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Okay? (iOS) Tips, Cheats & Tricks: 4 Hints to Complete More Levels

Philipp Stollenmayer’s new iOS title Okay? has all the hallmarks of a minimalist game. Looking at how Stollenmayer described the game on the App Store, it seems that he’s taken the short and punchy route to seldom-seen extremes, simply saying “clear the board, pay what you want,” and punctuating that with the title of the game. Okay? appears to be a regularly-updated game with new levels getting added in each update, and the latest such update now allows you to create your own levels and upload them into the game’s servers. But what’s the deal with a title that has very little to describe it on the App Store?

The main gist of this game is that this is a puzzler where you have to remove obstacles on the board. This would require some calculations on your part as you figure out the right trajectory and deal with some physics-related dilemmas. And while the obstacles may come in various shapes, they will always be gone if you hit them just once with the bouncing ball. As for the ball you will use to remove the obstacles, you should ensure that it never leaves the screen, as that’s an automatic game over for you once that happens, with no second chances. All told, this game can be quite the challenge, but not if you check out these Okay? tips and tricks.

1. Aim First, Shoot Later

This is probably one of the many things that are in the game to deliberately make it more challenging. But before we get to that, you can at least take solace in the fact that you will be allowed to see the trajectory your ball will be bouncing through before you fire it. But that line of sight will only be accurate for the first bounce; any succeeding bounces will not be tracked, and that means you can expect them to careen off to rather unusual, unexpected parts of the board. So if you’re in one of the easier levels, particularly the ones where there are just two obstacles to destroy, you should aim before firing, so you can set things up in such a way that the ball takes care of both obstacles in one go.

2. Simple Tips For Dealing With Multiple Obstacles

Things can get more difficult once you’re dealing with much more than two obstacles, but again, we have to call back to the first tip – after the first bounce of the ball, everything is essentially left up to your imagination to figure out where the ball will be bouncing off to. But you can predict things by remembering where the ball had fallen off first. Take this simple situation as an example.

In this example, you’ve got five obstacles, with the first three bounces having gone perfectly and the fourth bounce having missed. That means you’ll have to adjust your trajectory with the missed bounce taken into account – should you aim toward a certain direction or the opposite to correct the bounce? It will always vary, but the main thing here is to learn from your “mistakes” when aiming again.

3. The Social Element

Okay?, as we mentioned, allows players to create their own levels and share them, opening them up for others to play. These user-created levels are available to everyone, as are the main “story” levels as well as the one level chosen as the Level of the Day. And we encourage you as well to get creative, make your own levels, and share them to the community, letting others check your creations out as you hope the levels you created are challenging enough. Of course, you’re free to try other players’ creations – the stakes are lower here, so you can practice freely with less pressure this way.

4. Keep It Simple

Regardless whether you’re playing the main levels or the user-created ones, it’s important that you refrain from the fancy stuff (most, but not all of the time) and stick to what works. Granted, there are multiple ways to take out obstacles, and the simplest solution may be the best. On the other hand, there are some instances where you may have to pull off some eye-opening trick shots, but the simpler shot will be the better one to take more often than not.

These would be our list of Okay? tips and tricks. If you additional tips for the game, be sure to let us know in the comment section!