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2 Pics 1 Phrase Answers for All Levels

Messyland Creations has released yet another word game for all you fans of this genre, called 2 Pics 1 Phrase. While you may be familiar with 4 Pics 1 Word, this game offers a different twist to that mechanic, as it requires you to guess phrases, and not words, based on two pictures, instead of four. Some of the levels are easy as pie and child’s play, while others are stumbling blocks that may have you in a pickle. Indeed, the game seems to be giving away some of the phrases you’ll need to guess, but what about a more complete list of those phrases?

We’ve got that here for you, as this list of 2 Pics 1 Phrase answers and solutions comes with 160 whopping answers for you, covering the first eight levels of the game. This isn’t the complete list of phrases, but if you’re not quite able to guess a phrase in the early goings, you can refer to this answer key, as we’ve got a lot of free answers here. As we often do, we suggest not reading this guide from start to finish, as you don’t want to spoil yourself and defeat the purpose of the game, which is to tease your brain.

2 Pics 1 Phrase Word Game Answers Level 1

#1-1: A piece of cake
#1-2: Apples and oranges
#1-3: Elephant in the room
#1-4: An arm and a leg
#1-5: Back to square one
#1-6: Drive me nuts
#1-7: Lovebirds
#1-8: Happy as a clam
#1-9: Knock your socks off
#1-10: Money doesn’t grow on trees

#1-11: My cup of tea
#1-12: Burst your bubble
#1-13: Needle in a haystack
#1-14: Raining cats and dogs
#1-15: Break the ice
#1-16: Jumping the gun
#1-17: Cream of the crop
#1-18: Right off the bat
#1-19: Time is money
#1-20: Shot in the dark

2 Pics 1 Phrase Word Game Answers Level 2

#2-1: Wake up call
#2-2: Bells and whistles
#2-3: Eye candy
#2-4: Talk the talk walk the walk
#2-5: Foot in the door
#2-6: Bridge the gap
#2-7: Cry wolf
#2-8: Close but no cigar
#2-9: Bite the bullet
#2-10: Can of worms

#2-11: Brain drain
#2-12: Throw in the towel
#2-13: Wild goose chase
#2-14: Black sheep
#2-15: Canary in a coal mine
#2-16: Fight fire with fire
#2-17: Backseat driver
#2-18: Walk on eggshells
#2-19: White as snow
#2-20: Drop in the ocean