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Upcoming Tactical Shooter ’Rebel Cops’ Heading to Mobile in April, Pre-Registrations Now Live

Rebel Cops, a turn-based tactical stealth game set in the critically acclaimed This is the Police universe, is coming to mobile on April 23rd, developer Handygames announced. The game is currently available for pre-registration on iOS and Android platforms.

rebel cops

In the game you control of squad of ex-police officers with the task to take down the town’s ruthless crime lord Viktor Zuev. While Zuev is dominating everything in the town, with officials on his payroll, businessmen at his mercy, your small outlaw squad is determined to stop his operation, protect the citizens and serve justice.

The game features turn-based stealth gameplay from a top-down, isometric perspective, open-ended locations, exciting combats, and loads of missions to complete. As this is a turn-based game at its core, you should plan and strategize your attacks accordingly. You can get better weapons and useful equipment by completing sandbox-missions.

However, as there are no health bars and no forgiveness in the game, your officer can bleed out even if he gets shot in the foot. Therefore, you should pay attention to all your moves and stealth tactics you apply.

Rebel Cops is a premium game and will set you back $6.99 upon its launch. The game is set to be released on April 23rd on iOS and Android. If you are interested in this stunning tactical shooter, then be sure to pre-register over at the App Store or Google Play.