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War Dragons Cheats & Strategy Guide: 5 Great Tips to Defeat Your Enemies

Brand new strategy game by Pocket Gems called War Dragons is currently available for iOS devices only. As the dragon breeder, your objective in the game is to train these mighty beasts as you exact revenge on the greedy enemies and face everything they have to throw against you. Each of the dragons has their own unique powers, and it will be up to you to harness these powers and formulate the right strategy to penetrate the enemy’s defenses. Strategy is where we come in, as the following War Dragons cheats, tips and tricks could be what you need to make a difference against the bad guys.

1. Complete Ash’s Missions First And Foremost

When in doubt, follow the missions. You’ve probably heard it before. In here, this means following and completing Ash’s missions, as they’re the ones that will put you on the right path to becoming an expert dragon trainer or tamer. Completing one of her missions gives you a lot of experience points, and completing about two or so would allow you to level up in most occasions.

2. Also Complete The Dragon Guard Missions

Aside from Ash, the Dragon Guard will also be giving you missions. These missions will typically be related to some sort of battle, and this would usually mean using a specific dragon or dealing out a specific amount of damage with that dragon. These missions are the only way you can earn egg tokens, which are the game’s premium currency for breeding new dragons.

3. Get More Bonus Flames, Here’s How

The tutorial part of the game will tell you that you’ll get more bonus flames if you use less dragons in battle. More bonus flames leads to more experience points, more experience points means your dragons can level up faster. Remember that using one dragon gives you two bonus flames, using two gives you one bonus flame, and using three or more means you don’t get any bonus flames at all.

4. Select The Right Dragons

When planning things out for battle, you should be aware of the different types of dragons. Hunters come with the rapid tap fireball attack, and are great for dealing out burst damage on individual targets. Sorcerers can attack three different towers with their lock-on attacks, but you need to build up the rage to tap into their full potential. Lastly, warriors have high health to make up for their slow attacks – these are the ones you want for your first line of defense.

5. Play Defense Hands-On

When other players attack your town, the game’s AI will control your towers and take care of your defense. But if you’re actively playing, you’ll be notified accordingly, and tapping on top of the screen will allow you to manually set your defenses against the other player. Of course, there are drawbacks to letting the game play defense – for one, its strategy may not be as good as yours, and it may almost certainly be more simplistic. Keeping that in mind, tap that notification quickly, as it’s gone in five seconds – you need to be quick if you want to take care of your own defensive strategy.