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WarFriends Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide: 12 Hints for Winning Battles and Using WarCards

WarFriends is a new tactical action game from one of the top names in the world of mobile gaming, Chillingo. You can download it on both the App Store and the Play Store, depending on your device. The main selling point of the game is the social element behind it. This is a game where you are openly encouraged to team up with your friends and create a squad, as you compete against other squads of real players from around the world, hoping to move up on the leaderboards. You can include shotgunners, drones, and even jet pack troopers as part of your army, and build your own deck of WarCards, which are premium items that offer “game-changing” perks or buffs. Of course, you’ve got a wide variety of weapons to choose from in this game, so that’s something else you may want to look forward to.

You know the deal with tactical action games – there are lots of things you have to keep in mind if you want to be successful in your game. There are tons of mechanics and features to remember, and we haven’t even brought up the strategy aspect, which is what drives these games (aside from the social features in a lot of them). So with that said, let’s get to what you came here for – a complete WarFriends strategy guide, where we show you just how to go to war with, or against your friends.

1. Connect Your Game To Facebook

As this is a socially-driven game, it is imperative that you connect your game to Facebook, and do so the very moment that WarFriends would prompt you to. Not only does this get you deep into the social side of things, this also rewards you with premium currency, 24-hour VIP status, and other goodies as a prize for getting connected to social media. Aside from giving yourself a good head start, Chillingo won’t be posting anything to your Facebook account if your game is connected.

2. Join A Squad ASAP

Oh, you knew this was coming. As this is a tactical action game that’s heavy on social features, it’s very important that you join a squad. Squad Wars are the meat of the game, and on top of all that, you will get some premium currency and other rewards, including the ability to choose WarCards from those of your fellow squad members, all for free. There’s also the whole idea of making new friends through this feature, so you may want to consider that as well.

3. Upgrade Your Army And Your Weapons

Upgrading what you’ve got is also very important here, and you should do this as often as possible so you can get the best possible edge over the other human players/squads. Once upgraded, your army will be more powerful and would be capable of doing lots more damage. It should be a no-brainer – upgrade your weapons and troops alike, and collect whatever upgrades you may encounter so you can prepare for the process of improving your army.

Just a word of warning about the upgrade process – the upgrade costs get progressively higher, and not just progressively, but also exponentially higher as you move up further. That means you should focus on the troops that are most frequently used on the battlefield, and the troops that are best suited to your play style, even if they aren’t fielded that often. You also want to take a good look at the troops and weapons you stand to unlock after leveling up. More often than not, it’s better to work on the newer troops, but regardless of how you plan to conduct your upgrades, it’s the upgrading process in itself that’s the most important of all.

4. Your Troops Have Special Abilities

We would normally include this in the tip above, but since we went on for quite a while already, we’ll make it a standalone tip – leveling up to a new rarity tier would unlock a special ability for your troops. All of the troops you will encounter have their own special abilities that you can use in battle, and with that in mind, your upgrades should be spent toward those who have more impressive abilities that may also be more appropriate for your playing style.

5. More In-Game Bonuses

While you’re in the heat of a battle, you may see some boxes dropping down. Make sure you shoot those boxes before your opponents do, because they would always come with a bonus inside. These are typically buffs that will give your team an extra edge in battle, so go for them when you see them. You can also earn in-game bonuses in the form of in-game money by watching advertisement videos. You’ll need all the money you can get your hands on due to the fact that upgrade prices can really soar rapidly; watching videos may sound like a chore, but you’ll be better for such a move.

6. Play Warpath Mode

Warpath Mode missions, once unlocked, should be played as soon as you unlock them. Try to complete as many of them as you could for some extra cash, and if you need to, you can always replay those missions and farm for some cash and resources. And going beyond financial gains, Warpath Mode missions also help you hone your skills for those all-important PvP battles.

7. General Tips For Victory

When it comes to winning more battles in WarFriends, here are some general pointers that you can keep in mind.

Your offense, for starters, should have a good balance of rushers and sharpshooters, allowing you a mix of melee and ranged troops. And speaking of ranged attacks, we would suggest using the Sniper Rifle, which could deal out a lot of damage if you are able to get a good shot off. Fire at enemy troops once they’re out of cover. Also reload your weapon while still early, or switch to your regular weapon if you’re using your sniper and pressed for time. And do not, and we repeat do not, overlook your defense. Your defenders should go first in the battlefield, because as we often say, good defense often trumps good offense.

The best and simplest general tip, though, would be to closely monitor everything that goes on in the battlefield, specifically the position of the enemy player’s leader. But don’t just focus on the leader; look for his troops and check where they’re positioned. You don’t want rushers to get too close for comfort, or grenadiers busting you while you’re crouched and covering up.

8. A Basic Definition Of WarCards

WarCards can turn the tide – we did mention in the game overview that these are game-changing premium items, special cards that have awesome effects and impacts once they’re played. You may snatch victory from the jaws of defeat if you play your cards right quite literally. But take note that WarCards are, just like most other premium items would, very hard to find in the game. You can give WarCards to other members of your squad or get the WarCards they donate to your cause, and as we mentioned earlier, that’s one perk of being a member of a Squad.

9. Only Bring The WarCards You Need To Battle

Depending on your play style, the WarCards you take with you to battle may vary. But make sure that the three cards you bring are as diverse as possible, and don’t use them if you don’t have to. The only time you should seriously consider playing a WarCard is if you’re 100 percent sure they could win the battle for you. You don’t want to waste those cards in a battle that’s as good as lost, and you don’t want to use them either if your opponent plays them and the ones they use are better than yours. These cards are best kept in reserve, and it’s often better to eat the loss rather than play them needlessly.

10. What Are The Best WarCards To Use?

This is a very good question, and one that doesn’t really have a specific answer. It will all depend on your opponent and the type of battle you’re currently engaged in. And when choosing a WarCard from the cards donated by your squad, you might want to go with a Hero card or a Sniper card, but definitely a Defensive card so you can keep yourself safe from rushers.

11. How To Get More WarCards

There are many ways to get more WarCards in the game, starting with daily logins and daily missions. But aside from the dailies, you can also acquire more by choosing cards from your squad’s pool, and by buying them at the store with your premium currency. (As an aside, WarCards are more often than not a better purchase at the store than high-end weapons.)

12. How To Craft A Gold Warcard

Before we explain how this process works, here’s a little backgrounder. Crafting, which is one of the most common mechanics in the RPG genre, only comes into play if you’re trying to complete all the Starter Assignments. These are special missions given to all new players, and once you’re able to complete all of them, you stand to get some high-end, potentially game-changing rewards. But the ninth Starter Assignment is to craft a gold WarCard, and we’re going to show you how in the next paragraph.

The first thing to do would be to collect at least three silver WarCards – this is the main requirement, and the only one, if you want to craft a Gold Card. Once you’ve got three silver cards, head to the WarCards menu, and tap on Crafting on the top left corner of your screen. Drag the cards, pay the currency required, and you’re all good to go.

This wraps up our extended guide for Chillingo’s new mobile game, WarFriends. If you happen to know additional tips or tricks for the game, feel free to drop us a line!