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Wobblers Tips, Cheats & Hints to Get a High Score

Dodge, roll, and wobble your way to the top in Wobblers! Available on iOS and Android, this vertical-scrolling game starts you off with nothing but a rocket-powered skateboard with a blob-like creature balancing on top of it. Your job is to navigate through obstacles with your wobbly passenger while completing objectives at the same time. There will be power-ups, coins, and falling debris along the way so keep your eyes peeled. Use our Wobblers tips and tricks to achieve the highest score!

1. Eyes On The Blob

There are multiple objectives throughout the game. You will be asked to pick up a bunch of things along the way. There will also be a lot of distracting projectiles all over the place. When navigating through each stage, make sure you never take your eyes off your wobbler. If your wobbler falls off the rocket, it’s game over. You will have to start over. So, it’s ok to miss a coin or a power-up, just make sure to keep that little blob safe!

2. Don’t Get Carried Away

The game is colorful and there is definitely great temptation to pick up everything you can. This is especially true for coins because they will be everywhere. If you can do so without straying too far, you may pick up the extra items. Just make sure you don’t sacrifice any objectives while doing so. Focus on the objective for each level and go for the extra stuff only if it’s convenient.

3. Keep Things Light

You will need to navigate with both your thumbs if you want to be efficient. It will be harder to control the rocket if you just use one hand to turn left or right. Make sure you master the sensitivity of the controls. Tap too hard and you will make the rocket turn too quickly, sending your poor wobbler hurtling through space. In case you didn’t notice, your rocket doesn’t have any seatbelts. Drive with caution.

4. The Foreground Doesn’t Hurt

On top of all the things that are coming your way, the game adds more challenge by confusing you with foreground obstacles. If you are not paying attention, you will find yourself suddenly jerking away from such an obstacle, which often gets you in more trouble. Keep in mind that objects in the foreground are just there to distract you. They don’t affect you in any way. Stay focused on the falling debris and you should be fine.

5. Unleash The Wobbler

Now that you have a lot of coins from flying through space, what do you do with them? Unlock more wobblers, of course! Use your coins to gain access to more cute little blobs that you can swap out with your basic blue one. They don’t give your rocket any extra power and they fall off just as quickly as the basic one but it’s nice to look at something different from time to time. Challenge yourself and unlock them all! They will be the cutest little trophies you will ever have.

It’s time for lift off! Fly straight up and aim for the highest score with the help of these Wobblers tips and tricks!