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Trolls: Crazy Party Forest! Tips, Cheats & Tricks: 5 Hints You Need to Know

Trolls: Crazy Party Forest! is a new Android and iOS arcade game from Ubisoft, and as you may guessed, the title is based on DreamWorks’ new film Trolls, featuring characters from the movie and settings inspired by this modern-day revival of the troll craze from more than a couple decades ago. (And no, we’re not referring to Internet trolls here!) This game is all about setting up the “biggest, loudest, craziest party ever,” building your own Troll village, filling it with unique trolls, and throwing themed parties as you go along. While building your village, you can grow and farm more goodies, and you can give your Trolls their time to shine in the parties as you play mini-games. And you can also interact with the different Trolls, and level them up to improve their various talents.

How can you build the ideal Troll village, throw the best parties, and level up your Trolls properly so that they can perform to their full potential? We hope to cover all those various areas in this list of Trolls: Crazy Party Forest! tips and tricks, as we guide you in the different basic aspects of the game to the best of our capability with a few quick strategies.

1. Play The DJ Party Mini-Game

When throwing a party, you want to take note of each item your guests request. Make sure to serve the correct item, as that’s going to increase the star meter of your DJ. Work toward filling up that meter, because when it’s full, you can play a mini-game that will test your timing and increase your score. The premise is easy – all you have to do is to tap the circles the moment the ring touches them. Start the mini-game the moment the meter is full, and practice your timing, as this could really help increase your score big-time. And if you’ve got a high enough score at the end of the party, you’ll get a lot of stars for your efforts. That’s also going to give you a greater chance of getting the prize you want, so play that DJ party mini-game, and play it the right way.

2. More Trolls, More Energy

It’s important to have as many Trolls as possible in the game, as that’s going to allow you to generate more buttons. Also take note that each individual Troll has their own levels, and you’ll want to level them up by increasing their experience; this can be done either by feeding them or making the take part in the parties. Each time a Troll levels up, that will increase their maximum energy and allow them to generate more buttons. And if a Troll is lacking in energy, you want to focus on leveling them up.

3. Upgrade Your Patches As Well

Aside from upgrading and energizing your Trolls, you should also pay close attention to your patches. Each has to be upgraded individually so you can grow better, rarer crops, and it’s always best if there’s always a crop growing at any given moment. Buy as any patches as possible to match your current level, and upgrade them whenever possible. Remember what we told you in the above tip – you can give Trolls more XP by feeding them, and it’s important that you grow as many crops as possible to give them more options.

4. Complete The Daily Quests

Once a new day begins, you’ll have new daily quests ready to complete – normally, there are about ten of them to complete. If you’re able to complete all of those quests before the day ends, you’ll get ten golden cupcakes as a reward. Golden cupcakes are the game’s premium currency, and are rather hard to come by, so you want to work toward completing all your dailies within the required period of time, as that will let you stock up on premium currency.

5. Keep On Training Your Trolls

In order to throw better, more exciting parties, you have to train your Trolls in their specific talents. Each kind of Troll has their own specific training facility, and that means you should give equal priority to your various Trolls, regardless of type, having them training and getting them ready to perform at any given party. Keep in mind that training sessions tire your Trolls out, so make sure that you take breaks in between sessions to allow your Trolls to rest, recover their energy, and return to training if needed.