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Wall Kickers (Kumobius) Tips, Cheats & Tricks: 5 Hints You Need to Know

Kumobius’ new mobile game Wall Kickers offers players a fun and challenging one-touch gaming experience. Tap to jump between walls and get up the tree. Tap again and you will perform a sensational backflip.

Our Wall Kickers cheats and tips are sure to get you up that tree! Combine them with careful planning and good timing and you will become unstoppable. Ready to climb?

1. Kick The Walls To Get As High As Possible

Beware of obstacles

The purpose of Wall Kickers is to get your monkey as high as possible by climbing walls. When your monkey hits a wall, it will cling to it. Take your time to consider your next move and avoid obstacles such as spikes or bouncy walls. But don’t wait too long. If your monkey clings on the same wall longer than 2-3 seconds, it will start to slide down. And this means you will have to either jump or fall. If you haven’t had the time to plan your next move, you can always jump and backflip on the same wall. This will gain you a few extra seconds.

2. Use Special Jumps To Your Advantage

Prepare your next jump

The back jump will reverse your monkey’s direction and double the height of the jump. However, this jump is useful only if there is a back wall to land on.
Sometimes, avoiding obstacles only requires clean jumps. If you double tap quickly, your monkey will slightly climb the wall it is on. This will allow you to get into a good position for your next jump.

3. Pay Attention To The Special Walls

Don’t fall into their trap

Wall Kickers will put your skills to a test with a series of special walls that you should really watch out for. Let’s have a look at these unique walls:

Stone walls: they are grey and cracked. Once you touch them, they will start to fall apart, forcing you to jump quickly. They sometimes come in packs, so be prepared for multiple quick jumps.

Bouncy walls: once you hit them, these walls will bump you off as if you were performing a backflip.

Conveyor walls: your monkey will move on them automatically, like a conveyor belt. The walls themselves do not represent a threat. But the spikes that are placed next to them do!

Rotating Spike walls: as their name suggests, one side of these walls is covered in spikes. When the timer gets down to 0, the wall flips. So make sure to time your jumps as accurately as possible, or you will end up straight into the spikes.

4. Avoid Going After The Coins

Go after them only if you are coin hoarding

Since coins are usually placed in dangerous locations, only extremely skilled players should go after them. Considering that there are only a couple of them per run, they are not worth the risk. Unless you are coins hoarding and you don’t mind a suicidal jump, of course. Gifts usually cost 100 coins. You will have to risk a lot to open one. So maybe it’s easier and safer to simply wait for the free gifts to get new characters.

5. Ponder The Power Of Your Jumps

Use small jumps and back flips to reposition your monkey

As you probably know already, you can control the height of your jumps. Sometimes you will need small jumps to pass certain obstacles. If you need to reposition yourself and prepare your next jump, you can use small jumps, followed by a back flip. This will allow you to climb a little higher on the wall.

And this sums up all our tips and cheats for Wall Kickers! If you know any other tips or tricks, drop us a line in the comments below!