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Wonder Park Magic Rides Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Become a Theme Park Tycoon

Have you ever dreamed of building up your personal amusement park? Pixowl’s brand new simulation game Wonder Park Magical Rides offers you the possibility to set up your ideal amusement park! From entertaining rides to mysteries and unique characters, everything is up to your imagination to become real. However, keep in mind that you must also meet your visitors’ expectations. So their orders are equally important. Here is a list of useful Wonder Park Magic tips, cheats and strategies that you can put into practice while building the most thrilling amusement park ever!

1. Follow The Tutorial

wonder park magic rides cheats

This is a crucial aspect, especially when you are just starting building your park. There is a story path that you need to follow. Being too creative and spending coins on your favourite – yet unnecessary – rides is detrimental, as you will need to regain the wasted coins to get back to the story.

2. Spend Your Gems Wisely

Gems are not easy to earn in Wonder Park Magic Rides. You will earn gems when you level up and complete tasks. You can earn one gem by watching a billboard ad. You can win 25 gems if you decide to connect to Facebook (that will only happen the first time). And that’s pretty much it. So spend them wisely. For instance, you will need 50 gems to build the Space Rocket. So save your gems for what really matters.

3. Keep Your Characters Busy

After you complete the first missions, June and Boomer become available. So make sure to keep them always busy so that you can sell what they produce to the money monkey. The in-game marketplace will allow you to earn coins. Whether you are selling candy or blueprints, the money monkey will buy it!

4. Earn As Many Coins As Possible

Selling items on the marketplace will certainly win you coins. But there are other ways to win them. For example, you can provide your visitors with food. Having various suppliers working for you all the time will allow you to permanently cook and sell your items to your visitors. After you buy a Supplier, the price of the next one will increase. However, there is a trick you can use to max out the cost-efficiency of your suppliers. If you upgrade your existing supplier, the price of the next one goes down again. Keep this trick in mind!

wonder park magic rides tips

When you level up, you will not only unlock new items but you will also win nice rewards, including coins. Similarly, you can win coins by completing quests.

The more attractions you have, the more rewards you will collect. Including coins. If you keep your characters always busy, they will also generate coins. After you connect to Facebook, you will be able to visit your friends’ parks and thus obtain extra coins.

Don’t underestimate the Fortune Teller Mini-Game. This luck-based game can win you rare items and coins. Find the lucky card and you will receive the reward from all the cards!

Keep in mind that coins play a crucial role in Wonder Park Magical Rides as you can use them to obtain new decorations, attractions, suppliers etc.

5. Upgrade Your Inventory

Upgrading your inventory will allow you to store more items that you can then sell to win coins. To do so, you will need specific items that you can obtain by crafting them, via animations or by other means. Of course, you can also purchase them using gems or real money. If your inventory is full and you need room, you can delete items. However, make sure to check if you can sell them on the market place before you delete them.

6. Make Sure You Always Have Spare Blueprints In The Inventory

There are times when your suppliers and attractions break down and they no longer provide rewards. In order to fix the broken attractions as soon as possible, you will need blueprints. So make sure you always have a few spare ones in your inventory!

7. Build Houses For Your Characters

wonder park magic rides tricks

As you progress through the game, you will unlock new characters. To get a new character, you will first need to build a house for it. Once you do so, your character will be ready to perform tasks and challenge you with quests that will win you coins, gems, and experience.

8. Don’t Let Weird Characters Spoil Your Fun

You will have to face many weird characters that will challenge you to participate in strange quests. Try to deal with them … and have fun while at it!

9. Attract Visitors By Decorating Your Park

If your park looks beautiful, your chances of keeping your visitors happy and win smiles increase. Placing the attractions and decorations strategically, close to the park’s road, will have visitors interact more with them. If you want to attract more visitors and increase your revenue, it is very important to upgrade your park’s entrance.

10. Keep Your Chimps Happy

wonder park magic rides strategies

Wonderchimps attract visitors and help your park flourish. However, if you fail to keep them busy, they might get bored and get angry. And that is the point where they will stop performing tasks, scare visitors off and increase your chances of having to deal with broken attractions and suppliers. When they get angry, chimps will ask for specific items which are usually easy to obtain. Make sure you meet their demands as fast as possible and keep them happy! Otherwise, they might get even angrier.

11. Sign In Often, Even If It Is For A Short Period Of Time

Wonder Park Magical Rides is about fighting wait timers. That means that you will have to sign in every now and then and assign new tasks to your characters. Wait timers can be skipped by watching ads. If you don’t like ads, you will simply have to wait patiently for your building or promotions to complete.

And that’s pretty much it for our tips, cheats and strategies for Wonder Park Magical Rides. We hope you will find them useful and manage to build the amusement park of your dreams! Happy gaming and don’t forget to drop us a line and share your experience with us!