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Universal Paperclips Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Make More Money

Millions of employees have been saved by boredom by playing with office supplies. If you want to keep yourself entertained without having to raid the supplies cabinet, you should try playing Universal Paperclips! Don’t worry about getting access to the game because it is available on Android, iOS, and even PC. You will be able to check on your empire wherever you are. Just make sure your boss doesn’t catch you. The game is an idle clicker that revolves around managing a paperclip company. It may not sound like an incredibly fun thing to do, but once you get past the simplistic visuals and business-like description, you might be surprised just how addicting the game is. The game is played in multiple stages, and your strategy will evolve depending on what stage you are on. If you need help figuring out what to do, you can always rely on our Universal Paperclips cheats, tips and tricks!

1. Get Cheap Materials

When you are still starting a business, you would want to be careful with how you spend. You need to find the cheapest possible materials in order to turn in a profit. The main component for paperclips is wire, so you would need to find cheap wire if you want to succeed in the business. The problem is, wire prices fluctuate. That is why you should watch the market carefully. If you see the price of wire fall to $10 and below, buy a lot of it even if you still have wire in stock. You will always need wire for business anyway, so it is fine if you buy a lot. If you run out of wire while the price is high, you will end up losing money, either from buying expensive materials, or from not having anything to sell for a while.

2. How To Price Your Paperclips

The good thing about your business is that employees all over the world lose millions of paperclips on a daily basis. Where those paperclips go is anybody’s guess. However, that means there is constant demand for more paperclips. The good news for you is that your paperclips will eventually be purchased regardless of the price you sell them for. The only difference is in the amount of time it will take to sell all your paperclips. The higher the price, the longer it will take. When you start out, you should sell your paperclips at around $0.10. This will help you sell paperclips faster, allowing you to get profit quickly. You will want to make your money cycle through right away, so that you can invest and expand more. If you are logging off from the game for a while, however, you can go ahead and jack up your prices. This will ensure that you are making money even if you are away from the game for a long time. In a nutshell, sell low when you are online, then sell high when you log off.

3. Invest In Marketing

Once you have made some money, you have the option to buy autoclickers. The more you buy, the more paperclips will be made automatically. You don’t want to overdo it at the beginning, though. Just buy two to three autoclickers then invest the rest in marketing. Three autoclickers should be enough to meet the paperclip demand without the risk of overproduction. Investing in marketing will help make sure your paperclips are sold at a decent rate. If you invest too much in paperclip production, and not enough in marketing, you will end up with a warehouse full of unsold goods.

4. Memory Over Process

Things can start sound intimidating when you encounter the words Memory and Process. Don’t worry because they are not as technical as they sound. Memory determines the number of Operations you can have stored, while Process determines the accumulation rate of Operations. You will need to spend Trust on these two in order to upgrade them. When you start out, try to get 6 Processes and 9 Memory. Over the course of the game, gradually increase Memory to 12. You need to get Hypno Harmonics as soon as possible since it will allow you to increase the price of your paperclips by a lot.

5. When To Buy Autoclickers

We mentioned earlier that you only need a couple of autoclickers to start the game. Of course, you will need a lot more as your business expands. At some point, you will need around 75 autoclickers in order to upgrade. When you start feeling like it takes too long to build up enough Trust for the next upgrade, that means it is time to buy more autoclickers.

6. Manage Paperclip Demand

The game gives you some control over the demand of paperclips. You will see the percentage of demand, so you will be able to adjust it accordingly. While it is possible to go over 100% demand, it is better if you keep it even or slightly lower than a hundred. If the demand is too high, you will keep running out of paperclips too quickly. While that means faster profits, it will also mean you will sit idle without earning anything until you can produce more paperclips.

7. Don’t Buy WireBuyer Right Away

Aside from automating production, you also have the option to automate purchasing of wire. Do not do this early in the game. Purchasing it will not be worth it since you need to control your buying until you have enough money to ignore wire prices. WireBuyer will buy wire even if it is expensive, which can quickly derail your plans. Hold off on getting this upgrade until you have enough money to not care how much the cost of raw materials are.

8. Think Before You Release the Hypnodrones

Once you start the project Release the Hypnodrones, you will be taken to the second stage of the game. The gameplay will change up drastically, so you need to be fully prepared before you do this. Make sure you do not start the project if you are still struggling with finances, supply, and demand. While there is no “game over” in this game, you moving to a different stage before you are ready will make your life a lot harder than it should be.

That is all you need to know in order to become a paperclip mogul! Don’t forget any of the Universal Paperclips tips and tricks above in order to build the ultimate paperclip empire!