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Word Brainiac Answers for All Levels

If you ask the folks at Eper Apps, Word Brainiac represents the trendy “king of the brain teasers,” and offers a “funny mind workout” to players. This game is available for Android and iOS devices, and it’s the latest way for players to improve their vocabulary, but also their spelling and concentration skills. Playing the game, however, is far more conventional, as you have to slide your fingers over the letters to string words together, and keep building new words on the lines below. Now, it’s important that those words are strung together in the right order so you can clear the grid and move on to the next level. As for the swiping motions, you’re limited to horizontal and vertical; if diagonal words confuse you, this game should be just what you needed.

Even with horizontal and vertical arrangements being your only options in this game, you may have some difficulty along the way, especially when it comes to the order of the words. But our compilation of Word Brainiac answers and solutions can help you out with figuring out the right order and the right words; we’ve got levels 1 to 110 included here, all solved for your convenience!

Word Brainiac Answers Levels 1-110

#1 – Ear, Old, Coal, Code, Salt, Mate
#2 – Pair, Seen, True, Roll, Type, Tail
#3 – Any, Aid, Link, Rail, Town, Less
#4 – Jury, Book, Tiny, Gang, Hero, Time
#5 – Menu, Shop, Gone, Meal, Need, Crop
#6 – Pen, Cut, Seem, Seed, Pace, Girl
#7 – Week, Mice, Road, Turn, Long, Know
#8 – Ski, Man, Law, Map, Clip, Pipe
#9 – Jazz, Lord, Stay, Suit, More, Some
#10 – Sir, Drag, Exit, Look, Crew, Trim

#11 – Ran, How, Soon, Bowl, Wind, Lady
#12 – Pad, Pin, End, Leg, Term, Gold
#13 – Pet, Army, Bail, Soil, None, Lane
#14 – Baby, Debt, Kick, Hook, Home, Navy
#15 – News, Nose, Hate, Part, Rice, Zone
#16 – Hold, Gore, Ease, Rock, Wise, Bias
#17 – Car, Bird, Zero, Neck, Kind, Coup
#18 – Bus, Deck, Pool, Chip, Bone, Pose
#19 – Kid, Onto, Slim, Send, Raid, Been
#20 – Die, Sum, Men, Eat, Calm, Legs

#21 – Text, Line, Hard, Once, Will, Gain
#22 – Ago, Gas, Page, Sand, King, Both
#23 – Ten, Done, Noon, Lawn, Dose, Wage
#24 – Tank, Heat, Mind, Pure, Ship, Bulk
#25 – Ill, But, Bit, Band, Math, Rare
#26 – Van, Lie, Deep, Sort, Knee, This
#27 – Day, Pork, User, Mask, Shot, Moon
#28 – Rid, Only, Star, Oral, Dial, Span
#29 – She, Low, Pop, Pat, Beat, Skin
#30 – Net, Bet, Save, Tree, Risk, Cost

#31 – Own, Live, Stem, Most, Mill, Leap
#32 – Boy, Our, Tube, Yard, Such, Hire
#33 – Way, Tea, Did, Bear, Mild, Side
#34 – Cash, Lead, Love, Aged, Lure, Talk
#35 – Air, Box, Blow, Kill, Mode, Main
#36 – Bed, Wave, Game, Swap, Bomb, Rest
#37 – Pie, Sea, Mark, Jean, Joke, Duty
#38 – Join, Boot, Belt, Hole, Bass, Card
#39 – Sit, Hat, Poor, Cast, Room, Tone
#40 – Ray, Pope, Loop, Acid, Hair, Then