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Garfield: Survival of the Fattest Cheats – 6 Essential Tips You Need to Know

Garfield: Survival of the Fattest is a new iOS game based on the adventures and misadventures of the famous cartoon cat. In the game, his owner Jon Arbuckle has forced him to go to camp so that he can finally go on a diet. But Garfield wants no part of this, and that’s where you, as the player, come in – your goal is to get back his favorite dishes while he’s out camping. Aside from that, you’ll also get to meet other characters from the Garfield comics and cartoons, including Odie, Nermal, and many more. With that all said, let’s now bring you some useful Garfield: Survival of the Fattest cheats, tips and tricks for success in this game, and a lot of free lasagna.

1. Make Sure The Camp Is Clean

Garfield will need a comfortable and tidy place to sleep in, which makes it essential to clean the camp up and free it of obstacles. This will give you experience points and space for new structures and trees. Another benefit is being able to save enough lasagna (the game’s premium currency) to unlock Dicky, and if you unlock him, you can hit the proverbial two birds with one stone, simultaneously cleaning two items in the camp.

2. Earn More Coins And Lasagna By Playing Mini-Games

We cannot stress this enough, but in Garfield: Survival of the Fattest and other mobile games, you want to play the mini-games if you want some extra rewards. Once you’ve repaired the broken buildings, you can play Spider Cave and other mini-games, which should be great in helping you earn extra coins. Getting a perfect score will reward you further, with one to three free lasagna meals per day.

3. Ensure Your Camp Has Enough Junk Food Carts

We all know that Garfield loves to eat, and oftentimes, junk food is his food of choice. And since that gives him more calories and coins as opposed to fruits, your camp should have enough junk food carts. You can purchase them from the shop, and if you have the correct ingredients, you can make them yourself in the Factory.

4. Feed Him More

It doesn’t matter if Garfield is eating fruit or junk food, but it will be better if it’s more of the latter than the former. That will allow him to gain calories, and when he beats his limit, that will break the weighing scale, which is good for one free lasagna. Just remember to activate the Fiesta reward as soon as possible, as you won’t be able to gain more calories until it’s activated.

5. Watch Teasers For Free Lasagna

The “teasers,” or promotional ads, can be found in the social menu, and watching one of these videos will get yourself some free lasagna. It’s simple as that.

6. Always Check The Awards Section

If you see a red ribbon on the Awards button, that means you’ve got some rewards that you haven’t claimed yet. Simply tap the green “Get Reward” button to claim the reward – this could be coins or water in most cases, but in rare cases this also includes free lasagna.