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Maze: Shadow Of Light Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Dominate Your Enemies

Maze: Shadow Of Light is a brand new mobile game created by AwesomePIG, that’s available for exclusively for Android devices. The game’s cartoony art style combined with a massive use of bloom and saturated colors make for one extremely enjoyable experience for anyone’s eyes. Maze: Shadow Of Light is filled with bright and shiny environments along with a massive number of different monsters to slay and most of them look astounding. When it comes to graphics, Maze: Shadow of Light passes with straight A’s. And when it comes to gameplay, Maze: Shadow of Light is a free-to-play action RPG game that features vicious combat along with many different special moves along with massively well-done boss battles and lots of different game content.

The main story follows an ancient battle between good and evil and while the general layout has been seen many times before, the story is good enough to keep your attention while slaying hordes of monsters. And while the story isn’t something that will keep the game above its peers, the combat and the overall sense of action are capable of providing many hours of pure, primal fun.

While the game is a free-to-play title, it won’t force you to buy its premium currency. Sure, it can get tough at times to survive fighting with ever more powerful foes, but a bit of grind along with playing different game modes will get you far into the single-player campaign. With just a bit of patience and skill when it comes to upgrading your skills and abilities, you will be able to beat the campaign and to see the final moments of the game’s story. And, of course, there are many ways in which you can get additional XP, skill points, and other stuff that will help you in advancing through game modes offered in Maze: Shadow of Light. Stay with us and find out what to do in order to get your character powerful enough to beat any boss found in Maze: Shadow of Light.

1. Pick A Character That Suits Your Playing Style

Like most other action RPG titles, Maze: Shadow of Light offers a choice between three playable characters. You have the warrior, with his brute strength and powers oriented towards dealing massive amounts of damage to all creeps unlucky to be found themselves inside area of effect.

Next, you have the mage, with her many spells and attacks that keep foes at a distance, allowing the mage to sweep them with ever-increasing special attacks that can kill a complete horde in just a couple of blows.

And finally we have the ranged expert, and she excels in ranged attacks with her trusty bow and arrow. The archer isn’t as vulnerable as the mage, but when playing with her you’ll want to keep a certain distance from enemies. Luckily, her special attacks are great for tight groups of enemies that are getting closer to you. Try to destroy them before they come in range of their attacks because the archer (as well as the mage) is quite vulnerable to enemies’ attacks.

Luckily, Maze: Shadow of Light doesn’t limit you to play with just one character. After you make your first pick you will be thrown into the single player campaign but you will be able to switch your character later. So, we recommend you to first pick a character that you think is the best, and in case you find it lackluster and not powerful enough you can always switch later. The good thing is that all three classes are suited for different play styles meaning that everyone will find their perfect class to play with.

2. Don’t Forget About The Guardian

One of the highlights in Maze: Shadow of Light is the game’s Guardian system. In other words, each hero comes with their own guardian, who possess its own special powers and who levels up along with the hero. Each guardian is a powerful warrior and they built upon hero’s power, making for one powerful tag team.

When playing Maze: Shadow of Light you can’t just play exclusively with your main hero and hope for the best. Instead, try switching the hero and their guardian often, creating powerful combo attacks and using special attacks more often.

You will quickly notice that the combination of the hero and the Guardian is far more powerful than when you play with just one character. Because of this fact, do not forget the Guardian when it comes to leveling up powers. Instead of focusing just on your hero’s powers, use points to level up both characters’ special attacks and skills.

Also, Guardians can become more powerful if you equip them with cores, so don’t forget about this once you get your hands on some cores. With more cores, you will be able to transform the Guardian into more powerful forms. They can make Guardians extremely powerful and will greatly help your hero in their quest of defeating the ancient darkness.

3. Don’t Forget About Passive Skills

While most of us focus on upgrading active powers (special attacks), you should also spend gold on upgrading passive skills. Since active powers ask for skill points and passive ones ask for gold, you will be able to upgrade both kinds at a regular pace. And when talking about active powers, do not spread too thin. Focus on leveling up two powers to their max. This is important because of the fact that you also have your Guardian, who also can have their special attacks upgraded, so it is best to stick to two heroes and two Guardian powers and upgrade just them.

4. Switch Between The Maze And The Story Mode

The main play mode in Maze: Shadow of Light is the game’s single-player campaign, but since each new level asks for more power levels, you can’t play solely the single player campaign. At some point, you hero will simply be too weak for the next story quest. Instead of reaching for your wallet play the maze, the game’s second single-player mode.

There are two mazes you can play and both of them feature many different levels, with many different prizes. We advise you to first play the campaign, and once missions become too hard, then you can focus on advancing the Maze levels. And once you reach the cap inside the Maze, switch back to the campaign. Of course, at one point you will found out that both the Maze and the next story quest ask for more power than you have. When that happens just play previous levels. Maze: Shadow of Light has its share of grinding and sooner or later you will have to grind a bit in order to advance the game.

Okay, folks, that’s all you need to know to succeed in Maze: Shadow of Light! If you liked this strategy guide you can read out other game guides that are created in order to help you become better in games and to forget about paying for crystals. Thanks for reading and happy gaming!