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Word Craft Answers for All Levels

Word Craft is a word search game from Wixot, where you puzzle one’s brains to find the words in a letter grid, with grids ranging from easy (2×2 puzzles) to hard (7×7 puzzles). Sounds like something that isn’t uncommon in the crowded genre of word puzzlers, but the company does try to make this title as unique as possible for Android and iOS gamers alike. You’ve got 30 level packs, with each pack coming with 30 word puzzles inside, the option to get letter or category hints, the ability to get new hints once you complete a level, and some social and video-watching elements too; inviting Facebook friends and watching ad videos also gets you free hints. Additionally, you can get more hints through the Spin Machine and Daily Reward features.

Those are just some of the key details about Word Craft. But what you may really want to know is what to do about those puzzles when all the hints in the world couldn’t lead you closer to an answer. Fortunately, this list of Word Craft answers and solutions comes with all the answers for the 2×2 and 3×3 puzzles, and we’re here to lend you a helping hand, just as long as you don’t feed yourself the answers by reading this cheat sheet from top to bottom.

Word Craft Answers Level 1 – 2×2

1: Cake
2: Wine
3: Milk
4: Golf
5: Flat
6: Sing
7: Lily
8: Jeep
9: Pine
10: Fear

11: Pear
12: Lamp
13: Drum
14: Leek
15: Beef
16: Slip
17: Taxi
18: Soda
19: Love
20: Peas

21: Coat
22: Belt
23: Rice
24: Oboe
25: Tune
26: Door
27: Pity
28: Okra
29: Corn
30: Kiwi