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SongPop 2 Cheats: 5 Tips & Tricks to Become a Big Hit in the Game

FreshPlanet’s SongPop 2 is the sequel to SongPop, which is currently available only for iOS devices. This is a music trivia game where you can listen to clips from more than a hundred thousand songs, and take as little time as possible when guessing the correct artist or song title. You can play in Party Mode against hundreds of players around the world, play against the game’s mascot Melody, or try any of the game’s one thousand playlists without paying a dime. This game, we must say, is a must for music fans of all ages – it covers several decades of music and a wide variety of genres.

Music lover or not, we suggest you to check out the following SongPop 2 cheats, tips and tricks before playing, to ensure greater chances of success when you start playing in earnest.

1. Keep In Mind That You Can Always Change Your Starter Pack

Before actually playing, the game will ask you some questions that can help improve your play experience. You’ll be asked about your favorite music genre, which decades you prefer, and which music packages you’d like to go with. You can change your beginning pack, should you be unsatisfied with the one you received, by deleting SongPop 2 from your iPhone or iPad, then reinstalling it. In addition, you can use the coins you win to pay for additional music packs.

2. Play Against The Computer Before Challenging Humans

It often happens that the computer AI is a less challenging opponent than many human players, but this time around, the AI is no slouch. You can challenge the game’s AI to give yourself a good test before taking on human players. And if you aren’t too familiar yet with the songs that are available in this game, you can learn from repetition, thus giving you a chance of getting the right answer when you’re competing against real-life players.

3. Unlock More Songs With Your Stars

What’s in it for you when it comes to the stars that you win? Well, if you earn enough stars you can unlock more songs in a package. And once you’ve unlocked them, you can keep playing and replaying the packages to familiarize yourself with the music, and to know who’s singing what song.

4. Win More Coins, Here’s How

The answer to this question is quite simple – all you have to do is compete against other humans in multiplayer mode. As you beat more human players, you’ll earn more coins. We suggest playing against your friends, though you can also play against random competitors for a more unique experience.

5. Use YouTube, Spotify To Your Advantage

Last, but not the least, we believe it’s a good idea to listen to music on YouTube – enter a song that you like, and listen to the app’s suggestions for similar songs by different artists, or the same artist. You can also make use of Spotify and other similar services to suggest songs within your preferred genre or sub-genre. This technique could help you in familiarizing yourself with music genres and/or artist collections that you may encounter in SongPop 2.