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Tuyoo Fishing Mania Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Earn More Coins and Upgrade Cannons Faster

Raidyou Interactive, which is a fairly new mobile game developer, recently released its second game, Tuyoo Fishing Mania on iOS and Android. Tuyoo Fishing Mania is an arcade fish hunting game that is simple to understand and play, much like its predecessors from the coin-op arcade versions. Fish hunting games may not be a popular genre to the ordinary gamers but years ago, fish hunting games on arcades hooked a lot of senior citizens into it and even became controversial in several countries due to its unusual mechanics that plays on the borderline of gambling.

Mobile versions of the fish hunting genre have all the fun and addictive tendencies without the threat of controversy though and Tuyoo Fishing Mania has everything every other fishing game has and, perhaps, what sets this game apart from the rest is the bountiful freebies you get daily as well as some bonuses you receive from time to time as you actively play the game. Whether you are a casual gamer looking for a game to spend some of your idle extra time on, or looking for a lifestyle mobile game you would like to spend several hours on, then be sure to give this game a try.

There’s not much complexity involved in playing Tuyoo Fishing Mania as you take control of a cannon that you use to shoot at and capture a variety of sea creatures. Each shot you make costs coins so precision, strategy, and good decision-making are important for you to progress faster. You can upgrade cannons to do higher damage but then, it will cost just as much per shot. There are also several special items you can use to help you capture fishes easier. You can play with up to three other players and you must keenly adapt your tactics depending on how the other players perform. It’s mostly fun and there’s hardly any real pressure to progress fast. A lot of the mechanics leave outcomes to chance and luck but from a strategic standpoint, there are still skills needed to do really well in the game.

Tuyoo Fishing Mania is so simple in that there won’t be any tutorials in the game to show the basics. The controls and mechanics are as simple as it comes: touch the screen to aim your cannon and target the fishes and other underwater creatures. Everything else that follows can easily be grasped as well as notifications for upgrades and such are rather difficult to ignore. If you are looking for ways to play the game more strategically, or perhaps want to make the most of every hour you invest into the highly addictive game, then follow our Tuyoo Fishing Mania guide as we will be giving you some tips, cheats and strategies to give you an edge over other players in the game.

1. Make Every Shot Count

Your cannon in Tuyoo Fishing Mania practically uses coins as bullets to shoot at and catch underwater critters in the game. With so many creatures moving across the screen and practically asking you to shoot at it, your basic instincts will most likely push you to press and hold at any target and fire away indiscriminately. For one, each creature you do catch rewards you with coins and some of them give you diamonds as well as various special items to help you catch creatures easier. As bigger and tougher creatures appear, keep in mind that you may not have enough firepower to shoot down and capture them even at the highest level of your cannon and shooting at anything you fail to capture is just a waste of precious coins.

tuyoo fishing mania cheats

Making your every shot hit the target becomes even more crucial as you upgrade your cannon to deal more damage and cost more coins. As there are various creatures swimming about on-screen, be sure to try and capture each one starting from the smallest and take note of approximately how much power and coins it takes to successfully net each one, especially identifying which ones you can capture all on your own. To do so, you may want to aim and shoot at creatures no one else is targeting so as to more accurately identify which ones can keep you off of bankruptcy when everyone else stops shooting.

2. Learn To Level Down Your Cannon’s Power

The next most important objective to earning more and more coins in Tuyoo Fishing Mania is unlocking upgrades for your cannons. As you play continuously, you will naturally earn what is needed to upgrade your cannons to the next level and more likely than not, it will be set automatically as well to maximum capacity that uses a lot more coins.

As you may be inclined to be amazed by how much more firepower each upgrade adds to your cannons, you may unconsciously forget that the damage multiplier has its equally amplified costs and despite hitting your targets for the most part, excess shots as well as missed bonuses and rewards due to other players putting in more damage may just make you lose more coins at an accelerated pace.

For best results, be sure to adjust your cannon’s damage multiplier depending on what you are aiming at. Toggle the plus and minus sign right beside your cannon depending on how much power you need to take on your target. Additionally, target creatures you are certain will be yours to catch and minimize instances of gambling with some bigger creatures being targeted by other players.

3. Pay Attention To Everyone Else’s Coins And Cannon Multipliers

When you start playing Tuyoo Fishing Mania, you will most likely be joining a group of players and as there are a lot of players in the game, you will most likely be at a full virtual table with 3 other players. To have an idea what each one is capable of, pay close attention to how many coins they have as well as the multiplier level of the cannons they are using. This will give you an idea of how long the other players can potentially stay in the game before they go bankrupt and also approximately show you the most damage they can do. If they are stronger and have more coins then you may want to keep away from creatures they are targeting. Otherwise, you can join in on their targets provided that you can deal more damage and have a good line of sight to your targeted creature.

tuyoo fishing mania coins

Coins and Power Multipliers aren’t everything though. You also have to pay close attention to how your fellow players behave to determine their strategies and level of experience. You can easily tell that some players are not that much of an expert well if they tend to hold down the fire button and ceaselessly shoot at anything that moves. Likewise, players who seem to be very selective of their targets may be experts saving each shot for creatures that are worth their coins. Identifying these basic traits will help you decide on how you should spend your coins when targeting creatures as the kind of people you are playing with and your presumed idea of how good and strong each of them are should be your first decision point to target creatures no one else is shooting at or to jump in on anyone or everyone else’s targets.

4. Pick Your Targets Early On

As each shot you make is an investment towards getting more coins in return, you should already have targets lined up way ahead before you even start shooting. Pay close attention to the potential path of each sea creature as you would want it to be as clear as possible for you to put in enough shots to capture it. Though most creatures travel in an almost straight line, some will curve a bit though you can still have a good idea of the path they will follow as none of them moves that quickly. Setting your eyes on a potential target also means that you have to pay attention to other creatures that will block your line of sight at some point. If it’s just a couple of small fishes then there won’t be much trouble as you can pierce through them easily enough to continue your assault on your target. Having a bigger target cross paths may be a different scenario altogether though, as you may not have enough firepower or coins to dispose of them quickly and worse, it may even make you lose sight of your target and let it swim away.

tuyoo fishing mania tips

Ideally, you should select creatures coming from the opposite end of the screen swimming across closer to where you are. Doing so will more likely result in a success despite potential blocks from other creatures coming from the other end of the screen. Make sure as well that other players are not aiming at your potential target and analyze a bit to identify if they have a better line of sight to it than you for the most part of the creature’s travel. This is where your estimate of the creature’s toughness relative to your firepower counts the most, especially if the screen becomes a bit crowded and it will be a challenge to continuously fire at your target. Nonetheless, making sure to pick and aim at targets as they appear on screen gives you a huge advantage. On the other hand, it may not be a wise investment to start shooting at creatures that are already close to or at the middle of the screen. Again, do so only if you are certain that you can finish the task and earn back what you spent while shooting at the creature.

5. Save Special Items for Bosses and High Reward Hunts

It will be a great challenge to take on the bosses as well as the more rewarding species of underwater creatures you will find in the world of Tuyoo Fishing Mania, most especially if you only rely on your cannons. As you play the game, there will be drops from some fishes other than coins and diamonds, and these special items give you a huge boost in hunting and give you a big advantage when used strategically.

The most common, but perhaps most useful skills, are Aiming and Freeze. Aiming locks your cannons on the target and a simple tap on any sea creature will keep your cannons firing at it. The best part about this item is that it ignores everything else on the screen, meaning, your cannons will always hit its mark despite the existence of other creatures blocking your way. This is definitely worth saving for when you really need to win big and should exclusively be used for boss hunts and other important, well-rewarding creature.

The freeze item isn’t just a good boost for you as it freezes everything on screen, making it easy for everyone else to spam shoot on their target or targets. As such, it wouldn’t be wise to spend it when you are playing alone especially when you are certain that one use will be enough for you to be able to catch the high reward fish you are attempting to nab. You should therefore save it for when the table is full and even more strategically, make sure that each use will be mostly beneficial for you. As much as you don’t want to appear as a moocher, it will certainly be better to not go first when using Freeze on boss hunts. As you may not successfully capture the boss even after using your special items, it is certainly better to wait until someone does, then follow it up with a second freeze and even the auto-aim power-up to increase the chances of, if not ensure, victory.

6. Always Target Bonus Fishes For The Lottery

One of the objectives you should aim for, on top of acquiring diamonds and coins from catching fish, is prioritizing Bonus Fishes as your targets to have a chance at trying your luck in the lottery. Be sure to check the guide consistently as you play the game to know which species of fish are more worth your shots than the others. While the entirety of the lottery mechanics revolves around luck, there are still room for strategies as far as knowing when to grab it is concerned.

tuyoo fishing mania guide

Primarily, you would want to grab the chance and claim whatever prize you can as soon as possible. While that may not be an entirely bad idea, some situations will make saving the chance for later better. One instance would be when you are close to bankruptcy. As it may be a hard struggle to continue hunting with less than ten thousand coins in your arsenal, you may want to start fresh and move to reach bankruptcy first before earning free coins and then trying the lottery out. Though it’s never any guarantee that you will get additional coins from the lottery, it is still a worthy shot.

7. Share And Grab Red Envelopes

tuyoo fishing mania red envelope

As you gain new levels and grab some random rewards, you will sometimes acquire red envelopes in your inventory. Be sure to occasionally check your bag for these items and share them away for other people to earn some coins. Likewise, you will surely notice when red envelopes appear on the screen as you are playing the game. There will be a countdown to zero and you can grab the red envelope to earn some extra coins. It may not contain much but it still helps and you can actually try and grab it while holding your aim on the fishes you are targeting. One tactic you can use is spamming the tap button on the envelope as soon as you see the countdown hit zero. There may be notifications telling you that you have to wait but then, you can still successfully get it for yourself.

8. Always Check The Events For Additional Rewards

There are various rewards you can get just by signing in on Tuyoo Fishing Mania and playing normally. For starters, you can get a lot of freebies just by sharing the game with your friends and keeping them active. There are daily tasks you can accomplish as well to earn points that unlock treasure chests as you progress. Be sure to see the list of tasks to accomplish so you can target some activities to earn you 125 points and claim the maximum rewards. Be sure to check on the Growth Pack as well for milestones you have reached as far as cannon upgrades are concerned. As diamonds are needed to keep upgrading your cannons, you’ll be sure to want to claim some free diamonds from here.

tuyoo fishing mania events

On the topic of inviting friends over to play the game, having 10 active friends who can send you extra coins daily is an important perk to have. If you don’t have enough friends to invite, you can also try adding the people you play with as friends to have a good steady supply of extra coins.

Well, that’s all we have for now on our Tuyoo Fishing Mania guide. We’re hoping that you were able to pick up some important points that you can use to play the game better than before. Likewise, we hope you enjoyed going through each of the tips and strategies we mentioned in our guide. There are hints in the game for upcoming updates and we hope you are eagerly awaiting its arrival as much as we do. In any case, if you discover some additional strategies or tips for Tuyoo Fishing Mania that we haven’t mentioned yet in this guide, be sure to let us know through the comment section below.

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