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Upcoming Turn-Based Strategy Game ‘Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower’ Heading to Mobile Later This Year

Developed by Perchang and part of the famous Warhammer Quest series, Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower is an upcoming turn-based strategy game that will be released on both iOS and Android platforms later this year.

warhammer quest silver tower

Set in the Age of Sigmar, the action of the game will revolve around Mortal Realms champions who will fight for treasures and power in the mysterious Silver Tower. Tzaangors, Acolytes, Daemons, and many other monsters are only some of the enemies players will have to fight in their quest for glory and richness.

Players will embark on a lengthy campaign and take the role of Gaunt Summoner. Your goal will be to discover pieces of the Summoner’s amulet. In order to reach your goal, you will have to put your character’s skills, endurance, and strength to a test while travelling across dangerous environments such as lava-filled hellholes or swamps. If you manage to collect all the missing pieces, you will be able to test yourself in a final battle.

Upon launch, the game will feature more than 100 battle stages and 10 playable champions –such as Mistweaver Saih, Knight Questor, or Darkoath – that you can upgrade and personalize with collectable skins. More champions will become available with future updates.

In order to keep players engaged and offer a diversified playstyle, there are three combat styles: spells, melee, and ranged. Each champion excels at one of them. In addition, players will be able to enjoy daily challenges and quests, as well as a Weekly Trial. As a reward, they will receive legendary weapons, in-game currency, or new character traits.

Though there is no precise release date for the game as of this writing, we know that Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower will launch on iOS and Android platforms later in 2020.