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It’s Full of Sparks Cheats, Tips & Strategies to Complete More Levels

It’s Full of Sparks is a unique platformer created by Noodlecake Studios for iOS devices. Underneath the game’s colorful and cartoonish graphics is a deep commentary about life itself. The game’s premise is that everyone is a firecracker with a lit fuse. Your role is to go on an adventure as one such firecracker who has come to realize his own mortality. You will be searching for The Old One in hopes of finding the answers to longevity. He is a mythical firecracker whose fuse has never been lit. Switch colors, jump, fly, dive, and dodge your way through various worlds. You will have to hurry, though. Since your fuse has been lit, it is only a matter of time before you explode. If you wait too long in before diving into the pool of water, you will blow up! Make sure you read our It’s Full of Sparks tips, cheats and hints to ensure your survival!

1. Replay Levels To Get Three Stars

At the end of every level, you will receive a star rating. The highest you can get is three stars. You will need to complete a level within a certain time limit in order to get the three-star rating. Don’t worry too much about it during your first run, though. It is east to get three stars during the first couple of levels, but after that, the timer becomes pretty steep. The good news is that you can keep replaying the same level until you get the best time. With enough repetitions, you will be able to memorize the different obstacles on the course, making it easier to complete quickly.

2. Press Forward Right Away

Since speed is the name of the game, you cannot waste even a millisecond. Make it a habit to press forward right away, so you can run as soon as the level starts. Some levels will be so strict when it comes to the three-star timer that you will find yourself losing just by a fraction of a second. Since you will be replaying the levels a lot, you should already know when the obstacles will pop up. There would not be any need to hesitate at the beginning of the level.

3. Master The Hot-Swapping Colors

As you progress through the stages, you will eventually encounter multiple colored blocks that you need to deal with. New players often get flustered with these because it takes too much time to turn off the blocks one by one when switching between colors. What is more problematic is that by the time you hit the levels where these blocks exist, the time difference between two and three stars is extremely close. You will need to scrape off every last millisecond if you want to get the maximum rating.

There is a trick to this, though. Just skip turning off the colors one at a time. For example, if you are coming from green and you are switching to red, you don’t need to turn the green off. Just go ahead and hit the red switch and it will still work!

4. Timing Is Key

Even though speed is your primary goal in the game, timing also plays an important role in achieving this. As you play the game, you will start to encounter more and more colored buttons that manipulate various obstacles, platforms, and blockades. You will have to master the timing of these buttons in order to speed through the entire level. Otherwise, you will have to stop and go at every obstacle you come across.

5. The Firecracker Have Personalities

The game introduces you to the different firecrackers you get to play as. You don’t just play as one firecracker. Since failing a level means the firecracker you are using will explode, you will need to play with a different one on your next playthrough. You will notice that the new character will have a different name and will have a new look as well. If you go into a cutscene on a level, the person talking to your character will call you by the new name. This is the game essentially telling you that the previous character died permanently. It is a little macabre but a cool detail to take note of nonetheless.

6. Customize The Settings

Since you will be playing the game for a long time, it is important that you find the settings that you are most comfortable with. Do not hesitate to go into the game’s settings to tweak what you need. You can change the controls from buttons to a virtual joystick. You can also toggle off and on the game’s music and timer. The timer is sometime useful for players. For others, it can be distracting to see yourself run out of time.

7. Claim Your Firecrackers Often

Firecrackers are the equivalent of lives in this game, which makes sense since you are a firecracker. You start off with 15 firecrackers. Once you run out, you will not be able to play until you get more. The problem is, you will need to wait for it to regenerate. The game generates one firecracker every few minutes, and it will stop spawning new ones when there are five waiting to be claimed. That means you will need to log into the game often to claim the five firecrackers, or you will end up wasting regeneration time.

If you are impatient and want to get more firecrackers without waiting, you have two more options. The first one is to pay real money to purchase more firecrackers. The second option is to watch advertisements in order to get a few more firecrackers for free. Turning on the pop-up ads option will give you 25 firecrackers instantly. When you run out, you can just toggle it off and on to get another 25. Either way is fine, but it really is just more efficient to just collect the free ones as often as you can.

Life is short, so it is best to play a lot of fun games like It’s Full of Sparks! Just follow the tips and tricks listed above in order to get the most out of the game!