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Up the Wall Tips, Cheats, Tricks & Hints to Complete More Levels and Unlock New Characters

Turbo Chilli may not be as well-known as Ketchapp when it comes to endless casual games, but the company has brought us some well-known Android titles such as Rolling Sky. And the developer’s latest Android and iOS title is called Up the Wall, a “brain melting skill tester” where you can “choose your destiny” from the claw machine, in hopes of getting 100 percent and winning the top prize. You’ll have to stay on track and maintain your focus to avoid the many obstacles, and if you’re skillful enough, you could conquer most, if not all of the 48 worlds that come with the game. Can you collect all the prizes and succeed in this so-called “brain melter”?

As you progress from level to level, you will be taken from one confusing situation to another, moving up and down the walls, passing through walkways, and the like. This is a game that’s sure to challenge you in one way or another, but if you follow our Up the Wall tips and tricks, you may be able to complete more worlds/levels than you may give yourself credit for. And that would also mean mastering this seemingly easy-to-play game.

1. The Mechanic With Characters

When you choose a character in this game, you will only be allowed to use them so many times, as you try to beat a level with the perfect score of 100 percent with that character. If you’re not able to beat the entire level within the given amount of time, you’ll be able to use another character, while getting the chance to win a new one.

Now if you’re able to get that perfect 100 percent with a character, you’ll be able to keep them and push forward with a new character. But that also means a new level and new challenges; the level will always stay the same until you get 100 percent. And if you run out of time, you’ll be given a new level together with your new character. Sounds confusing? It might be that way at first, but the last part of this mechanic is also the simplest — you can replay a level any time you wish once your character has scored 100 percent on that given level.

2. Reroll Characters By Watching Videos

Turbo Chilli has spiced up this game, no pun intended, by assigning difficulty levels to each character available in Up the Wall. Characters with easy learning curves will come with shorter, quicker levels that feature less obstacles. Hard characters will conversely come with long levels, with more obstacles that are also tougher to overcome. But if the difficulty level doesn’t suit you and is simply too challenging for you, you need not worry — you have the option to watch an ad video and reroll for a new character.

3. What’s The Deal With The Crystals?

As you play through the levels, you will find crystals hidden randomly. But what will you use them for anyway? They don’t actually serve as currency in the truest sense, but you can use them for extending your character’s time limit, in lieu of watching an ad video; this makes them a good option to use if you’re playing the game offline. Normally, we would advise against doing this, but since this appears to be the only purpose crystals have in the game so far, you’re free to use them to buy a few seconds more for your character.

4. The Game Is Constantly Being Updated

Once you’ve unlocked all the characters in Up the Wall, that’s pretty much it — you’re done with the game as you’ve achieved all there is to achieve. But you might not want to uninstall the game just yet, as Turbo Chilli is expected to release new updates for the game, which may come with new characters and new levels to go with the standard bug fixes and stability updates.

These would be our tips, tricks and hints for Turbo Chilli’s new mobile game, Up the Wall. If you know other tips for the game, that we haven’t mentioned in this guide, don’t hesitate to drop us a line in the comment area!