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Twisty Board Tips, Tricks & Cheats: How to Unlock More Characters

Yes, it’s another one of those games that come with a two-syllable adjective ending with “y” for the first word, and a one-syllable noun for the second word. This game in question is Twisty Board, a new title for Android and iOS from Love Handle Developers. Like most games with this quirky nomenclature, this is a casual game with an endless mechanic. This particular game is an endless hoverboard game, where you only have to tap left and right to navigate your hoverboard, and dodge obstacles and missiles. There are more than 30 characters to collect with their respective hoverboards, six worlds to explore, a super power-up, and two different game modes – Endless and Classic.

Now this game may seem like an easy one to learn, but it will prove to be challenging at some points, as you try to score more points and collect more characters/hoverboards. And if you’re running into some challenges, we suggest that you check out our list of Twisty Board tips and tricks. We’ve got all the tips you need to achieve the game’s primary goals listed above, so read on if you’re in need of some help!

1. How To Avoid The Missiles

When it comes to avoiding the missiles in Twisty Board, you have to watch out for them whenever the reload bar is completely filled up. But if you’re riding a hoverboard near a missile launcher, you may also become a target. What you want to do instead is to ride your board closer to the trees, mesas, and other similar structures. Just as long as you can get the missiles to hit the obstacles, you should be in good shape. You can also force the missiles to crash into each other when you’re turning.

2. Collect Coins From Treasure Chests

Want to add to your coin total so you can have more currency to buy new characters? We suggest going for the treasure chests that randomly float around during your runs, and fool the missiles into hitting the chests, using the pointers we told you in the above tip. That’s going to open the chests right away, allowing you to collect five coins. You can also take advantage of the option to watch ad videos once your run is completed. That’s going to earn you 25 coins, and if you’re trying your best to earn coins to buy characters, you can purposely end your runs ASAP to load up more videos.

3. How To Collect New Characters

New characters cost 200 coins each, and once you’ve got enough coins on you, spin for a new character. That’s going to get you a new character at random, though it really wouldn’t matter which character you’ll be getting. They’ll just look different from each other, but will play exactly the same way. There are no benefits except probably changing things up in case you get bored with your current character. And just in case you’re playing the game to collect characters, set your expectations once you’ve collected several – the more you collect, the higher the chance you’ll get a repeat of someone you already unlocked.

4. Use Your Superpowers

Now the characters in this game have their own superpowers, though it’s all the same deal regardless of which character you choose. You’ll have to charge those superpowers by collecting coins, and once you’ve filled up the superpower bar, tap on the screen with two fingers (not one) to launch it. You may get to disable missile launchers and blow up missiles while they’re in mid-air, or fire off a hail of bullets.

5. How To Get More Hearts

As this is a casual game, this isn’t a title where you can ask your friends for hearts once you’ve connected your game to Facebook. Instead, you’ll have to collect them from treasure chests, or watch ad videos once you’ve lost both of your hearts; you lose a heart each time you get hit or bump into an obstacle. Watching the ad will allow you to start the round from scratch, but with both of your hearts back, though if you get killed again, that will end your run with finality.

Alternately, you can pay 20 coins for the same thing, though watching ad videos is a far better and more cost-effective choice.

These would be our collection of tips and tricks for Twisty Board. If you know more hints for the game, let us know in the comment section!