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Blocky Snowboarding Tips, Cheats & Tricks: 5 Hints You Should Know

Blocky Snowboarding is a new snowboarding game developed by Full Fat Games and it’s available for Android and iOS. In this game, you start at the top of the mountain and try to work your way down while avoiding different obstacles as well as trying to score some sweet tricks and combos along the way. It’s a runner-type game and if you fail during your run, then you start over from the beginning. It’s a fairly easy and relaxing game but there are things to pay attention to while you ride so read our Blocky Snowboarding guide for the best tips and tricks around!

1. Do As Many Tracks As Possible

The controls are fairly easy but that’s because you need to use your environment to land as many tricks as you can for that super high score! Try to use jumps, pipes and other tricks to give you a boost to your high score. Just be careful, sometimes doing tricks can be dangerous and you might hit another obstacle or fall down.

2. Keep It Steady

As you start your descent your main concern should be to avoid all the obstacles in front of you and attain as many points as you can. So it doesn’t really matter where your boarder is facing as much as it is to avoid the obstacles in his surroundings. One cool aspect of the game is that if you continue going in the same direction for some time without switching lanes, your boarder will “light-up” and he’ll start earning more points per every tile he covers.

3. Jump High

After each successful descent, you will have to complete one more final jump before moving on to the next part of the mountain. Your boarder will reach a ramp which shows how many points you can earn 25/50/100. Try go ing for 100 if you have speedy fingers and then perform a trick to link even more points together! Just be careful when landing, the red colored area is a no-no and will result in your boarder crashing. Try aiming for the green area if you can!

4. Unlock Characters, Here’s How

There are tons of different characters and boards to unlock in this game. Some are fun, some are weird and other are outright crazy! One thing to keep in mind is that in this current build of the game the characters have no special abilities other than aesthetics. Some epic characters can change the entire look of the game with different skins for the entire track.

5. Collect Gems

Gems are used as digital currency in this game and provide you with character unlocks as well as a way to continue your run if you happen to run into an obstacle. They can be found on the track during your descent as well as through the daily rewards gift.

That’s all for now, as far as our list of Blocky Snowboarding tips and tricks is concerned. If you know any other tips or tricks for the game make sure to share them with us in the comment section below!