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Word Clever Answers for All Levels

Word Clever is a fairly simple word game from Nebula Bytes, which is currently available for Android and iOS devices. The premise is indeed an easy one – just touch the letters on the screen to gather letters and find the hidden words. Clear the board by finding the correct words, and move on to the next level. Again, there’s nothing much to it, and as Nebula Bytes stresses later on in the concise game description, “knowledge of popular English words” is required. And as of the moment, this game only has an English version, with no option for other languages.

Although, this doesn’t seem to be a game that could throw you off with some big words, it may be a bit difficult to figure out at some points. You may have difficulty spotting some of the words on the levels, but fortunately for you, that’s where we come in and be of assistance. Our list of Word Clever answers and solututions covers the first few packs of the game, spanning a total of 66 levels. If you’re having some problems with those levels, check our answer key out and look for the correct answers, but don’t read this list straight, as you wouldn’t want to kill the challenge of the game, right?

Word Clever Answers for All Levels

Below you can find our answers and cheats for all the levels of the game.

Word Clever Answers Tutorial Pack

#1: Dog
#2: Cat
#3: Home

Word Clever Answers Normal Pack 1

#1: Life
#2: Home
#3: Part
#4: Year
#5: Word
#6: Work
#7: Side
#8: Hour
#9: Game
#10: Head

Word Clever Answers Normal Pack 2

#1: Sport, Area
#2: Lip, Artist
#3: Image, News
#4: Model, Star
#5: Team, Place
#6: Board, Cost
#7: Fly, Second
#8: Thing, Bank
#9: Rule, South
#10: Brain, Hair

#11: Money, Hour
#12: Party, Wall
#13: Source, Car
#14: Phone, Year
#15: Girl, Woman
#16: Life, Dream
#17: Mind, Order
#18: Street, Map
#19: List, Heart
#20: Doctor, Sun