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Trivia Crack Tips, Tricks & Strategies: 5 Techniques to Outsmart Your Friends

We already told you about Trivia Crack, filled you in on the game’s mechanics, and let you in on some basic, yet effective strategies to help you earn more coins. It’s true that coins are important, but if you distill Trivia Crack down to its basics, it’s a trivia game that rewards the geeky and well-read. Still, not everyone can claim to have an encyclopedic knowledge of trivia, and if this sounds just like you, then you should definitely check out these five Trivia Crack tips and tricks that can help you in winning, even if you’re up against the most bookish of them all.

1. Add More Facebook Friends

We already advised you about one of the benefits of adding Facebook friends in our article about earning more coins – friends will serve as your lifeline, and they’ll give you more lives when you’re in need. But aside from that, you can view rankings, challenge friends (maybe even ask them to lose against you, if they’re up for that), and get extra spins and bonuses simply by adding friends. Just make sure, however, that they also play Trivia Crack, or are at least into mobile games.

2. Keep In Mind That Wikipedia And Google Are Your Best Friends

This is probably the most common-sense Trivia Crack tip, trick, or cheat of them all – play the game while Google or Wikipedia is open. This allows you to have all the answers at the tip of your fingers, though you’ll have to type quickly so you don’t run out of time.

3. Brevity Does It When Searching For Answers On The Net

In relation to the above tip, we did mention that you should type quickly and be alert at all times. That’s all well and good, but you should also work on being economical when typing search queries on the Internet. If you’re using Google, for instance, and you can’t remember what year LeBron James was drafted to play in the NBA, enter “LeBron James draft” instead of something like “What year was LeBron James drafted?” Or you can enter “Jon Snow actor” instead of “Who is the actor who plays Jon Snow in Game of Thrones?” These are just two examples of how to keep it short and sweet to save time while researching.

4. Spend Your Coins Wisely

Aside from friends, coins can also be your proverbial lifeline. But you’ve got to know when to use your coins, and how to use them. For instance, you can spend some coins to buy yourself some extra time to answer a tough question that needs a lot of research. You can also use them to give yourself two options for the correct answer.

5. Always Complete Your Trivia Crack Game

We did also mention this in our tips for earning coins, but as far as actual gameplay is concerned, completing a game and playing as often as possible could help you hone your trivia skills – take note of the questions you missed and the correct answers to them, because who knows, you just might be encountering them again in a future game.