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Waldo and Friends Cheats: 5 Secret Hints You Should Know

Waldo and Friends is a puzzle game available for Android and iOS devices, which is based on the classic children’s book series. For many it’s one of the more difficult hidden item puzzlers out there. The game’s description says that a “terrible twister has swept through the lands,” leaving you, the player, to find Waldo and other hidden objects strewn around by the tornado before they get lost at sea. In addition, developer Ludia promises a social mobile experience as you challenge other players. Though, primarily geared towards kids, this game offers fun – and frustration – to players of all ages. If you’re finding the game more frustrating than fun, we’ve got some Waldo and Friends cheats and hints to help you find those objects and get high scores.

1. Stick To The Missions At Hand

Whenever you’re in doubt as to which path to take in the game, it’s always best to take the safe route and focus primarily on the missions. They will, after all, gift you with some rewards that will help you going forward.

2. Replay The Same Scenes Over And Over

Some of the scenes in Waldo and Friends can be quite the challenge, and since there are a lot of crowded areas in the game, objects will typically be hidden very conveniently in these areas. However, repetition could help you practice your technique and point you towards the hidden objects faster, which is why it’s always good to replay scenes if you can’t get it right the first time. This will also be helpful when you encounter multiple scenes and have to collect more than just one item.

3. Earn Free Gems, Here’s How

Gems are Waldo and Friends’ premium currency – like many other mobile games, this title has its own form of currency that is usually purchased with real money. But if you want to earn some free gems, you can go to the Shop and look for some free offers. Usually, this involves watching videos, so be patient – once you’re done viewing the advertisement video, you’ll be getting free gems just like that. It’s also helpful to log into the game daily, as you’ll also get some nice rewards for playing regularly.

4. Go For Combo Hits

You can choose to go for the obvious and tap on a hidden item once it’s found. But if you try finding all the required items and not tapping on them just yet, you can string together a combo by tapping on them in quick succession. This would increase your total score and help you get more stars.

5. Bones Are Expensive, So Don’t Use Them Unless You Really Need To

With the help of Bones, you can be pointed towards an item you otherwise aren’t able to find. But since it’s hard to get your hands on these bones, and quite costly to buy them, it would be better to hold off on using them unless you’re stuck in a really tough situation.