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Trivia Saga Tips, Tricks & Cheats: 5 Hints You Need to Know

Trivia Saga is quite an interesting Android and iOS game from Ateam, and while you may think it’s a cross between trivia games and King’s “Saga” Match 3 titles, it’s actually a quiz RPG where you fight against demons and progress through quests by answering trivia questions. And we’re talking about trivia questions on entertainment, sports, current events, and other popular categories. Yes indeed, you’ll be answering these questions as you progress through 2.5D graphics (if you can call them that) that show off forests, valleys, and other breathtaking scenarios. You’ll also do a lot of other RPG things, such as recruiting new allies and playing the game’s MOBA mode – that’s right, it’s a battle arena where you face players from around the world and answer trivia questions.

This is quite a different game, for sure. But it doesn’t have to be a daunting one. Check out our exclusive list of Trivia Saga tips and tricks and we’ll show you how to play this unique cross between trivia and role-playing.

1. Play In Front Of Computer, Or Do A Google Search On Mobile

The trivia questions in this game are typically quite easy to answer. But if you’re stumped for an answer, you can play the game in front of your desktop or laptop and use Google Search or Wikipedia on your PC for some quick answers. Or you can also do this on your phone – if you minimize the game, the battle will pause, so that way you don’t need to worry about running out of time.

2. Use Both Gem And Friend Summons

Take advantage of both summon types whenever you could. Once you’ve got 50 gems, which are the game’s premium currency, you can use the Gem Summon for a guaranteed chance at a 3-5-star character. The Friend Summon, on the other hand, will earn you a common character with one or two stars, but you may get a three-star character on rare occasions.

3. Use The Enhance Option To Improve Your Characters

The enhance option is the best, and most simple way to make your characters better. But how can you make the most out of the option? Choose one character, preferably one of your three-star or better characters. Choose a maximum of ten characters, preferably one- and two-star characters, and sacrifice them in order to enhance your target character. The sacrificed characters will be gone forever, but the target will become much better with more experience points.

4. How To Advance Your Characters

Advancing your character cards is different from enhancing them, as you need to make sure your target character is already maxed out. And you also need to have a certain group of items. Check your target’s advance screen to see all the required items, and if you’re still missing a few, tap on the missing item and you’ll be told where you can find it.

5. Use The Elemental System

Another RPG element in Trivia Saga is the presence of a rock-paper-scissors elemental mechanic. And it’s as simple as you can get here – water beats fire, fire beats leaf, leaf beats water. Use this system to help you figure out which enemy you want to target.