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Upcoming Strategy RPG ‘Black Clover Phantom Knights’ Available for Pre-Registration

Black Clover Phantom Knights is a new strategy RPG based on the popular anime series, Black Clover. The game will be released early in 2020, although no official date has been confirmed. The App Store listing set the release date for January 30, though that may still change. A pre-registration event has been launched, with various rewards waiting for those who sign up early for the game.

black clover phantom knights pre-registration

Black Clover’s story revolves around two young men who live in a world where magic exists. They are opposites in the sense that one of them is a prodigy when it comes to magic while the other is the only person on the world who can’t use it. They both join a Magic Knight squad to pursue their ambitions.

Black Clover Phantom Knights is the first mobile game released based on the anime series. The game puts players in the shoes of a captain who must assemble his own brigade. Players may recruit various characters from the anime, including Asta and Yuno, the main protagonists of the series. Other fan favorites like Yami and Noelle make it into the game as well. There will also be new characters that will be introduced for the first time through the game.

Black Clover Phantom Knights will be set in the world of Black Clover, but it will have its own story. It will be independent from the anime and will revolve around the original characters introduced in the game. Black Clover Phantom Knights will feature formation-based battles and will come with an auto-battle function for easier level grinding.,

black clover phantom knights gameplay

The pre-registration rewards for Black Clover Phantom Knights depends on the milestones reached before the launch. At 30,000 registrations, players will receive 1,800 Black Jewels. At 50,000 registrations, players will receive an Enhancement Items Set that contains Gold Nuggets, Relic Enhance Materials, and Character Enhance Materials. At 100,000 registrations, players will receive a 5-star Yuno to jumpstart their teams with.

Black Clover Phantom Knights will be free to play with in-app purchases. Those who want to pre-register may do so through the App Store or Google Play.