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Cosmo Race (iOS) Ultimate Guide: 21 Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Dominate Races

Cosmo Race is one of the best new mobile games out there, multiplayer arena racer done perfectly. The game puts you in the boots of a racer that will try to outperform his competitors in a variety of tracks, or better to say arenas. Maps are varied; they all include closed-out circuits that ask for a high amount of skill. The arenas possess a high degree of verticality, you have to complete three laps in total in every race. Races are fast, they last for about half a minute offering a high replay value. Once you finish the training race a couple of times, and once you believe you have enough skill to compete against other players, there will be a solid group of maps to choose from. There are seven arenas in total (including the training map) and each map asks you to pay the entry ticket in order to race.

Since there are seven maps, their tickets range from 100 coins for the training race to 200,000 (yes, two hundred thousands) coins for the last map called Coral Reef Hill. Other maps ask for 500, 2,000, 10,000, and 50,000 thousands coins in order to participate in a race. And although this might seem like too much a price for just one race, rewards for finishing on a podium place (3 times the value of the ticket for the first place, two times the value for the second place, and the ticket value for finishing third) are generous enough to keep you a steady coin income, if you’re good enough of course. And even if you find the game too hard there are enough free coins awards that will keep you in the game, enabling you to race on at least the first couple of maps regularly.

Cosmo Race is all about reflexes, skills and the right rhythm, as well as learning tracks and the perfect racing line. None of the arenas is too hard to learn, but most of them are quite difficult to master, not because they are super hard to complete, but because it is hard to be constantly better than other players. There are also power-ups to be picked up (you get one after passing through the checkpoint halfway through the lap, and one at the end of the lap), which can be passive (giving you a shield against other offensive power-ups), active (greater speed for a short time) and offensive (a rocket, or a freezing power-up). Getting the right power-up and then activating it at the right time is often the key to victory, although you can win without even using any offensive power-up.

Now, Cosmo Race is a multiplayer title that’s easy to learn, but hard to master. You’ll spend countless runs just trying to learn the perfect route, as well as practicing your moves. But once you get the hang of it, Cosmo Race can be extremely fun to play. We spend hours and hours competing against other racers and managed to pick up dozens of helpful advice that can make the learning part of the game much easier. We can’t promise you that you’ll become the ultimate Cosmo Race master after reading the guide, but we can promise you that you’ll find a ton of helpful tips that will push your game forward, enabling you to regularly ending up on podium places and to compete on advanced (and more expensive) arenas. Let us begin.

1. Find Your Perfect Rhythm

Cosmo Race is all about finding the perfect rhythm. Since the game relies on perfect taps that will push you forward, you have to learn when to tap in order to make perfect off-the-wall jumps.

Don’t worry, this isn’t too hard and if you have any sense of rhythm, after a dozen or so races you will learn how to pick up the pace and keep it until the race ends. Just remember to keep your eyes on the track, and to have your thumbs close to the screen at all times.

2. Practice Arena Is Where You Should Race For The First Couple Of Levels

Don’t rush; practice arena is where you will learn how to find the perfect rhythm and how to keep it through the race. It is very easy to learn, it is also the shortest track of them all so make sure not to stop playing it until you can finish it with your eyes closed.

This way you’ll be prepared for other, longer and more complex tracks and will find out how to make the best off-the-wall jumps. Just stay in the practice arena until you start regularly beating other opponents. This is a multiplayer title, after all, meaning that you aren’t ready for tougher challenges until you completely master the first one.

3. Do Not Advance To The Next Map Until You Regularly Start Ending Up On Podium On The Current One

This is also a no-brainer. Cosmo Race cherishes your skill, and advancing up the ladder cannot happen before you master the current map you are playing. As we already said, do not advance to other tracks until you master the practice arena. This is also the case with other maps.

Until you master the current map you are playing, there’s a high chance you’ll end up on the last place when trying to play the next one (also meaning that you’ll start to lose coins at a fast rate).

4. Watch Ads, Collect Free Coins

Cosmo Race is filled with various ways to earn free coins. One of them are the video ads. Each ad you watch will give you 500 coins, and you can watch multiple ads at a time. For 500 coins you can enter five races in the practice arena, or one race in the Sky City map.

5. Collect 1,000 Free Coins

The second way to earn some coins is to enter the game every sixty minutes and collect 1,000 free coins. Another solid source of income, and if you collect the prize regularly you can earn more than 10,000 coins each day just by entering the game! Remember, 1,000 coins prize is available every hour.

6. Complete Some Valuable Offers And Increase Your Coins Dramatically

Cosmo Race also has offers which you can complete for free coins. Although the majority of offers award the player with a thousand (or less) coins, there are some highly valuable ones.

You can get 15,000 coins for each of the six or so games released by the same publisher who released Cosmo Race. All you have to do is to download and enter the offered games and that’s it! There are some pretty cool games, so in addition to the hefty prize, you also might discover your next favorite game.

And since you can get almost 100,000 coins for installing the featured games, you can be as bad as you like in Cosmo Race and still have enough cash to play the first four maps as much as you want. Completing featured offers is highly advisable for newbies since they will earn lots of coins that will greatly help them to learn new maps without going broke.

7. Practice Your Off-The-Wall Jumps

Mastering off-the-wall jumps is another important part on your way to becoming a solid Cosmo Race player. They are quintessential for each and every map and you should learn how to perform perfect jumps before trying to compete in more expensive arenas.

But don’t worry, you will learn how to jump like a frog in just a couple of dozens of minutes, but do not think you’ll start winning until you master the jumping mechanic. Also, learn how to jump at the right time in order to build up your pace over the course of the three laps (each race lasts for three laps). This way you won’t hit the wall instead of jumping over it, since performing just one bad jump can mean the difference between a podium finish and a total bust.

8. It’s Better To Invest Coins In Practice Runs Than To Buy New Characters

You can buy lots of new playing characters in the game. But, since all characters have the same stats, it is better to invest your hard earned money in practice runs on more expensive arenas. Until you earn tens of thousands of coins, don’t but a new character.

Aside from saving you some coins, paying with the default character will make the game easier since most players play with bought characters. Interestingly enough, except our first couple of races, we didn’t see anyone playing with the default character. This is awesome since if you stick with the thumb guy you’ll easily recognize your races among others (believe us, it is hard to have a clear view of your characters at all times), making the races easier. Instead of focusing on finding your racer, you’ll focus on performing perfect jumps.

9. Try Racing With As Few Jumps As Possible

More jumps during the race mean slower lap times. Learn to run through arenas with as few jumps as possible. Learn the perfect route and then always try to be faster than the last time. This is why learning to perform perfect jumps is so important. In addition to taking the less time for completing the lap, fewer jumps mean that your opponents will have fewer chances to hit you with their offensive power-up since you are the most vulnerable to get hit by a power-up while in mid-air.

10. You’ll Need Some Time Before You Learn The Perfect Route In Each Arena

Don’t worry if you end up in the last place after deciding to compete in a new map. We all need some time before learning new tracks, so it is important to save up some cash (for instance, for the Area 52 map, with a ticket costing 10,000 coins, it is wise to save up at least 50,000 coins so you can learn the map before aiming for a podium finish) before trying to race on a new map.

So, pick up free coin prizes, and earn coins by ending up on the podium, and only when you save up enough coins to race at least five times without earning coins, start racing on the new arena. This is better than saving up coins for just one arena ticket because being able to complete five or more races will make learning the new track much faster than playing it just once from time to time.

11. We All Get Bad From Time To Time

It is okay if your winning streak ends, followed up with a couple of really bad races. We all get bad from time to time, and this is especially true in the case of multiplayer games.

When you notice that you constantly end races on the fourth place or below, make a break, try focusing more, or just play the map until you start winning again.

12. Speed And Protection Power-Ups Should Be Used Right Away; Offensive Power-Ups Should Be Used At Checkpoints

There are lots of different power-ups to pick up in Cosmo Race. You get one after passing the checkpoint (every map has one checkpoint) and one after finishing the lap.

Now, defensive power-up (shield) should be used as soon as you pick it up. The shield protects you for a couple of seconds, but timing its activation perfectly (for instance, just before a player activates the freezing power) is very hard, so it is better to just activate shield right away than to focus on other players, trying to notice when they will activate their offensive power. Also, speed boosts are also the most effective when used right after picking it up.

As for the offensive powers, you should use them in checkpoints (for instance, during the wall climb, when there is a high chance lots of players will be in the small area at the same time). The rocket is the most effective when used in areas where the players run in a straight line, while the violet blob (a power-up that traps a player inside it for a couple of seconds) should be placed just after you land because it is very hard to avoid it when placed at the point where all players will end up eventually.

The freeze power-up is also best used in checkpoints because it will freeze all players in its area of effect. And the time freeze can be used in every part of the level since it freezes all players and is very hard to avoid. You can avoid the freeze-time power only if your shield is active at the same time when some player decides to freeze other racers.

It’s good to know that you can’t stack on power-ups so make sure to use one before reaching the checkpoint or before ending the current lap because if you forget to use it, it will be replaced with a new one.

13. Play Training Map In Order To Get The Highest Lucky Chance Roulette Bonus

Lucky chance roulette can be used each time you finish five races. You can earn from 100 to 3,000 coins on one roulette spin, but each podium finish will grant you a prize bonus (first place gives you a 2x bonus, second place a 1.5x bonus, and the bronze medal will grant you an x1 bonus). Bonuses stack up meaning that you can get a 10x bonus, making the highest possible roulette prize a whopping 30,000 coins, which is a pretty hefty sum.

The best way to get the maximum bonus is to play the practice map since you’ll be having the highest chance of winning on this map. So, if you want to earn a 10x bonus for the lucky chance roulette, race on the practice arena.

14. Yellow-Painted Springboards Can Speed You Up, Try Hitting Them Every Time

Almost all maps feature the yellow springboards. They are usually placed on the bottom of the walls, speeding you up, and making you jump higher when you jump off them. Learn how to hit them every time, since even a slip second advantage over other players can mean the difference between the first and fifth place in Cosmo Race.
So, in addition to finding perfect routers, and to mastering your jumps, learn how to use springboards every time, this will give you a powerful advantage over other racers.

15. Take Frequent Breaks

Cosmic Racers is one of those games that will dry your focus in minutes, so when you notice that you can’t keep the pace with other players, take a break. Take lots of breaks since the game punishes players who can’t finish on the podium.

It’s better to chill out for a couple of minutes than to see your coin stash disappears at a fast pace just because you can’t give your best performance. This is especially important after you level up and start playing Area 52 and Moon Base on a regular basis because ending up fourth or below a couple of times means you can lose tens of thousands of coins in just a few minutes.

16. If You Want To Increase Your Coin Stash At A Slow But Steady Rate, Play Field Of Monsters

Ticket for playing Field of Monsters is 2,000 coins, and since the map is played mostly by low-level players you’ll have pretty good chances of ending up in the first place. Earning 6,000 coins per one race is pretty good, so if you want to increase your coin stash play this arena.

17. Counter-Clockwise Route Is The Way To Go When Playing Sky City

We reserved some advice for each map (except for the last one since its ticket costs 200,000 coins) for the last part of the guide. The first one is Sky City, a map with two potential routes.

The usual route (clockwise) will be picked by a majority of players, so it is better to go against the flow. You’ll have a less chance to be struck with an offensive power-up, the route isn’t crowded so you’ll always clearly see your character, and you can place power-ups wherever you want because there will be no other racers who can see where you have placed the power-up, making it hard for them to avoid your traps.

18. In Field Of Monsters Try Jumping Off Yellow Springboards And Don’t Wait To Jump Off A Wall After You Reach The Finish Line

Field of Monsters is filled with walls to jump off from, and each wall has a yellow springboard placed at its foundation. So make sure to hit every springboard and to get that tiny but important speed boost.

Also, jump to the other side as soon as you cross the finish line (this is the most important part of the map and you should practice those jumps), don’t wait to reach the wall and to jump off of it instead. This way you will start the next lap immediately after you finish the last one.

19. Bouncing Off The Springboards Is Very Important In Area 52

Area 52 also has lots of springboards, but some of them are meant to be jumped off while traveling downwards. So, try jumping as far as you can after the finish line, so you touch the opposing wall on your way down. And as you reach the springboard jump off of it; by doing that you’ll get a significant speed boost and will have a higher chance of winning the race. Save up some coins and practice that move; by mastering it you can earn hundreds of thousands of coins.

20. In Moon Cave Learn How To Reach The Top With As Few Taps As Possible

Moon Cave is one pretty tricky arena, and the only way you can get the advantage over other players is learning how to reach the top with as few jumps as possible. Aside from that, use the skills you learned while playing other maps to gain the speed boost and to place your traps on checkpoints of the map.

21. Always Watch Your Six

If there’s one advice that can help literally all Cosmo Race players, it is the simple but effective rule to always watch your back. This can notify you when a player is getting ready to unleash the freeze power, to know when a player is launching the rocket towards you, and to know where the purple blob (the infamous trap) will be during the next lap. So, no matter how good you are, if you don’t watch you back you will lose races, and you will lose them frequently.

Okay, folks, that was all. We hope that this guide gave you some helpful tips regarding Cosmo Race and that you will become a better player after reading the guide. Be sure to check our other guides; they are pretty handy too. Thanks for reading and happy gaming!