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Guess the Naruto Character Answers for All Levels

We’ve got another Naruto-inspired trivia game for you, and it’s courtesy of FAMobile, for Android devices. Guess the Naruto Character is just what it is, a game that allows you to take a stab at guessing the Naruto character depicted in the images/silhouettes. If guessing the character gets to be a bit too tough, you can ask assists from your friends, or pay coins (which you earn through playing the game) to purchase hints. It’s a very simple and straightforward game to play, and if you know your Naruto, you may very well be on your way to completing this game in no time flat.

Then again, you might not be a fan of this popular anime/manga franchise. Or you may only know a handful of characters as a casual fan. Or Naruto may be the only character you know. Whatever the case is, you can check out this list of Guess the Naruto Character answers and cheats, which includes solutions to questions 1 to 59 in the game. Read on if you’re in need of some quick and easy answers, but don’t read too much, unless you have absolutely no clue about Naruto, but are still willing to give this game a whirl!

Guess the Naruto Character Answers for All Levels

Guess the Naruto Character Answers Levels 1-59

#1 – Naruto
#2 – Sasuke
#3 – Sakura
#4 – Choji
#5 – Gaara
#6 – Jiraiya
#7 – Kabuto
#8 – Killer Bee
#9 – Kurama
#10 – Madara

#11 – Minato
#12 – Mizukage
#13 – Orochimaru
#14 – Neji
#15 – Obito
#16 – Pain
#17 – Raikage
#18 – Kisame
#19 – Rin
#20 – Sai


Wednesday 3rd of August 2022

This game is so good I like it.