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Wilful Kitty Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Get a High Score

Wilful Kitty is a tile-sliding puzzle game that is rarely seen in mobile games these days. Available on iOS and Android platforms, this game lets you control a cute little kitten with the goal of getting the highest score possible. You just need to combine materials on the tiles then make your kitten slide over to the treat in order to score some points. The game ends when you are unable to move because the tiles have been filled with materials. The mechanics are simple but it’s easy to get overwhelmed since there is very little space to move around in. It’s a good thing you can depend on our Wilful Kitty tips and tricks to help you get top scores!

1. Memorize The Combinations

The game starts off pretty easily with just two materials – a bowl and a packet of food. You just need to swipe up, down, left, or right in order to make everything on the board slide in that direction. Keep doing this until you make the bowl and packet of food slide on top of each other to create a bowl of food. Once the bowl of food has been created, you can have your kitten slide on top of it to consume it. As you progress into the game, new materials and combinations will be added. Make sure you remember which materials combine so you can have them slide towards the same area. Guessing is not an option because you will end up getting overwhelmed by materials.

2. Aim For Hyper Kitty Mode

Whenever your kitty consumes a treat, it fills up the Hyper Kitty gauge. Once it is full, your kitty will go into the Hyper Kitty mode which will clear three random lines on the board. This is good news because of two reasons. First, it gives you space to move around again. It can really save your life if you go hyper when things are getting pretty tight. The second reason is it gives you additional points for the materials that get cleared. You don’t need to worry about activating this skill. Just fill the gauge and Hyper Kitty mode will automatically activate.

3. Take Your Time

There is no time limit for making a move in this game. Use this to your advantage. Take all the time you need to analyze the existing items on the board before making a move. This is very important because every move you make is irreversible. A new material is added to the board each time you make a move. This means you will not be able to go back to how the board was previously. If you miss an opportunity to combine materials, it will cost you precious moves and tile space.

4. Unlock More Cats

Once you have enough coins from playing, you will be able to unlock additional content. You can get new cats from the store and use them in the game. You can only use one cat at a time, though. Keep in mind that changing cats is purely for aesthetic purposes. They won’t have any impact on gameplay. You can also unlock the other rooms in the house which will change how the board looks, and what treats you can combine. The gameplay will still be the same in every room. It just gives you an option to change up how the game looks.

It’s time to get sliding and combining in Wilful Kitty! Just follow the tips and tricks listed above to help you achieve high scores! Also, if you need more hints for the game, don’t hesitate to drop us a line in the comments!