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What’s the Restaurant? Answers for All Levels

Ready for a rather delicious, mouth-watering trivia game? What’s the Restaurant? is a new image recognition/trivia game for iOS devices by Filip Tusla. And if you’re the type who loves eating out, you will most probably have been in some of the restaurants covered in the game. That should give you a good chance of hurdling most of the questions here, but as is often the case, some restaurants might not be as big in your area as others, and some may not even have a presence in your part of the world.

As such, this game isn’t as cut-and-dry as it seems, though it still is a nice, simple, and oftentimes easy way to see how well you know your favorite eating-out (or take-out) spots. The game is also regularly updated, with new restaurants arriving from time to time.

As we said above, there’s a chance you might not be familiar with all the restaurants in the game. So with that having been said, we’ve got a list of hat’s the Restaurant? answers and solutions for the first seven levels of the game. This list covers more than a hundred different restaurants, so read on if some of these places somehow aren’t familiar to you.

What’s the Restaurant? Answers for All Levels

What’s the Restaurant Answers Level 1

#1-1: Subway
#1-2: Burger King
#1-3: Mcdonalds
#1-4: Starbucks
#1-5: Dominos Pizza
#1-6: Kfc
#1-7: Pizza Hut
#1-8: Wendys
#1-9: Sonic
#1-10: Taco Bell

What’s the Restaurant Answers Level 2

#2-1: Dennys
#2-2: Red Lobster
#2-3: Dunkin Donuts
#2-4: Jollibee
#2-5: White Castle
#2-6: Hooters
#2-7: Five Guys
#2-8: Popeyes
#2-9: Runza
#2-10: Panda Express

#2-11: Applebees
#2-12: Fatburger
#2-13: Donut King
#2-14: Rallys
#2-15: Krystal
#2-16: Johnny Rockets
#2-17: Papa Johns
#2-18: Bob Evans
#2-19: Freddys
#2-20: Baskin Robbins

Ann Marie Ensley

Thursday 11th of November 2021

I love this game!