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Turn the Tide of Battle in Super Senso, a New Action-Strategy RPG Launching in Europe and Latin America

Released earlier last year across the pond, strategic mobile mech battler Super Senso has now finally made its way downwards to Latin America, as well as across European shores. Available now from both the Google Play and App Stores, the game hopes to charm RPG veterans and newcomers alike.

Taking inspiration from such popular turn-based strategy games like Advance Wars, Fire Emblem, and more, Super Senso sees future and fantasy collide by letting players fill their squad with giant mechs, tentacled aliens, and even dinosaurs. Building up the ultimate team will allow you to successfully defend your SENSO-Gate, all while leading the charge against your enemy’s.

Each type of Senso troop features their own unique skillset, varying in terms of in movement ability, attack strength, and defence rating. It’s up to you to find the perfect balance between them all, being the only way to work your way up the leaderboards when facing others in any of Super Senso’s online modes. Prize chests await those who are victorious, being the key to unlocking powerful new units and upgrade existing ones.

A flurry of performance-enhancing tweaks and updates take effect in Super Senso in celebration if its European and Latin American release. Of particular note however is a licensing deal with other powerhouse IPs, which will allow players to add characters from the likes of Wargaming, Dark Horse Comics, and Yacht Club Games to their Senso team. Shovel Knight himself is just the tip of the iceberg!

Players no longer need wait to witness armoured tanks and flesh-eating colliding, as Super Senso is available for download now on both iOS and Android.