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Warhammer 40,000: Deathwatch – Tyranid Invasion Cheats, Tips & Strategies to Survive the Space Journey

Not to be confused with the other Warhammer games on the Apple App Store, Rodeo Games’ Warhammer 40,000: Deathwatch – Tyranid Invasion is a turn-based strategy game that is set on the edge of Imperial space, where your Space Marines will take on the Tyranids in tactical battles. You will take part in 40 missions as you take on the enemies, collect up to 38 Deathwatch Space Marines that can be customized in over 150 different ways, and level up your characters by completing more missions – when leveled up, your characters can learn more powerful skills and abilities. Now, that we’ve told you a thing or two about the game’s basics, we will be moving on with a list of Warhammer 40,000: Deathwatch – Tyranid Invasion cheats, tips and strategies.

1. Plan Ahead

This Warhammer 40K game involves tactical battle, and that means you have to plan ahead. Be sure you’re fielding a team whose characters fit in well into your play style. For example, you’ll want a team of Assault Marines if you prefer close-contact melee fighting, or a team of Devastators if you’d rather stay back and fire from a distance.

2. Know Your Missions Before Starting Them

This one’s a very quick and simple tip, but you should always read the mission briefings before you start a mission. That’s going to give you a heads-up on what to expect, which enemies you’ll be facing, and what type of team you should send off to battle.

3. Utilize Bolters And Heavy Bolters To Cause More Damage

Both these characters have rapid fire as a key feature. When up against an enemy that is within half of the weapon’s range, Bolters and Heavy Bolters will attack with more shots, and if you step a bit closer, you can deal even more damage.

4. Open The Card Packs For Rarer Marines And Weapons

After each Act you complete, you’ll win yourself a card pack. Each pack comes with one Marine and two pieces of war equipment. Open these packs – this should go without saying – and gain access to higher-end Marines and Weapons.

5. Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

Don’t play hero if you’re dealing with giant monsters and believe you have nary a chance of beating them. These monsters can jump you and take you by surprise – aside from the fact that they often appear out of the blue, they have high health stats, and are capable of taking out teams with a considerable number of HP. Conversely, Pyrovores should also be watched out for. They’re small in size, but they emit flames, which could take out more than one Marine.

6. Take Advantage Of Plasma Guns

Plasma Guns boast of Overcharge as a special ability. The price of using this ability is steep – we’re talking all of your action points – but the reward is totally worth it. If you’re dealing with larger monsters or enemies, you can use Plasma Guns to take them out in a jiffy.