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Ultimate Tennis Tips, Tricks & Cheats: 5 Awesome Hints to Win More Matches

Ever seen a sports game that also doubles as an RPG? Ultimate Tennis is that kind of game, as this iOS title from 9M Interactive allows you to play as a tennis pro, while at the same time encountering elements found in many a role-playing game. The RPG element, to be specific, is the “near to unlimited” set of customizations that allow you to improve your tennis pro or make them look different. The game features World Tour, League, and Online modes, allows players to master up to four special moves, and also offers the choice to play against, or play as a male or a female character, with the AI opponents each having their own distinct style.

We can’t underscore the fact that this is a very unique tennis game for mobile gamers. But unique doesn’t have to mean difficult, as we’ve come up with an exclusive list of Ultimate Tennis tips and tricks that may help you win more matches.

1. Replay Completed Matches To Earn More Experience And Coins

It is imperative that you upgrade or tweak your character as you go along; the first matches are easy enough to win, but give it some time and you’ll be facing some formidable opponents. If you need more experience points and coins to get your characters ready for the bigger challenges, you’ll need to grind previous matches by replaying them so you can get a perfect three stars. Alternately, you can use Sim Tickets that allow you to finish a match by itself; Sim Tickets are earned by hitting two or three stars in a level.

2. Use Your Coins To Make Your Equipment Better

Once you’ve gotten enough coins, you can then enhance your equipment, but first, you’ll have to fill up all available equipment slots with items you may have earned or purchased.
Another simple equipment-related tip is to remove equipment off of backup characters if there’s a mismatch, and equip those items on the player you are currently using. Don’t forget to switch equipment back once you switch characters.

3. Outfits Don’t Really Change The Gameplay

If you earn different types of material in the game, you can then craft your own outfits, which would be great if you feel your tennis pro needs to look flashier out there I the court. However, these new outfits won’t change anything about the gameplay. For what it’s worth, you can find an item, tap on the outfit piece if you cannot find it, and earn more rewards with each new item you’re able to craft.

4. You Can Switch From One-Handed To Two-Handed

Still having trouble playing the game? It might be all a matter of orientation; you may try switching your phone from Landscape to Portrait mode, depending on which mode you find easier.

5. Our Most Trusted Winning Strategy

Playing evasively appears to be the best way to beat out more players, as changing your shot and moving around quickly would confound your opponent, may it be in real life or in-game.


Friday 3rd of March 2023

how do i swing the racket?


Thursday 1st of July 2021

How do you get the required player card needed for ultimate skills


Saturday 10th of July 2021

@Mark, Player cards are earned by playing (and winning), or through TP points or with coins or gold. You need to “enhance” your player till it get to level 10,then you “limit break” to reach Ultimate level. It takes some times, but ultimately you get there…


Saturday 24th of April 2021

HOW can I bosst achived enhancement?


Monday 24th of September 2018

what is the purpose of the ticket? how to use it?


Monday 7th of August 2017

Where I can use TP in ultimate tennis????


Friday 15th of September 2017

You can use it in Recruit player / Trade and then you can buy the player you want in the list.