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Wonky Ship Cheats: 5 Awesome Tips & Tricks to Survive Longer

Wonky Ship is an iOS-only game that apparently lives up to its name quite well. And its creator Kiz Toys does warn you about that on the App Store description, claiming that playing may “cause cold sweats, rage blisters, Crushphone Syndrome, screech-face, intense euphoria, and well, straight up wonkiness.” So what makes your ship so wonky? In this game, you’re a pilot who’s trying to outmaneuver the ravenous pull of a plasma-fueled black hole, and that’s basically the challenge there. It’s your ship versus the black hole, and things can get really, really frustrating in this otherwise casual title.

Even then, that’s where a lot of the fun in this game lies – in the sheer frustration of controlling your ship and fighting the black hole and its effects. If you want to do a better job at that, we recommend reading our Wonky Ship cheats, tips and tricks. Let’s go check them out.

1. Keep On Spinning

Anyone trying to beat their old high score should try doing a 360-degree spin; think of this as a special stunt you need to pull in order to get a ton of points. Simply go to the topmost part in a straight motion, then keep spinning your ship until it reaches the lower part of the asteroid. Before you reach the base, you’ll likely be able to do three full spins. You could score even more points through the damage multiplier, and all that should combine to help you unlock the second of the Wonky Ships.

2. Go Closer To The Asteroid When You Have A Better Ship

As you unlock more ships, you’ll find that they perform better than the first one. We suggest staying as close as possible to the asteroid so you can get a higher score – that’s as close as possible to danger.

3. Survive Somehow When You’re In The Danger Zone

Of course, you’ll need to survive somehow when you’re in the danger zone. When your ship appears to be moving a bit too much to the left or to the right, or if you see an asteroid approaching from the upper side, you can go to the topmost part again and do one to two spins on the way back to the danger zone. You’ll usually wipe out after this, but if you somehow survive – and it does take practice to survive – you’ll end up with an impressive score in the end.

4. Familiarize Yourself With The Thrusters

Instead of doing longer taps, which you’d be doing if you’re trying to spin, it’s best to work with quick, abrupt taps to the left and right of your screen. If your ship goes too far left or right, do more quick taps to steady your ship. You may also want to use two fingers while doing this so you can add some height to your ship.

5. Take Breaks

Wonky Ship is a game that could really anger up the blood if you finish with one poor score after the other. That’s likely because you’re getting frustrated with how things are going. If that’s the case, take a half-hour break or so, and return with your fingers, your eyes, and your mind all rested.