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Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide for Running a Thriving Pot Business

Yes, we know it’s already several days past April 20, but that doesn’t mean we can’t feature another weed growing game, after our recent strategy guide for Hempire. Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm is a new iOS and Android game from Metamoki that is, quite obviously, endorsed by the famous rapper and marijuana legalization advocate/entrepreneur Wiz Khalifa, and it’s an invitation to you to “learn from the greatest” as you run your own weed farm in an idle clicker format. You will indeed be learning a lot from Khalifa, as he will teach you how to plant, grow, and harvest the “finest herb on earth” while building your empire from the ground up, and you can even “grow the best buds with your best buds” by taking advantage of the social features and inviting your Facebook friends to play the game.

We may or may not have any puns intended when we say that we want to take you higher. But we’re not talking about the stuff Wiz Khalifa wants you to plant, but rather your standing in the game. Read on and check out our Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm strategy guide – it’s all well and good to learn from an expert on the subject, but how about some more specific tips and tricks for success in this game?

1. Automate Your Production

Growing different strains of marijuana can get to be tiring in this game – it’s no joke having to keep tapping your plants once they’re ready to be collected. And since you probably have better things to do in your day than to tap and tap whenever there’s some pot to collect, you’ll be glad to know that it’s possible to automate your production by unlocking upgrades later on in the game. That will let the game’s AI take over and do all the grunt work for you, allowing you to earn an unlimited amount of money – you can leave the game and return to collect your earnings, which should be much more than what you’d ordinarily earn if you were doing everything manually. Have some automation for all the plots you currently have, and you’ll make better and faster progress in the game.

2. Should You Go For The Time Lapse Or Not?

The waiting time in Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm is considerably longer than other games with such a mechanic where you can return to the game after some time to collect a substantial amount of currency. That means you may consider using the time lapse cheat, which would require you to leave the game, go to your phone’s settings, set the time forward a couple of hours, and return to the game to collect those earnings. Should you use this cheat, we suggest that you don’t use it too frequently – we’re not sure if this is the case, but we know that game makers are aware people use this cheat, and often punish cheaters by suspending or banning them from the game.

3. Water Your Plants For More Profit

Want to earn even more profit from your weed-growing business? You should be watering your plants regularly, and while this is something you can do for free in the real world, the “watering” process in the game may cost you a premium amount of currency. Still, you need to regularly water your plants for more profits, and you’ll need that money to buy important upgrades in the game, including the aforementioned automation. Also water your plants with the goal of reaching specific milestones in the game, especially those that could slash off a lot of your production time. Go for the 50 percent production time slash milestone on a plot-per-plot basis, starting with the cheapest, and working your way up to the most expensive.

4. Log In To The Game Regularly

You may forget to do this from time to time, given the game’s nature. But you should absolutely be logging into the game as often as possible so you can make good progress and make that progress faster. Ideally, you want to log in, collect any revenue that’s been produced so far, buy your coin upgrades, then water the plants until you’re all out of currency, with the goal of reaching the next milestone. That’s all there is to it – you don’t have to do this an ungodly number of times per day, just as long as you check back every now and then, and definitely more than once a day.

5. Harvest Time Is Prestige Time

We did mention that Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm is an idle clicker game, and that means there is a prestiging mechanic – for those who aren’t familiar with the term, this is clicker game jargon for resetting your game, going back to square one with no currency (among other things you’ll be bereft of), but with items or perks that allow you to progress faster in the new play-through. This game’s equivalent of prestiging is harvesting, and you’ll know that this option is available once you see the Hummer approaching your farm. Harvesting zeroes out your coins, but increases your Cash Stockpile, meaning you’ll earn more profit per plot in the new play-through. And you’ll earn that profit faster, just like you should once you prestige in any idle clicker title.

6. When Is The Best Time To Harvest?

Now that you know that you have to harvest at some point in the game, when is that point in specific? When should you hit that virtual reset button and start from the top? As a general rule, it’s best to harvest every 24 hours or so, and not the very moment you see the Hummer; it would always appear once the sixth plot has been unlocked, but you don’t want to rush things.

There’s also an option in the game that allows you to watch an ad video to reset the game instantly instead of waiting for the prescribed amount of time, but that’s not necessarily a good alternative. You should also keep in mind that the bonuses you buy with cash get reset once you harvest – this may or may not be a bug or a quirk, and we certainly find it odd for an idle clicker game. So if you want those bonuses once again in your new play-through, you’ll have to spend cash once again, and that could be an inconvenience. Make sure you consider the costs of reaching the point you currently are in when about to harvest; if it’s worth the costs, then go ahead and harvest, and buy those upgrades ASAP, once you’re able to afford them!

7. Earn Free Coins By Tapping The Drone

See that little drone that appears on your screen from time to time? Be sure to tap on the drone once you see it, and do so as many times as you could while it remains on your screen. This drone will allow you to earn some free coins, so the more you tap while the drone is present, the more free coins you can earn!

8. Why Should You Light Up?

Don’t get us wrong here – we aren’t trying to convince you to light up a joint like Wiz Khalifa probably would. We’re talking about an in-game feature that seems to fly under the radar, as it doesn’t get explained in the tutorial stage. You can find this feature in the upper middle portion of your screen, and the button for “Lighting Up” pretty much resembles an UV lamp. Tapping on it will pull up an option asking you to watch an ad, and if you watch the video, you’ll double your profits for the next four hours. You can also watch video ads by tapping the stage located on the right, but that’s only going to give you a profit increase for 20 seconds. There’s really no comparison here – four hours is exponentially longer than 20 seconds, so when it comes to this in-game “4:20” (yes, we’re forcing it a bit), you want the hours part, and not the seconds part.

And this wraps up our detailed guide for Whiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm. If you’ve come across other tips or tricks for the game, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment section!


Wednesday 7th of September 2022

I tried time lapse cheat but it's not working, why is that??


Tuesday 11th of October 2022

@jashan007, because now game need Internet connection and in the past you dont need to be connected


Thursday 16th of September 2021

when can i upgrade my car n get the hammer ?


Tuesday 22nd of December 2020

alguien sigue jugando que quiera agregarme?


Saturday 10th of August 2019

How do I get to the last plot so I can open jars?


Wednesday 9th of January 2019

I’m on level 32. How many levels are there?


Saturday 12th of January 2019

Just hit 60 th, wondering the same..