. WordMania) or identical titles, you know whom it’s from. In this game you’ll need to find specific words and “crush” them in the right order. There are more than 400 different puzzles in this game, and if you’re looking for a good way to kill some time and give your brain some training or tickling, this is one game that you can definitely consider. And it’s also a game that you can play regardless if you’re a younger or older gamer!

You’re free to buy one hint with 25 coins if you’re stuck at any point of the game. But why pay currency, or why wait eons for your friends to reply on social media, if you’re having trouble with some of the puzzles? Read our complete list of Word Mania answers and solutions, and we’ll be glad to help you, as we’ve answered all the questions in the first seven puzzle packs for your convenience and easy reference.

Word Mania Answers & Solutions for All Levels

Level Feeder

Word, nose, room, stop, your, talk, duck, goal, sofa, link.

Level Yellow Duck

Mark, fish, idea, kite, kind, feel, best, park, kill, life.

Level Mini Car

Happy game, kayak duck, cheese fan, pigsty fly, no eyeball, candle bed, beard meat, lemon face, egg tennis, castle tin. Elbow book, skis snail, jam puzzle, mince file, tug target, odd carrot, petal sock, thin wheel, gun paddle, cart happy.

Level Teddy Bear

Roof field, spot screw, shovel dog, card south, melon well, tv spinach, skull tent, sun waffle, square hoe, cheek edge. Eent smoke, moss bread, trophy bag, olive roof, fork noose, talk dress, fish shout, chair sail, tooth rope, rabbit oar.

Level Toy Bricks

Slide barn, fish socks, sickle fly, left japan, eat candle, nail cream, gun castle, well grass, ruler fish, skull sock. Smoke palm, thick bite, kite ghost, smoke shin, piano raft, fork large, cart trunk, wing earth, large bolt, skull male.

Level Mine Train

Heart dice, fish beard, candle fan, box barrel, dice empty, south lamp, mince mail, bell straw, doctor elk, tail mince. Mouth cart, yacht shin, milk beard, peach dart, dart onion, soap knife, nail elbow, steak comb, swan angle, stairs jug.

Level Pencil

Table record north, cupboard oval roof, lantern ask barrel, pencil earth sheep, celery thick slide, tongue mirror crow. Trophy nurse melon, butter bacon drink, meat sheep bat card, bag nut dream cabin, gloves bag keyring, goat bullet. Orange, hatchet nut stilts, flag neck starfish, switch drink piano, trombone tricycle, roof empty jump tin, card necktie spray, saw hen crow finger, scissors wink heel.

Kyojuro Rengoku

Tuesday 2nd of May 2023

What is the right minibeast combination for 2023

Melba. Rosado

Monday 17th of January 2022

There is no word for level 680. I have tried all the letters and there is nothing working for a word with 6 letters with 5th letter e. Largest word on this puzzle is coexist.