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Oil, Inc. Tips & Strategy Guide: 10 Hints for Growing Your Oil Empire

These days, there’s seemingly a dime a dozen clicker games that allow you to get rich in the in-game world, because if it was just as simple as clicking to become rich beyond your wildest dreams in real life, most of us would be millionaires and then some. That said, Rapid Turtle’s Oil, Inc. is an iOS-only endless clicker where you will be entering the oil industry, investing in oilfields, and drilling for that “delicious, profitable, stinky” oil. Aside from tapping, there’s a lot of strategy involved in this game, as you will have to create new facilities and manage them. These include your oil derrick, offshore platform, refinery, and more. And if you drill long and hard enough, you can unlock your share of helpers, including zombies, aliens, monsters, and a “nasty Mega-Robot” who can do the drilling for you.

Those are just some of the basic features of the game, and as you can see, there’s a lot of shared elements with other clicker/idle clicker games. So how do you become an oil millionaire in the virtual world, build and upgrade the facilities the right way, and deal with the challenges you may eventually run into in the course of the game? Read on, as we’ve now compiled a brand-new Oil, Inc. strategy guide for you.

1. You Don’t Really Need To Tap Like Crazy

While this game is still filed under the clicker/endless clicker category, some believe that the tapping is more of a game feature, rather than a game requisite for success. In fact, it might not always be the smartest idea to tap on the oil platforms, as that won’t always give you a lot of money. What you should do instead is to tap the timer bar found on the left side of your screen, and keep it filled up, or close to that, so your platforms could keep working like they should. Likewise, tap on the timers when you’re rebuilding or building your platforms, to ensure that they can be used right away.

2. Collect Your Task Rewards

You should be collecting those Task Rewards, but you may be having a hard time dealing with this mechanic of the game; the Task Rewards menu can be quite a pain to navigate due to all of its multiple pages. But you can make things easier on yourself by tapping on the Tasks icon, collecting your reward, going back, and repeating the process. Keep doing this until you no longer see an exclamation mark next to Tasks, as that would mean you’ve collected all of the applicable rewards.

3. How To Earn Free Cash

Oil, Inc. comes with a lot of ways for players to earn free cash in the game. First of all, you can connect to Facebook to get cash – like most of those games encouraging players to connect their games to Facebook, you will be rewarded financially in the in-game world. You can also tap on the screen to fill up the star meter and redeem more cash, collect the boxes (you can even get premium currency through the boxes), and share your in-game accomplishments. There’s also the omnipresent option to watch ad videos, as well as the ability to earn huge amounts of cash by reaching a certain level. Also make sure you upgrade your oil factories so you can earn even more cash beyond the means we’ve mentioned so far.

You also have the option to pay real-world money to buy new common and premium currency packs, though you want to avoid this as much as possible, as there are so many ways to earn these currencies.

4. Why Should You Build Your Town?

Building your town is essential in Oil, Inc. So why should you do this at a certain time in the game? It’s simple – if you don’t build your time, you’ll be stuck at the tenth platform. That’s because the 11th platform would require Monsters, who get unlocked once you build your town. Closely monitor your town, create more buildings once you unlock them, and take good care of your cash as you go along and play the game.

5. Add Friends To The Game

We would like to make this clear – it’s optional to add friends in the game. You can choose not to add them if you wish. But it would definitely be better if you add them at some point, as they can give you a big boost and help you move forward faster. Connecting your game to Facebook, as we mentioned earlier, will reward you with cash, and once you’ve connected your game, you can add friends and exchange gifts. If you don’t have enough Facebook friends who play the game, you can create your own dummy account and add friends through mobile gaming resources, such as the App Store reviews and mobile game forums/comments sections. You can choose to be the proverbial “island” and play the game solo, but once again, it’s easier to get by with a little help from your friends.

6. Upgrade Your Top Oil Producing Platforms

Speaking in general terms, you should be upgrading all of your oil platforms with no exception. That’s going to help you earn more free premium currency each time you achieve a milestone. But you should prioritize some platforms over the others, and those are the ones that produce the most oil for you. Remember that you should be aiming for value for your money, and starting your upgrades with the most helpful platforms is a great way to go in this regard. Just be prepared for some plateauing once you unlock the tenth platform, though you should have enough resource on you at that time to upgrade your less productive platforms.

7. Focus On Town Upgrades First

When it comes to upgrading, you should start first with the Town-specific upgrades. Once you’re done with that, you can then move on to the World Oil Reserve and Classroom upgrades/bonuses. Hang on to your cash, even if you can afford the Classroom and World Oil Reserve purchases, and work on those town upgrades before anything else. And keep adding up to your premium currency stockpile so you can unlock the town’s Monsters.

8. Play The Stock Market

The Stock Market is another important feature in the game that you should be devoting some time to. Follow the market closely and check the prices on a regular basis, buying low and selling high as you would in a real-life stock market. Tap on the prices once they go as low as 1, and plunge all of your money (and we mean all of it) into buying shares. Wait it out until the price grows; normally, you would want to wait until the price reaches maximum levels (50-ish), but it’s okay if you start selling once you reach the 40 mark. Don’t be put off by the term – playing the stock market is quick and easy, and you can earn even more profits if you’re able to add your fair share of friends in the game.

9. What Can You Get With Your XP?

Your XP can be used to buy stuff, though the only thing you can really buy with those points are badges. But the good thing about these badges is that they can be used to improve your oil production. Buy them if you’ve got enough XP, and your oil production will be going up before you know it.

10. How To Hire The Right Managers And Investors

As this is a “get rich quick” clicker game at heart, Oil, Inc.’s features include investors, which get unlocked at a certain point of the game. Again, you want to wait until you get the monsters in the town before you start hiring investors. Like the investors in other similar titles, you can get some solid bonuses if you’ve got the right ones hired. But when hiring them, don’t do this manually; watch ads and complete those 30-second clips. That won’t cost you a cent of your in-game currency, and your investors won’t be around for the long haul anyway.

You can use your premium currency on buying managers, but this is best done once you’ve made the Town upgrades. If you happen to have enough premium currency on you, then invest in your top-performing oil factories. You’ll be paying the same amount of money to upgrade each factory, but the newest ones will reward you with more oil.

That’s it for now, as far as our Oil, Inc. tips and tricks are concerned. If you know more hints for the game, feel free to drop us a line!