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Unison League Cheats & Strategy Guide: 5 Excellent Tips You Need to Know

Unison League is an Android and iOS title that has a lot of similarity to games such as League of Legends. You probably figured this out anyway, if you’ve tried the game before, but for those who haven’t played it yet, let’s give you some more details. In the game, you’ll get to join a guild and fight epic battles against opposing teams. You can unleash more powerful unison attacks that summon massive creatures to take out your opponents. Furthermore, you can chat with your fellow guild members while in battle, and amuse yourself with the character animations as this happens. All told, it’s a very social MMORPG for mobile, and if you need an extra edge against other guilds, we suggest you to check out our share of Unison League cheats, tips and tricks below.

1. You Can Change Your Class Any Time

When starting out in Unison League, you’ll be asked to choose one out of five available classes. But if you have second thoughts on the class you chose, or if you want to try out the other classes as well, then you’re free to change it any time in the game. Changing classes would allow you to equip new items, as majority of the items you’ll find in this game are limited to a certain class only. Let this be your guide should you decide to shift to another class.

2. Earn More Equipment Points, Here’s How

You cannot equip certain items, particularly the rare ones, if your character does not have enough equipment points. You gain these points when a character gains an experience level, but if you’re stuck in a rut and having difficulty accomplishing a quest, you can re-complete the easier ones and grind it out until you’ve got enough equipment points for your character, thus allowing them to try the new equipment.

3. Focus On Augmentation And Reforging

These are two things you can do to your equipment to make it better, and each technique works in its own way. Augmentation involves sacrificing of old equipment to enhance newer items. That effectively kills off your old items, and improves your new equipment with levels and stat points. Reforging, on the other hand, gives you a much larger statistical improvement than augmentation, but you’ll need certain types of materials, which could be quite challenging.

4. Don’t Ignore Your Sub Equipment

Unlike your main equipment, sub equipment won’t change your character’s appearance, but it will allow for a nice stats boost. That makes it important to pay close attention to your sub equipment, and not just the primary items you use.

5. Win Friend Points When Voted MVP

If your character ranks as the most powerful in the party, that means they can be voted as MVP. Winning MVP will allow you to get more friend points, but in order to win the award to begin with, you’ll need to make sure your equipment is properly maintained. And when you’ve got more friend points, that’s also going to allow you more equipment spawns.


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