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Word Land Answers, Cheats & Solutions for All Levels

For those of you that like playing word games, Word Land is a new mobile title that will really blow you away! Created by IsCool Entertainment, a passionate, creative and innovative leader in social games for web and mobile. They produce high quality, free-to-play, highly social games for friends to play together and share a fun experience.

world land answers

The change of scenery is guaranteed! Word Land keeps your brain functioning and is good to get the kids to learn to spell! Just slide your finger on the letters to make a word. The superb backgrounds will travel you to idyllic landscapes! It will calm you down and make your day enjoyable!

There are over 1,000 puzzles in 8 languages. Regular updates constantly improve the game. You can win coins with each bonus word you find and by solving the daily puzzle you’ll take part in the weekly Bingo to win coins as well.

Word Land is the best way to spend time learning and if you are stuck, here we are to help you. We’ve already found the answers for you. Below you can find the complete list of Word Land answers, cheats and solutions.

Word Land Answers, Cheats & Solutions

World Land World 1 – Chapter A Answers

1. the, he
2. for, of, or
3. saw, was, as
4. not, on, to

World Land World 1 – Chapter B Answers

word land world 1 chapter b answers

1. this, his, it, hits
2. your, our, or, you
3. know, own, now, no, on
4. with, it, wit, hit

World Land World 1 – Chapter C Answers

1. they, he, the, yet
2. at, tan, want, an, ant
3. do, good, dog, go
4. from, for, or, of, form

World Land World 2 – Chapter A Answers

word land world 2 chapter a answers

1. when, we, he, new
2. time, met, item, it
3. met, them, he, the, me
4. take, eat, at, tea
5. then, he, the, net
6. won, down, on, now
7. man, mean, name, amen
8. sure, sue, us, use
9. not, into, ton, to
10. if, file, life, lie
11. wait, at, wit, it
12. than, tan, at, hat, an
13. sat, last, at, salt
14. do, lot, told, dot, old, to
15. log, no, long, on
16. do, dose, so, doe, does
17. made, me, mad, dame
18. kin, kind, ink, in, kid
19. stay, as, at, say
20. hear, he, ear, her, are, era

World Land World 2 – Chapter B Answers

1. as, same, sea, me
2. so, how, show, who
3. add, dead, ad, dad
4. went, we, wet, new
5. any, many, man, may, my
6. best, bets, be, set
7. are, real, ear, earl
8. lie, live, evil, veil
9. no, once, on, one
10. he, had, head, ad
11. used, sue, us, use, due
12. wife, we, if, few
13. as, days, ad, say
14. lost, lot, to, so
15. on, soon, so, no, son,
16. as, case, sea, ace
17. are, year, ray, ear, era
18. hand, had, an, and
19. ski, kids, is, kid
20. shut, thus, hut, us