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What’s the Team? Madden NFL Mobile Football Quiz Answers & Solutions

ARE Apps has released an iOS game which challenges players to guess the names of MLB players, but they’ve also got something for American football fans – What’s the Team? Madden NFL Mobile Football Quiz. No, this isn’t Madden NFL, nor is it an official companion app for EA Sports’ popular series. It’s a game that should challenge pro football fans as they guess the names of the teams represented by the logos. Since the NFL may be too easy for the average American football fan, there are also teams from other leagues – just how knowledgeable are you in guessing the names of non-NFL pro football teams? This game allows you to find out!

Now if you’re not much of a pro football fan and want to try this game out for kicks, even the NFL questions may have you stumped. But you don’t need to worry about that, as we’ve got a complete list of What’s the Team? Madden NFL Mobile Football Quiz answers and solutions. We’ve got all the answer packs in here, covering various American football leagues and not just the NFL. Read on, and here’s hoping you score a proverbial touchdown and answer those questions you thought you wouldn’t be able to figure out!

Pack: NFL

– patriots
– jets
– packers
– saints
– titans
– browns
– panthers
– raiders
– cardinals
– buccaneers
– chargers
– giants
– bengals
– steelers
– bears
– eagles
– cowboys
– 49ers
– chiefs
– bills
– lions
– dolphins
– broncos
– rams
– jaguars
– vikings
– texans
– ravens
– colts
– falcons
– seahawks
– redskins

Pack: Canadian Football CFL

– roughriders
– stampeders
– bclions
– argonauts
– eskimos
– alouettes
– tigercats
– bluebombers

Pack: Arena Football AFL

– storm
– blaze
– sharks
– rattlers
– shock
– barnstormers
– predators
– sabercats
– soul
– talons
– voodoo
– gladiators
– rush
– power

Pack: American Indoor AIF

– heroes
– stampede
– weagles