Word Jumble Champion Answers, Cheats & Solutions for All Levels

Germany: Goethe

1. but, than, till, and
2. mug, cake, leaf, sip
3. box, bowl, pack, can
4. nun, cook, chef, vet
5. old, past, king, war
6. box, mail, send, zip
7. axe, nail, bolt, saw
8. net, reel, bait, rod
9. ivy, lily, rose, oak
10. car, taxi, ship, bus
11. our, mine, they, she
12. hot, bean, café, cup
13. jam, glue, tape, sap
14. app, call, wifi, map
15. hay, barn, seed, rye

Germany: Handel

1. day, week, hour, era
2. bus, exam, book, gym
3. tee, club, cart, par
4. hem, mend, lace, pin
5. cub, fawn, calf, pup
6. mat, park, tent, jam
7. bed, toys, book, mat
8. sun, corn, duck, bee
9. rug, sofa, lamp, bed
10. see, cast, name, arm
11. pie, tart, cake, jam
12. pit, rind, stem, pip
13. bud, soil, rake, sow
14. wax, perm, trim, gel
15. cry, wink, look, see

Germany: Gauss

1. hat, ahoy, flag, sea
2. ice, cold, sled, ski
3. hip, bone, hand, leg
4. elk, seal, bear, fox
5. key, pipe, fork, can
6. egg, feta, nuts, ham
7. lap, race, pace, run
8. log, bird, nest, cat
9. bud, warm, bird, may
10. job, boss, work, pay
11. oil, coal, soil, air
12. ace, suit, king, bet
13. tap, jive, spin, cue
14. cap, veil, hood, hat
15. bay, lake, gulf, sea

Greece: Aristotle

word jumble champion greece answers

1. onion, pain, love, movie
2. thigh, knee, foot, ankle
3. actor, star, film, cameo
4. vault, cash, coin, money
5. voice, tone, talk, speak
6. plant, hand, flag, glass
7. phone, yawn, draw, sleep
8. glaze, iced, ring, sweet
9. sleep, kiss, pray, think
10. speed, fast, wild, spots
11. apple, corn, pear, acorn
12. model, muse, chic, vogue
13. right, time, love, truth
14. blood, fang, pale, night
15. knife, bowl, fork, spoon

Greece: Homeros

1. ghost, dark, wasp, clown
2. beast, love, rose, spell
3. merge, turn, stop, yield
4. cloak, coat, cape, parka
5. plane, time, bird, drone
6. float, cone, cold, scoop
7. quiet, desk, book, novel
8. medal, gold, flag, torch
9. donut, halo, moon, pizza
10. music, rock, band, dance
11. whell, dice, cord, cable
12. bride, ring, vows, groom
13. salsa, salt, mayo, ranch
14. crest, peak, base, slope
15. robot, film, book, alien

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