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Trump’s Wall Tips, Tricks & Cheats: 4 Hints You Need to Know

It appears that app makers simply can’t get enough of The Donald. With election fever heating up in the U.S., The Blu Market has released an iOS game called Trump’s Wall – Build it Huuuge. The goal of this game is to stack blocks as high as possible to keep ducks from pooping all over Donald Trump’s yard, effectively building a wall for the Republican presidential hopeful. You’ll be moving a crane to stack the blocks, but if you drop one of those blocks, it’s as good as Trump saying his signature line to you – “You’re fired!”

Obviously, this is a game that falls into the casual/arcade genre. Although, it’s one that involves purely fictional characters, “even those based on real people.” With that all said, we’ve got a list of Trump’s Wall tips and tricks that can help you in stacking up more blocks, keeping the ducks out, and taking longer before you hear those two words Trump used to say so often in The Apprentice.

1. Build A Wide Wall With Pieces Close Together

When building the wall, you want it to be wider, rather than taller, when starting out. Also make sure that the pieces are stacked as close together as possible, making for a wide, tight wall in terms of its build. Keeping the pieces close together allows it to be sturdier once you start focusing on making it taller. Failing to pack the pieces tight will eventually result in the wall crumbling down and the Trump-alike in the game “yelling” out to you that you’re fired. Build slowly and follow what we told you above and you’ll have less of a chance of getting fired earlier than you should.

2. How To Make Your Wall Even Wider

Even after you’ve built the foundations of the wall by making it as wide as possible, you can still make it a bit wider than it already is. Stack a block in such a way that it’s three-fourths on the wall, with about a fourth dangling off of it. Complete that part of the wall, and when building the next level, stack a wider block on top of the end block and its neighboring b lock, so that it’s more stable.

3. How To Change A Block’s Direction

One good way to stay in the game is to change a block’s direction. You can do this by dropping a wide block in such a way that one half rests on a tall block, with the other half hanging in the air. That block will tip over to one side, and would drop next to the tall block, thus making it tall instead of wide.

4. Watch Ad Videos After A Good Run

As you may have certainly surmised, “You’re Fired” is this game’s way of saying “Game Over.” And once your wall collapses, that’s normally the end of your run. But you will have the option to watch an ad video in order to continue and get a chance to work for Trump a little (or, in rare cases, a lot) longer. After watching the video, the last block you dropped before the wall collapsed will be active once again, and in your crane. That should allow you another chance to stack it on your existing wall.

Just to set your expectations, there’s only a small chance you’ll get much farther in the game, but who knows – you just might get lucky and keep that wall going much higher than you expected. As such, we recommend taking the ad video option if you’ve had a good run and built the wall up pretty high.