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Sky Whale Cheats: 6 Tips & Tricks to Get More Coins and Unlock New Items

Android and iOS game Sky Whale is a new title by Nickelodeon that’s based on the children TV network’s new show Game Shakers. As you control your narwhal, you’ll be “(bouncing) through the sky” and collecting donuts, making use of clouds and a few “crazy objects” to keep bouncing higher. And if you make use of some combos, you may be able to bounce right into outer space! Scuba gear, on the other hand, will have your narwhal going underwater. And like in other games of this type, you can use the in-game currency to unlock more items that can help your narwhal bounce even higher than ever before.

Want to bounce higher in this game? Want to earn more coins and unlock more items? We can help you do all that, with the following list of Sky Whale cheats, tips and hints.

1. Don’t Go Crazy With The Donuts

You wouldn’t want to pull a Homer Simpson in this game. And by that, we mean going overboard and chasing after all the donuts. The only time you should be using a donut is when you see an object that can be bounced, or if you see that there’s another donut within your reach. Yes, it sounds a bit preposterous to use a donut to grab another one, but you can think of it as a way for you to build momentum.

2. Go For The Donut Piles

Donut piles won’t show up too often in Sky Whale, but you will be able to see one every once in a while. These are huge mounds of dough covered with lots of chocolate, and if you touch one of those piles, they will explode and release a good number of donuts around your area. That’s about 50 donuts, mind you, so don’t pass up a chance to go for a donut pile.

3. Unlock The Snorkel First

There are lots of items that you may be able to unlock in the game, but the Snorkel is one of the first and most important. Truth be told, a lot of the wearables are only there for cosmetic purposes, but the Snorkel actually serves a purpose; it allows you to go underwater. Use the Snorkel only when you’re all out of donuts; going underwater will get you two donuts immediately.

4. Be Active When Underwater

Once equipped with the Snorkel, you can have your narwhal stay underwater for as long as possible. There are some coffins that could move you horizontally, effectively acting like power-ups, and you can also gain a donut or two while underwater.

5. Keep Buying More Items

Even with what we told you earlier, you should always make it your goal to buy as many items as possible. They do have some benefits in one way or another, and they’re the only things you can buy with your coins. Also, there are some items that can spawn in certain parts of the in-game world, so go look out for them as well.

6. Go For Distance, And Not For Height

Although, Sky Whale is an endless jumper, you want to prioritize distance when jumping. Boosters and clouds would be able to help you increase your distance, while jumping high, to be quite blunt about it, isn’t worth it if you don’t have any boosters on you.

Gael Rojas

Thursday 8th of December 2022

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