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Warlings 2: Total Armageddon Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks, & Strategies to Dominate Your Opponents

Gamers from the early 90s are probably familiar with the DOS-based strategy artillery game, Scorched Earth, while gamers from then till now should at least have heard of the Worms series of games. These types of games can be a fun time-passer to play casually even regardless of whether you play against the computer or another player. Although luck is a factor to consider in the game mechanics, artillery games are still largely reliant on skills and strategies.

warlings 2 total armageddon war

Warlings 2: Total Armageddon is 17th Pixel Poland’s sequel to Warlings: Armageddon, and very much serves as its improved replacement currently available for Android devices. Although very much comparable to any “Worms” game, Warlings 2: Total Armageddon is completely free to play and offers an even simpler gameplay mechanics. There are 38 unique weapons to unlock and use on your enemies as well as soldier classes that bring even more variety to teams.

There is a short and quick tutorial that greets you immediately after you step into the game, and within the first minute of playing, you can already tell that you can survive the next matches you engage in. The vibrant, cartoony graphics very much complements the newbie-friendly controls and interface. Warlings 2: Total Armageddon, however, is one of those games that is easy to learn but difficult to master. So stay with us and read our detailed Warlings 2: Total Armageddon Beginner’s Guide for tips, tricks and strategies to dominate your opponents in succeeding matches!

1. Master The Basics

With a fast-paced tutorial round to go through in Warlings 2: Total Armageddon, it may happen that you missed a few important details that every player needs to know before they move forward to the next battle. Since what you will initially be put up against in through the tutorial are a couple of enemies that most, if not all, should be able to easily win against, any choice of next battle will present more challenges. You can consider it as a short practice round, but you cannot expect it to be the end of your learning phase.

warlings 2 total armageddon single player mode

Warlings 2: Total Armageddon is a turn-based, 4-on-4 tactical combat that places your troops and your enemy’s troops on random spots on the map. Luck plays a role in terms of where each of your soldiers are placed on the terrain but it is more importantly a match where skills and precision matter. One thing to keep in mind is that Warlings 2: Total Armageddon is a game where an idea of physics is important as trajectories of grenades and rockets require a good understanding of how to calculate and project points of impact.

Conveniently enough, there is a projected trajectory line that can help you more accurately predict how each shot will go. The lines are very short, though, making long range attacks a lot more challenging. Once your turn starts, you have 30 seconds to make a move. The first step is to try and adjust the view and your position for convenience. You can use the pinch gesture to zoom in and out of the battle arena and you can swipe the screen to adjust the view.

warlings 2 total armageddon shot projection

When it comes to positioning your little Warling, there are arrow keys on the left and right of your screen to face and move left or right. You can use jump buttons using the diagonal arrow keys on either side as well. Note that it is important to consider where your character is facing before you choose your weapon. Once ready, you can click on the crate at the upper right side of the screen and choose which weapon to use.

warlings 2 total armageddon weapons

The rocket launcher and grenade are the most basic weapons in your arsenal and have infinite uses. Learning to master using both is a basic necessity in Warlings 2: Total Armageddon and determining which one to use given the situation is equally necessary. There are plenty of other weapons to use but these 2 will be the most common and basic ones you will use more often. Rockets explode on impact while grenades take time before they explode, giving you time to relocate yourself between throwing it and its detonation.

warlings 2 total armageddon grenade

Beyond being able to control the destination of each shot you make, you can also adjust the amount of power behind it in most cases. If you pay attention to the dotted guidelines, they stretch further apart when you pull farther from your target, changing the trajectory of the shot. There is also an important reason why the tutorial points you towards the upper center of the screen when adjusting the trajectory of your shots. In the event that your target is distant, starting your tap and hold at the center of the screen gives you more room to increase the shot’s power if you need to.

warlings 2 total armageddon rocket launcher

One of the factors to consider that makes Warlings 2: Total Armageddon simpler and easier than its counterparts is the absence of wind in the battle arena. If you have played loosely similar games before, then you know of how the wind can present unique opportunities and threats for you. While winds may help you hit hard to reach areas with just the basic weapons, they make each shot and each battle a lot more volatile and tricky.

2. Familiarize Yourself With Each Weapon

Warlings 2: Total Armageddon starts you off being able to immediately use at least 8 different items in your arsenal. With a total of 38 weapons and items to unlock, though, there will be a long grind for coins before you are able to enjoy the full assortment of artillery available. While coins can also be used to unlock different classes of characters for your team, we recommend prioritizing the armory, particularly the ones you feel will be helpful in your battles.

For starters, though, you may not have a solid idea yet of which items are most useful for you as it should vary from one player to the next considering preferences and play style. In any case, it is best to review what each one actually does even before you actually have the funds to unlock and use them. On top of the description shown after highlighting a weapon in the armory, you can also click on the video icon on the right window to see a demo of the weapon or tool.

The Bazooka stands as your most basic weapon and the rockets explode on impact. Although it can only deal 40 damage on a perfect hit, it is generally the easiest weapon to utilize against enemies in an open area. Given that everything on the battle arena can be destroyed, the rocket launcher also serves as your best tool to “dig” through obstacles to get a better aim at your target or targets.

warlings 2 total armageddon bazooka description

The Grenade is often comparable to the rocket launcher but it takes time for it to explode after being thrown. Do note that once you choose a grenade, you can set the length of time it takes before it detonates through the number icon at the upper right side of the screen. With this, it becomes possible to have it explode in mid-air for extra special circumstances.

warlings 2 total armageddon grenade description

The first basic utility in your arsenal is the Drill, used to bore through terrain for strategic reasons. You can dig a tunnel for your own protection and you can also pierce through obstacles to get to an enemy. This tool can also deal damage to enemies and have 3 uses per battle.

warlings 2 total armageddon drill description

The Air Strike lets you drop 5 bombs on an enemy or a group of them. It can deal 50 damage at most but chances are that dropping 5 bombs will not reach its max potential. Note that while this is best used to strike multiple targets impossible or difficult to hit with other weapons, it is more of a finisher move to save for late game. The plane that carries the bomb will travel from left to right but it will travel back before the time to trigger expires. You should consider dropping bombs a little ahead of the time.

warlings 2 total armageddon air strike description

The Punch is a weak melee weapon that has a specialized use. It only does 10 damage to its target but it can fling them a short distance without necessarily damaging yourself. When an enemy is close to or at the edge of the stage, this is the right tool to easily throw them out into the ocean. Be careful though as you might miss if the gloves move past the enemy Warling.

warlings 2 total armageddon punch description

Another short range weapon you might often use is the Shotgun. It deals up to 40 damage with 2 shots and you can move and reposition your aim between the 2 shots. If you are close to the target and would not want yourself taking damage with the Bazooka or Grenade, then this is the best tool for the job.

warlings 2 total armageddon shotgun description

The Teleport function is an excellent tool to instantly relocate the Warling using it. You can teleport to any area on the map so long as it is not obstructed. One issue you might encounter using this is if you fail to zoom out of the map prior to choosing it. There is an icon on the upper right side of the screen that lets you choose between aiming and panning the screen.

warlings 2 total armageddon teleport description

The Tomato Bomb is a powerful grenade that explodes on impact and also breaks into 5 pieces that each explodes on impact as well. It can deal a maximum of 75 damage provided that the main explosion as well as the exploding shrapnel all do a close to direct hit. This is perfect for targets inside a small hole.

warlings 2 total armageddon tomato bomb description

The Sniper Rifle is the only weapon in Warlings 2: Total Armageddon that cannot be purchased with coins. Instead, you need to partake in 10 matches via invite or Bluetooth. This can deal 60 points of damage to a single target and bores through all obstacles in its path.

warlings 2 total armageddon sniper rifle description

The Minigun also has high damage potential with a maximum of 70 damage. It’s rate of fire is not perfectly consistent so it becomes more suitable against enemies in close range. Each hit will also push the enemy back and since you will not be able to aim it while shooting, the latter bullets are likely to miss if there are no walls behind your target.

warlings 2 total armageddon minigun description

The Frag Grenade works much like the Tomato Bomb and can deal up to 80 points of damage. The difference is that the Frag Grenade will not explode on impact. There might only be small differences in terms of using one over the other given different circumstances, but we consider using both especially when enemies are in a hole.

warlings 2 total armageddon frag grenade description

The Laser Gun is like the Sniper rifle but deals only 35 damage and only has 1 use per battle. The difference it offers is that it can hit multiple enemies provided that they are lined up, even across terrain. Note that with friendly fire always on in Warlings 2: Total Armageddon, allies within its line of fire will also take a hit.

warlings 2 total armageddon laser gun description

Although it might seem less appealing than the other weapons, the Bow is the only one that can shoot 3 times in one turn. Each shot can deal up to 15 damage for a total of 45 but its accuracy is expected to be lower than most other shooting weapons.

warlings 2 total armageddon bow description

The Javelin fires a rocket that you can control to some extent, perfect for enemies that will otherwise be impossible to hit with other weapons. The rocket does 40 damage on a direct hit and to control it, you need to basically tap the screen when you want the rocket to turn. CPU enemies seem to make it easy using this weapon but it is hard to master and may take a lot of practice.

warlings 2 total armageddon javelin description

Mines actually let you deploy 3 mines on the field, with each capable of dealing 50 damage to an enemy who comes in contact with it. You can drop it on an enemy inside a hole if you are close enough or set is as a defensive countermeasure if you do not want them walking close to where you are.

warlings 2 total armageddon mines description

Dynamites come packed with a tremendous explosion that does 50 damage. It can be put down just like mines and will explode after a set period of time. Dynamites are also great to combo with deployed mines and can be used to deal damage to multiple targets close to one another.

warlings 2 total armageddon dynamite description

As odd as it seems, the Extinguisher is among the weapons in the armory in Warlings 2: Total Armageddon. No, it will not be used to put out fires but instead, it creates a foamy mass much like part of the terrain, deals 25 enemies to enemies it hits, and even keeps them immobilized.

warlings 2 total armageddon extinguisher description

An all too familiar utility item in similar games, the Jetpack in Warlings 2: Total Armageddon lets you fly for a very short span of time to get to higher ground and comes with a pistol you can use afterwards. Be very careful when using this item as you might let go of your hold and end your flight prematurely. Losing flight midway can be very dangerous and might lead to you taking fall damage or worse.

warlings 2 total armageddon jetpack description

The Uzi works much like a mini gun that shoots in opposite directions. It has a wide spread bringing its accuracy to one of the lowest possible and comes with risks as well of damaging your allies. While largely beyond what we would recommend, it can be useful in case you are pinned by enemies on both sides and have no better options.

warlings 2 total armageddon uzi description

If an enemy is beyond the reach of every weapon in your arsenal, most especially with terrain above them, then the Drill Bomb is your best weapon for the job. The Drill Bomb drops from the sky and bores through terrain, exploding after a set period of time. This may very much require some practice to master as well, but at 50 damage on a direct hit, it is certainly among our favorite weapons.

warlings 2 total armageddon drill bomb description

As what it basically says, the Heal item can restore health to the Warling using it. It replenishes health by 60 points and removes all debuffs as well.

warlings 2 total armageddon heal description

The Freeze weapon deals 30 damage to enemies within the area of effect of its impact, freezing them as well. Frozen enemies will not be able to move until after they received damage from another source.

warlings 2 total armageddon freeze description

The Gas Bomb is a unique grenade that contains poison gas. It explodes on impact unleashing a poison gas cloud that slowly drifts lower. It deals 30 damage on impact and poisons enemies it hits with 5 damage in succeeding turns.

warlings 2 total armageddon gas bomb description

The Flamethrower is short range weapon that fires a continuous stream of flame when used. Although the details only show 40 damage, it can actually deal as much as 70 damage on an enemy. Although the flames will not destroy terrain, it can pass through it to damage enemies on the other side.

warlings 2 total armageddon flamethrower description

The Plasma Grenade is a powerful AoE grenade that deals damage based on its distance to the target, with a max damage of 60. Plasma Grenades will not destroy terrain they hit and are best utilized against multiple enemies close enough to one another.

warlings 2 total armageddon plasma grenade description

A very powerful pistol, the Magnum can deal 90 damage 50% of the time. However, it also leaves a 50% chance to miss its target. It is best reserved for shots you can actually afford to miss but we recommend going with anything else you can use.

warlings 2 total armageddon magnum description

The Shield can lower damage received in the area by 50%, making it a perfect defensive tool in situations where your teammates are close to one another and have no interest in moving out of it.

warlings 2 total armageddon shield description

The Flask is a weapon that actually requires you to walk after using it to maximize its damage. The flask will be carried by the Warling and every enemy you come in contact with takes 30 poison damage.

warlings 2 total armageddon flask description

The Rat Bomb is like the opposite of the Drill Bomb. Both will drill through the terrain but the Rat Bomb needs to start within the terrain. It will explode once it bores through the terrain and deal as much as 40 damage to enemies the explosion hits.

warlings 2 total armageddon rat bomb description

The Balloon lets you deal damage to an enemy or enemies above you. It is tied up to a stick of dynamite that explodes and deals 40 damage after a set period of time. The balloon can pass through terrain as well and its flight path does not necessarily have to be a straight line.

warlings 2 total armageddon balloon description

The Tap Grenade works very much like the Frag Grenade but instead of exploding on impact, you can tap after throwing it to have it explode. Each shrapnel from it explodes and can deal as much as 50 damage to its target, making it a powerful weapon against confined enemies in a given location.

warlings 2 total armageddon tap grenade description

The Disk Thrower lets you shoot a spinning circular blade on an enemy. The damage it does can reach 100 points but depends on the distance the disk travels.

warlings 2 total armageddon disk thrower description

The Gas Grenade is yet another gas-based weapon of destruction that continuously emits gas that can damage nearby units. Gas travels upwards and will not have a wide reach so only enemies in the grenade’s flight path the ones on top of where it lands will be damaged.

warlings 2 total armageddon gas grenade description

The Firework tool is like the bazooka that does not explode and is wasted if it hits a terrain. It can deal as much as 70 damage to enemies in its area of effect but needs to be detonated in mid-air with a tap after its launch.

warlings 2 total armageddon firework description

The UFO is certainly one of the weirder tools in our opinion. Using it summons a UFO that moves rather unpredictably in the sky. Tapping at any time during its flight will unleash a laser that does 35 damage to its target directly below it.

warlings 2 total armageddon ufo description

Whether if it is for the 40 points of damage per meteorite, or encasing enemies under new terrain, the Meteor Strike is a fancy weapon that can do both. Accuracy is rather low and may require some practice to utilize perfectly.

warlings 2 total armageddon meteor strike description

The Grenade Air Strike works much like the regular one but drops grenades instead of bombs that explode on impact. Although it may be a little trickier to utilize on an almost leveled field, this works okay against multiple targets especially ones on a lower ground where the grenades can roll into.

warlings 2 total armageddon grenade air strike description

The last, but definitely not the least item in the armory is the Gas Air Strike. This item will call in a bomber that will deploy gas following your tap. The gas unleashed actually covers a large area and deals 30 damage to each unit it covers. Using this will highly likely damage some of your troops along the way.

warlings 2 total armageddon gas air strike description

Familiarization with each weapon and utility tool is just half of knowledge you need with regard to their use. Knowing when to use each one as well as using them precisely will take some time and effort to completely master.

warlings 2 total armageddon battle

3. Practice Makes Perfect

Given that wind is not a factor to consider with each shot you make; you can be certain that the likelihood of performing loosely similar shots can take place across different battles. It may not sound much but having a relatively consistent trajectory of shots will naturally improve your aim with repetition. In this sense, among others, practice is a very important activity you should dive into if you are aiming to play like a pro.

There are no practice stages in Warlings 2: Total Armageddon but the single player mode is the next best thing to consider to earn actual combat experience before taking on your friends or other players in PvP combat. Likewise, engaging in single player skirmishes will also earn you coins regardless if you win or lose the match. Consider the total amount of coins you need to unlock all the weapons and the character classes as being able to afford all of them should mean that you are close to, if not already, a master of this game.

warlings 2 total armageddon map

There are currently 7 different maps to engage matches in Warlings 2: Total Armageddon. 3 of them will be readily available and the rest can be unlocked gradually by playing matches. It only takes 64 matches, win or lose, to unlock the last stage and by that time, you should already have enough skills and weapons to take on that level. Although we feel that the stages are somewhat arranged based on difficulty, they seem to be rather arranged by complexity. Regardless of any stage’s layout, difficulty level can have some variables in it as well, especially considering the random deployment of friendly and opposing units on the map.

warlings 2 total armageddon tower

There are also 3 difficulty settings to choose from with the hardest one granting you the biggest potential to earn more coins. There are some misconceptions relating to difficulty choices in Warlings 2: Total Armageddon. Just because you choose to play in easy mode does not necessarily mean that the enemies will play dumb throughout the match. Being on Easy Mode instead makes it less likely for enemy units to make those ultra-precise perfect shots that can give you a shock in disbelief.

Do not be surprised if some matches in normal mode will seem to make it easier for you to bag a win as the random element of opponents becoming instantly smart in one turn may come more often on higher difficulty settings but will not ultimately decide how difficult it will become to triumph over them.

warlings 2 total armageddon opponents

4. Build Your Perfect Team One Step At A Time

One of the elements that make Warlings 2: Total Armageddon a lot more fun and engaging comes from the host of character classes that you can unlock and use in matches. In addition to the default Assault type unit, which is a generic character, you can unlock more by spending coins to purchase them. With a 4-man team, you can have a full roster composed of unique individuals. This does not prevent you from using some classes more than once, though.

warlings 2 total armageddon squad

We are pretty sure that at this point in time, you have encountered scenarios when you wish you were controlling another unit. Allied troops and enemy troops take turns by cycling through each available character in their respective teams and instances where your unit who has the current turn will hardly have a chance to do something productive given his location. The General is a class that can switch control to another unit on his turn. It may not seem much but it is certainly a very useful skill that can spell the difference between winning and losing.

warlings 2 total armageddon general

The Chemcorp unit has a breathing mask equipped, giving him immunity from all kinds of gas attacks. Although there are no guarantees that this will be useful in every match, it is still a skill that makes him a better unit than the default one.

warlings 2 total armageddon chemcorp

The Engineer is an excellent support unit that can deploy girders for a variety of purposes. If you need extra roof or blockades for protection or want an extra bridge to make it easier to move around the battle arena, then you may want to consider unlocking this guy first. On a more strategic offense support role, you can even create a funnel that encases an enemy, making it easier for any ally to dunk in some grenades on a target.

warlings 2 total armageddon engineer

The Heavy unit can call in some random weapon and is also tougher than most Warlings with a +75 health boost. For its relative cost compared to other unlockable units, the Heavy unit is a good pick for beginners who value survival more than offensive strength.

warlings 2 total armageddon heavy unit

If you are a huge fan of air strikes, then you may want to consider having a pilot in your team. Pilots give you an extra airstrike and while air strikes may lack the accuracy most weapons have, having 2 of them instead of one can still help you in a lot of matches.

warlings 2 total armageddon pilot

If you want an extra health kit instead, then the Medic is an attractive unit that you should consider. An extra med pack can go a long way with its heal for 60 points. There are plenty of weapons enemies can use to drain away that 60 points on their turn but used strategically, an extra HP restoration can tilt the tide of battle in your favor.

warlings 2 total armageddon medic

It probably won’t happen consistently across every match but you are bound to experience a unit with full health dying because of drowning. If you want to have a unit that can survive the waters around every battle arena, then the Diver is a good pick for you. The Diver has no extra stats or armaments but surviving the ocean is already a huge perk in Warlings 2: Total Armageddon.

warlings 2 total armageddon diver

On to the more expensive characters that cost 500 coins, the Unit 51 comes packed with infinite laser guns, a +25 HP boost, and an extra plasma grenade. He is, however, unable to use much of anything else and is probably a purchase you may want to save for later.

warlings 2 total armageddon unit 51

The Protector is the other expensive character class that has 30 less HP but has 30 shield and replenishes 10 shield every turn. Just like unit 51, the Protector is a fine addition to the roster of character classes to unlock but considering the cost to unlock him, we recommend prioritizing the cheaper options first.

warlings 2 total armageddon protector

5. Learn To Play Defense

Warlings 2: Total Armageddon, much like similar games, tend to lead players into thinking that it is all about offense. With “War” actually being the root word for the titular characters, the basic idea would naturally center around eliminating all enemies on the field. Even the quick tutorial session exclusively teaches you how to choose weapons and aim at your targets.

warlings 2 total armageddon armory

Considering everything, however, Warlings 2: Total Armageddon is not devoid of defensive countermeasures. In fact, browsing through the armory already hints about utilizing defensive strategies given the assortment of utility tools you can use. The drill, the girder, and the shield are just a few examples with mines and jet packs presenting equally viable options to give you protection instead of giving you extra offensive means.

When we talked about practicing with CPU opponents early on, we were not exclusively limiting practice sessions to improve your accuracy as far as aiming and choosing the right weapons go. Taking on CPU opponents of varying difficulty levels across different stages should present numerous opportunities for you to discover and utilize creative means to gain the advantage in every match.

Surely enough, the completely random placement of units at the start of each match can be a strong factor swerving in favor of one team but with the right strategic calls and some patience, even the direst starting scenarios can be overturned. With every turn, there is a stronger inclination to deal damage to any enemy unit you have decent sights on but, for the most part as well, taking that shot will also leave you open.

warlings 2 total armageddon strategy

In general, you should try to squeeze some damages in without necessarily putting a unit at risk and while these instances are scarcely possible, sometimes there will be opportunities to do so. Shots that will eliminate an enemy unit should definitely be taken, but if it won’t and risks more units from your team to take damage next turn, then you may want to consider other options.

Playing defensively should not be taken in the absolute as well as there are instances when you simply have to make sacrifices. The Gas Air Strike seems like a solid hint relating to making sacrifices and there are plenty of other weapons that are just too open for friendly fire scenarios. In any case, practice across multiple session will help you improve your decisions as to when to consider defense and when to take risks. With that, you should now be ready to engage in PvP matches.

While CPU enemies set to hard difficulty can pose a great challenge, you should always expect to encounter even more challenging teams in online PvP. CPU enemies may often exhibit unparalleled levels of precision, but a thinking opponent who also have creativity and patience always has a potential to be a bigger threat. Regardless of whether you take the win or not in online matches, remember to enjoy and continue learning from each match you dive into.

warlings 2 total armageddon challenge

Warlings 2: Total Armageddon does not require online connectivity for you to engage in matches against CPU teams. However, there are also extra perks you can earn by running the app with an internet connection. In addition to the daily login rewards, you can claim 10 gems from the shop after playing a 15 to 30-second video ad. After some matches, there will also be opportunities to earn an extra gem if you play a short ad.

warlings 2 total armageddon victory

Although gems purchases are largely attributable to head gears and patches that are entirely cosmetic, a gem can also be exchanged for 20 coins each at the shop. Coins may be a basic currency in the game but you will certainly need a whole lot of it to complete your assortment of weapons and characters, so every additional opportunity to earn more coins and gems should be taken advantage of.

warlings 2 total armageddon shop

That ends our Warlings 2: Total Armageddon Beginner’s Guide. We certainly hope that the simple tips and strategies we provided will pave the way towards your domination of succeeding matches you engage in, whether against the hardest CPU levels or even the wittiest random players. If you have your very own tricks or tactics to add to our list, feel free to drop us one or a couple down in the comments!