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TRAHA Global Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Strengthen Your Character and Dominate Your Enemies

Warring kingdoms have been a part of humanity’s history ever since the dawn of civilization. Disputes ranging from land to food have been the prime reason for a fitting casus belli. Honor, glory, fame, or money: no lord would ever back down for any fitting reason other than for the sake of conquest itself. History, after all, is written by victors and liars.

Games do not shy away from such a time, filled with drama, romance, and violence never before seen in such times. And they do not back off from adding a sprinkle of magic that has been envisioned in such times, or not. A story of two warring nations is not unheard of in our history, and any gamer would know that warring countries mean an adventure waiting. 

traha global cover

TRAHA Global, developed by MOAI Games, is a Fantasy Medieval RvR (Realm versus Realm) MMORPG, where you, the player, take on the guise of the game’s namesake Traha (abbreviated for Transcend Human Ability) participating in an endless war between two major factions: the Roman-like Vulcan and European-inspired Naiad. With an intriguing quest line and pitted against a thousand players online, there is always new around every corner.

You play as an unknown Traha, embroiled in the ensuing war between the two major factions of the game. The strong and hearty Vulcan, the first to draw the warmth of flames, view themselves persecuted in the eyes of its eastern counterpart, as they wish only to carve a future for themselves and pay back Ludark for their ridiculous demands. The Naiads, a united kingdom of the eastern nations, view the Vulcan’s act of attacking Ludark as a prelude to a possible invasion for the foreseeable future.

With a truce meeting ruined by unknown forces, no one knows what would come next for the world. And that is where you come in.

traha global naiad vs vulcan

As an MMORPG, TRAHA Global revolves around leveling up your character and enhancing your gear. It features multiple games mode that you may know from other MMORPGs, like Time Raiders and MU Origin 3, such as the single-player Solo Dungeons and the full-on, all-player Faction War, as well as country life aspects such as fishing, farming, and blacksmithing. 

However, do not mistake this as the other mobile MMORPGs out there, with their convenience of auto-combatting or auto-completing quests. TRAHA Global demands your full attention in the game. You may have awe-inspiring abilities or deadly one-shotting skills, but the constant threat of other enemy faction players and nightmarish monsters ensures that you have an authentic MMORPG experience as possible. You are in a war; say you better be ready for a war.

traha global sword

With that said, this guide ensures that you have your feet ready for that possibility, Traha! Your very actions will change the course of history for the continent of Listania. With every tip, trick, and strategy you shall find here in this TRAHA Global Beginner’s Guide, you’ll have the power to trample your opponents and gain the favor of your allies in no time!

1. Choose a Fitting Faction and Weapon Class

traha global vulcan faction

At the start of the game, before creating a character, they give you the choice of choosing two factions: Vulcan and Naiad. They give you a brief introduction to both warring kingdoms, and you choose which one to take part in. Take note: the moment you pick a faction, you cannot go back from your choice. As TRAHA Global is a Realm-Versus-Realm-styled game, you cannot visit your opposing nation’s lands, is only restricted to you and your neighboring areas.

traha global weapons

After that, you create your character with no limitations regarding how they look. And from there, you get to pick seven starting weapon classes to choose from: the soul-stealing Scythe, the close and personal Knuckles, the backstabbing Dual Blades, the supporting Bow, the magical Staff, the heavy Greatsword, and the stalwart Shield. They are indicated by the offense (Red Sword icon), defense (Blue Shield icon), and support (Green Cross icon).

traha global scythe

The Scythe is a reflection of the Grim Reaper itself, reaping souls and relishing from it. Their abilities ensure that for every strike they’ve made, you grow weaker and weaker, even having to fight their own mirror copies.

traha global knuckles

The Knuckles gets down and dirty. They like it up close and personal, and they make sure you know exactly that, barraging you with a flurry of fists akin to JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’s Star Platinum and ensuring that you could never have a chance of controlling your character at all.

traha global shield

The Shield is an honest weapon; you hit it with your blunt weapon and then support it with your shield. Your high defense makes you a valuable Tank against DPS monsters thrown in your direction.

traha global greatsword

The Greatsword is slow, but the longer you fight it, the longer it gets worse for you. Their high health ensures that they get the final laugh after they slaughter you with their big chunk of pure metal.

traha global dual blades

The Dual Blades are weapons made for the night, with abilities that ensure that every single chance that you have to attack is a strike pointed directly to their backs. They are one of the few classes that have an actual invisibility skill that gives them a near-unfair advantage in fights.

traha global staff

The Staff may not seem great at first until they summon the mighty Phoenix right at your first. With a plethora of skills to keep its allies fresh and its enemies burned to ashes, they are the keystone to a long and arduous fight.

traha global bow

The Bow, the pinnacle of a long-forgotten era of war. Where most strike with a sword, a bow kills with an arrow from afar. Their nimble-like tactics, and their ability to support their allies from afar, make them a hunter waiting for their prey to slip up.

While you have the liberty of choosing what to start with, starting as a support class is a bad way to start the game. While the Bow and the Staff have range, they start out weak in the early stages of the game, due to how their skills and stats do not quickly deal enough damage to anything in the game. This leaves you with the other 5 classes in the game.

The Greatsword, the Shield, and the Scythe have abilities that allow you to mitigate any incoming damage, either through defense abilities or life-stealing skills. Dual Blades and Knuckles ensure that whatever is trying to kill you, they’re dead before it could even try to lay a hand on you. Because the game allows you to change your classes outside of battle (in 3 seconds no less), get a good solo weapon that doesn’t make your starting experience worse.

However, as you do continue with the game, remember that it’s on you now to pick what class you will be sticking with. While you can interchange classes, it also comes with the cost of having to keep up with equipment tailored for your class. Bear that in mind as you continue with the game. Speaking of the game…

2. Finish the Story Quests First

traha global story quest

After completing the intro, the game presents you with your classes, and then with a tutorial directing you to what you should be doing or so. It also denotes where you can see the storyline quests of TRAHA Global. Tapping on said quest autoroutes you to the objective of said quest, and immediately starts the quest as well.

Take note that auto-routing does not mean auto-completing the quests. If you are to take part in the world of TRAHA Global, you have to take off your kiddie gloves and get in on the action. It will path you to the objective, but it is you that will finish off the job. This alone sets up the bar for the rest to come for the game and its story. 

traha global special commander khaira

What makes the Story Quests important is that not only are they vital for giving you a ton of EXP, more so than the other side quests, but also give you scaled equipment as well as unlocking the other Weapon Classes in the game. Each Story Quest can easily level you up to Level 30 in a single sitting, allowing you to unlock every feature in the game as soon as possible (considering that the game sets the highest level requirement to Level 20).

This makes the Story Quests not only enjoyable but also vital to the progress of the game. It is not strenuous in its creation and can be easily done in a flash. Because of how the side quests of the game scale their EXP rate by the player’s level, it is best to pick the Story Quests first before doing the side quests.

traha global mission objective

However, doing the Story Quests alone will not be the case. TRAHA Global is still an MMORPG to the core, meaning that it is inevitable that you will grind and farm your way to a higher level. The game will also lock the Story Quests until you reach a certain CP (the game’s Power Level). There are a lot of things to do, and that brings us to the next part of this guide.

3. Do Your Daily Tasks

traha global daily activity

Habits are hammered down immediately every day for them to be done so consistently. TRAHA Global makes no difference when it comes to grinding. If you want to be at a higher level, then you have to give some time and effort into doing so. After relishing yourself in the story of a war-torn nation, try to sit back, relax, and maybe kill some hapless monster or take on fishing.

TRAHA Global has a lot of activities to choose from, ranging from Field Bosses to an all-out Faction War. The main focus, for now, is doing the ones that will cultivate your growth, giving you Items and EXP along the way. These are the Daily and Side Missions, the Kingdom Missions, the Dungeon raids, and the Gathering Missions. You can keep track of what you need to do via the Daily Activity tab in the pop-up menu by the side.

traha global daily mission proper

These missions give you Items (like Platinum, which allows you to get summons) and core Item upgrades to upgrade the cores. You can do these missions in any order, with Gathering Missions being tied to the Profession system of the game (which will be discussed in the next part of the guide). Compared to the Daily Missions, Side Missions are repeatable, allowing you to do the same thing all over without having to travel to another area.

traha global dungeon intro

Dungeons, as seen in the screenshot, place you in a scenario where you have to fight your way through a dungeon and to a boss at the end, with limited tries. One of the reasons why the tip at Number 1 exists is due to how Solo Dungeons work, being that you go in it on your own as opposed to the other Dungeon options. Being at the mercy of damaging monsters as a support class is no laughing matter.

traha global dungeon proper

These Dungeons give you rare loot, with one Solo Dungeon giving you 50% of the required EXP to level up. Random and Elite Dungeons give you said rare loot and team you up with other players (or NPCs in the case of Random Dungeons). Don’t worry too much if you’re partied up with higher-leveled players, as the game scales the Combat Power. What also makes them unique is the ability to refresh them with Recharge Tickets, allowing you to rerun the dungeon on that day.

traha global kingdom mission proper

Kingdom Missions is a larger scaled Daily Mission, tasked with annihilating monsters in a specific area for a limited amount of time (usually 12 minutes). This mission is also as vital to your progress as it gives you experience, Gold, and Kingdom Points for every monster that you kill. It’s also best that you try to kill Mimics (walking chests) and Legion Commanders (keep an eye out for large monsters), as they give you more specific rewards, like rare equipment.

traha global daily login event

That is not to include the other Daily Login, Weekly Login, and other specific tabs that you have to keep in mind. Keep track of what you need to do, and you’ll get more rewards than you get from just doing quests.

Now, speaking of Gathering Missions, this is where it gets interesting.

4. Grind for Professions

traha global grind

To grow your character further, the game offers you the ‘Profession’ system. It is reminiscent of farming games like Stardew Valley, where you can gain Items via doing activities. These activities allow you to craft Items that cannot be bought in in-game shops or obtained through quests.

traha global crafting

These Professions are Crafting, Cooking, Blacksmithing, and Archeology, with their respective activities being Gardening, Fishing, Mining, and Excavation. These come in two steps: gathering Items, and crafting Items using the gathered Items. If you have noticed a familiar wheat or fish icon popping up on the screen, chances are you’ve stumbled into one of the gathering locations in the world. They require you to have the needed tool to get the job done, and the required Profession level to gather in said location.

The game changer here is that these Professions are your only way to get high-value Items, such as feed for your mounts, weapons, and armor to scale with your level and cosmetics for your character. And for every time you level up your Profession, you also get a Trait Point to spend on, allowing you to strengthen your character without the risk of combat.

traha global mining

As for picking which Profession, it is up to you what you want to upgrade first. Crafting gives you potions and trinkets that will give you an advantage later on in the game. Cooking gives you the food Items for your mounts as well as 2-hour duration buffs. Blacksmithing gives you Weapons and Armor that you can’t get from shops. Archeology is an oddity, but a necessity as you obtain Items that you would use for other Professions.

traha global great successes

When grinding for Professions, you should have the best tool that you have, have the recommended Pet equipped, and have any food that gives you buffs in gaining ‘Profession’ Experience and Great Successes (Successes where you get two or more gathered Items as opposed to one). You have limited resources, and a better outcome is to have more Great Success than none of it.

traha global labor points

A limiting factor, however, is the Labor Points. If you have played Genshin Impact and have experienced what Resin is, then Labor Points is what the latter is for TRAHA Global. You require Labor Points for gathering Items as well as crafting Items. Once you are out of Labor Points, you cannot do any Profession tasks.

However, Labor Points replenish at a faster rate (1 point for 90 seconds as opposed to 8 minutes) and that game locks it to the Professions only. Once you expend Labor Points, you would have to wait it out. That’s not to forget that money also plays a role in crafting. You should always log in two times per day to get the best out of the Profession system.

traha global commission

But we’re here to grind for professions, not wait for them. One major factor that allows you to grind Professions is that you can use Diamonds to recharge Labor Points for up to 15 recharges per day. That is up to 7500 Labor Points for grinding purposes. Since the Diamond top-ups don’t increase per recharge, you should spend your Diamonds more on Professions than anything else.

Keep in mind that when recharging, you can also go beyond the limit of the usual 500 Labor Points, having a surplus of it. Only recharge when you have no Labor Points left or you are unable to do any more of the crafting that you need, as you won’t get the chance of a timed recharge from the game itself. Make sure you keep grinding. You’ll need a lot of Items in the future.

5. Pick the Right Skills and Traits for Your Role

traha global character stats

In MMORPGs, it is important to level your stats and skills properly, given that the choice is permanent after the decision. TRAHA Global avoids this pitfall by ensuring that it scales your stats to your Weapon Class and your Current Level, for stats at least. As for picking skills and traits, that is up for the player to decide.

The game has three major roles that you must remember for your character: DPS, Tank, and Support. DPS characters dish out large amounts of damage in a given time but are fairly weak and are more likely to die first due to them being the priority. Tanks have high amounts of HP and Defense, taunting opponents to attack them instead of the DPS, but are bulky and have little to no damage. Support is the back line and backbone of the operation, giving both roles heals and buffs to keep them in the fight long enough to win—and maybe scoring a kill with a haphazard meteor spell.

traha global blade sentinel

In TRAHA Global, you must know what skill and trait you have to not only survive but also demolish whatever comes your way. While all Weapon Classes have the chance to become a DPS class, you should manage your skills for your role as opposed to picking anything willy-nilly.

traha global ferocious strike

For Skills, you have 5 Active Skill slots, 1 Special Passive Skill slot, and 3 General Passive Skill slots, with Auto Passive Skills locked to that Weapon Class. When you navigate to the Skill Menu to pick Skills to choose from, the game will preview what the skill does, as well as provide information regarding the statistics regarding the said skill.

For DPS classes, pick ones that put out damage, as well as any Crowd Control skills that allow you to direct the flow of battle. You can max out on additional damage in favor of stunning opponents, but both can be interchangeable in situations (which is more evident when you take part in large-scale battles or one-versus-one duels).

If you have the chance to get an ability that will lessen damage whilst dealing damage, get those. Scythe users have the distinct ability of life-stealing opponents, allowing them to survive longer in battle. Dual Blades themselves get the unique ability to be invisible in the game, allowing you to get out of tricky situations and deal massive amounts of damage with a backstab.

For Tank classes, pick the ones that give you and your teammates buffs, as well as skills that taunt your opponents into hitting you. You’re more generally favored of picking Crowd Control skills, as Pulling opponents, and then forcing them to hit you is better than letting your squish DPS die to a measly quick hit from a high-damage-dealing opponent.

For Support classes, pick healing abilities out of the rest. Tanks can give out buffs to nearby allies, so focus more on keeping everyone’s blood pumping inside their bodies. Pick Area of Effect skills if there are any and have few damage spells in the case of arena battles (which will be discussed later in the guide).

Once you have picked the Active Skills, now comes the Passive Skills. Passive Skills are self-explanatory, they help you without activating them through a button or two. However, it is recommended you pick the right Passive Skills to mesh with your current build. If you are a Dual Blade user that likes to backstab opponents, get passive skills that allow you to dish out more damage. Same for Staff users that need more healing per second, or defense upgrades for Tanks. 

traha global traits

Once done, you now go on to picking up Traits for your current class. Keep in mind that when changing into a different Weapon Class, the game remembers the points that you allocate to said Weapon Class and does not automatically spend unallocated points. Always double-check if you have all of your points set, as well as equipment, before going to a fight. A single allocated point can be the difference between a 1 HP win and a defeat.

traha global core

Traits give you passive stats bonuses, ranging from higher Attacks to bigger HP. The game divides it into three sections: Attack, Defense, and Support. They are divided also by the trait points you have earned by leveling up, advancing your Profession levels, and when upgrading your Core. While you can automatically set your Trait points via the dropdown menu in the bottom left screen, try to synergize it with your current Skill build.

It is obvious to your role as to what you want to pick: Attack Traits for DPS, Defense Traits for Tank, and Support Traits for Support. However, do not automatically set your traits immediately as there are multiple trait types such as Backstabbing Damage, Night-Induced Damage, And Healing Strength to choose from. Take note that whatever traits you have will also be saved for the Weapon Class. Make sure you have set your Level, Profession, and Core Traits properly. 

traha global presets

Another convenience in the game is the Presets for Weapon Classes, found in the Character menu of the game. From there, you can navigate to previous systems regarding your build, and you can interchange them depending on the situation, from duels to faction wars. Weapon Classes can have 7 Presets in total, allowing players to have full agency on how they plan for the upcoming battles. 

6. Upgrade As Soon As Possible

traha global spirit deck

TRAHA Global has a lot of Items and Companions that it gives to you throughout your journey: from your Mounts to your Familiar. Leveling up will not be enough in your quest, as there are more ways to get stat upgrades. With that said, it’s important to keep your upgrades as soon as you get them. 

Hoarding is a bad idea in TRAHA Global as anything that you will use in the lower levels will be immediately replaced once you reach a higher level, and you will have to grind for said higher level Items. Let’s go one by one as to what these upgrades induce. 

In some mobile MMORPGs, nearly every Item or function gives you passive stat additions, regardless if they are equipped or not. TRAHA Global has a similar function to which its Companions give you its attributes even if they are not selected or its Artifacts give the abilities that give you a high edge in combat. 

traha global ghost wolf repin

That said, this applies to your Companions. Your mounts get faster the higher you level them; your Spirits give you more stats and your Pets give you more Profession XP the more you get duplicates that you can use to upgrade them. 

traha global familiar pet

Once you get Platinum, you should spend them immediately on summoning Pets/Familiars, as its only purpose is to be a pseudo currency to accumulate said companions. You can summon them via the Summon menu. However, as stated in a previous tip, avoid using Diamonds for summoning familiars as they serve more as recharges for Labor Points. 

traha global upgrade

Another point to consider is the Upgrade section in the menu, adding four more mechanics: Core, Enchanting, Upgrade Trinket Slot and Engrave. 

traha global core upgrade

As soon as you have obsolete Items and you get Primal Energy, expend them immediately to upgrade your Core to get more Core Traits to strengthen your character. Primal Energy is your primary candidate, as they have no purpose aside from upgrading said Cores. 

traha global enchant

Enchanting pertains to your current equipment, from your Trinkets to your Weapons. From there, you can add Passive stat upgrades to your weapon. However, this is only when you have new equipment. If you try to enchant an enchanted Item (marked by a rose icon by the Item icon), it will replace the enchantments in said Item with newer enchantments. Feel free to change them according to your role and do so when you have an unenchanted Item.

traha global trinket slot upgrade

Upgrade Trinket Slots is a mechanic similar to Time Raider’s Refining, which uses Shaping Dust to adjust the refining success rate for the trinket slot to get better attributes, and Gold to do the upgrading. MMORPGs, at times, can be a numbers game. Upgrade your trinkets immediately to allow better stats.

traha global engrave

The opposite is Engraving, where you need different materials to enhance your character’s Costume. Just be mindful of which Costume to upgrade, as a successful Engraving uses up material that you wanted for another Costume. 

7. Take Part in the War

traha global war

By the end of the day, somebody’s gonna want someone dead. Your faction wants the other dead, plain and simple. Do not give your enemy any mercy.Take part in the war for the domination of Listania. TRAHA Global will award you for your efforts in killing your opponents and dragging them down to the ground. 

The difference in this game is that there is no internal warring (not even Guilds, as it is more of a number-measuring competition) and all your opponents are either the wild monsters you want to kill or the like-minded enemies out there in the wild in contested areas. 

traha global gameplay

The game encourages you to defeat said enemies, as killing them gains you Rank in your faction, which gives you bonus Items in the game, as well as Bloodstones, which gives you access to Rare Costumes and Crafting options. Just make sure you kill the ones you can decimate, as high-ranking players out in the field can demolish you with the swipe of a finger.

traha global map

If you are in Contested Areas, as shown in the map as ones with red swords crossed over the area’s icon, and are trying to do quests, keep an eye out for players. Run away from the higher-leveled ones and kill the ones that you can easily demolish. A level of 30 and above should be enough to be confident to roam around to make sure that some players do not dare to enter the area again.

traha global contested area

Should you encounter another player from your faction who has the same idea, then join them as well. You and your partner-in-crime share the same Bloodpoints and Faction Points that you get for demolishing your opponent. Try to ambush your opponents when they are trying to do gathering quests or are fighting monsters. There’s no shame in beating up a wounded player. It’s their fault for doing that on contested grounds.

Be mindful that you can only do this in contested areas, not in neutral zones. 

Roaming around Contested Areas isn’t the only way to gain more power. There are events that the game periodically holds to get more rewards. There is the Arena that allows you to fight against players in real-time, either in one-on-one duels or three-versus-three team battles. Both categories have separate rankings and have their own schedules that you have to follow every day should you want to join.

traha global arena

However, keep in mind that everyone in the Arena has a fair chance of winning. The game scales your Combat Power to a set number alongside your opponent. Whether you are going there with whatever class, it’s a matter of skill that will allow you to win rather than whatever gimmick they have in mind.

traha global battle

In one-on-one duels, ditch anything about Defense or Support roles. Go all out in attacking, and stun-locking your opponents (the act of making sure they never get to act at all via stunning them with skills). Scythe and Dual Blade users shine in this mode, as they can either steal health from their opponents or disengage from deadly fights by turning invisible in a flash. That also goes for characters with Crowd Control, as they can make sure you never escape their clutches at all.

traha global potions

Remember that you can also use potions in this mode, and that buff from your guilds (which will be discussed later) will be applied in this mode, so it’s having them as soon as possible. Familiars can give you a straight edge as well, so always have them on the tip of your finger, literally. Overall, make sure you keep control of the battle, or they will gladly take it from you.

prepare for battle in traha global

Team battles are different. They place you with a random array of other characters that have queued in the system, and you have to duke it out until your team, or your opponents, are the last men standing. The synergy in this mode is different from the frantic rush of one-versus-one duels. You can have tanks and support to keep yourself afloat or be all DPS just to make sure they never even get the chance to take a blow on you.

traha global one vs one fight

Your one-versus-one loadout still works for team battles, but get yourself a build that can synergize well with the other. Because of how people will try to queue with DPS builds, you can, at times, go for a Support build instead to outlast your opponent via healing. Make sure that you don’t become the ire of said opponents, as they can easily switch targets in a flash.

In the case that you are all DPS players, do not try to engage your opponents like you get to pick a one-versus-one battle with the other. Focus on an enemy that a player is already engaging in and whittle their health immediately before the other opponents get to take notice. It usually boils down to the team with the greatest number of healthiest members alive, as there are instances where a Scythe user can happily win back a game on their lonesome.

traha global victory

And when all that’s said and done, you get your placement matches, and you have now entered the echelons of the many sweaty players of the game. Ensure that you get the highest rank you can get to get greater rewards. Do not settle for less. However, make sure that you always do your Arena attempts every day should you surpass 700 points. You do not get to sit on your laurels in this one.

traha global battlegrounds info

If you can’t get enough of Arena, there’s also another way to fight against your Faction’s opponents in a fair and square match: The Battlegrounds. If you have played the small skirmishes in games like League of Legends, then you may be familiar with the three-lane system of this arena. They pit you and 7 other players of your faction against the 8 enemy Faction players in a sizable arena, to get 80 kills before the other.

traha global battlegrounds fight

However, despite how this game mode is designed, you’re never going to play it like a MOBA. It’s a race against the other faction’s Commander, giving you 50 kills out of 80. It’s still best to play a role that will become the cornerstone of your team, as most would end up being DPS for no apparent reason other than thinking it’s a frontline assault to the death.

traha global pvp zone

Keep your head cool and stick to your team. Kill off any stragglers and fight the other player with your team. This game mode is a numbers game overall, and more so on a larger scale. Each time you win on the Battlegrounds, your faction’s score increases. Always aim for the best of your faction, as the winners will get the spoils of the battle.

traha global conquest

But the big mainstay of TRAHA Global isn’t just its World PvP or its Arena. The game’s selling point as a Realm Versus Realm is the chance to take part in actual skirmishes against actual players: Conquest. At times, when playing MMORPGs, you may tend to see yourself playing up to 20 players or so. In this mode, you will be joining a full battalion of players up against the other faction’s group of misfits. Fair advice, lower your graphical settings in this mode. A hundred players casting the Staff’s ultimate spell can burn your device more than your opponent.

traha global gameplay 2

This game mode happens two times per day, and you get to beat up a Boss and more players in the attempt to be the first to kill it. Playing DPS is suicide in this game mode, as you will be the target of every single Area of Effect spell in the game when attempting to kill the target boss. Try playing a Tank or a Support in this game mode. Remember, assisting players, either through damaging opponents or healing your allies, still gives you Bloodstones.

traha global boss fight

Focus on the boss more than on the players. The players are just bonuses if ever they are the target of your AoE attacks. The team that gets to damage it more wins, as the last blood strikes do not count toward the faction. Also, be aware of enemy teams trying to be smart and flank the group from the back or sides, any other player will handle them for you.

traha global faction shop

Now that you’ve participated in that grand war, and collected a few points and Bloodstones, it’s time to get rewards from it. If you are going to spend Service Medals (the currency you receive when killing opponents or doing faction-related objectives), spend them on Cores. The same goes for the other objective-received currencies in the game. It’s better to get more Traits than have +20 stats that specific life-steal synergies would soon outshine.

traha global war supply

Ensure that you also do your part in the war by doing War Supply quests, as they give you Faction Points and Service Medals. Don’t be afraid to spend some Labor Points on it as you’re only limited to 1000 Faction Points per day.

Now that you know your duty in your faction in the world of TRAHA Global, let’s seek a more internal organization.

8. Join A Guild

traha global guild

You can’t be in an MMORPG without joining a Guild. As much as you can be at home in your faction, you need to find a place where you can be with like-minded people (literally) and find allies at convenience. Guilds give you such luxury by ensuring that you have allies on short notice as well as buffs that allow you to keep an edge in combat.

Joining a guild is easy. By going to the Guild menu from the game’s side menu, you can easily check which guilds to join. From there, you can select which guild to join. Public guilds are easier to join than Private guilds, as they require approval from the Guild Elder or the Guild Master first before they allow you to join. In case there are no Guilds to join, you can join the Beginner’s Guild. However, take note that the Beginner’s Guild has no buffs or Guild Rewards. Always take the chance to join a guild or make one for yourself.

traha global guild chat

In the case that you do join a guild, you now have access to the guild’s channel. Always do your Daily Activities (not to be confused with Daily Missions) to get Guild Activity Points. They are raked up weekly as opposed to daily, and the more Marks of Valor (the guild’s currency for its shop) you can use to spend on Cores. You should donate your hard-earned money to the guild to get Marks of Valor as well. You can immediately get them when doing quests or other activities, so you have nothing to lose as you get more rewards.

traha global guild offering

The same goes for Guild Offerings. It is in the same vein as War Supplies, but it is also set weekly rather than daily. Make sure to keep your offerings divided by the day of the week rather than doing them all in one day in a week. Don’t stunt your growth so easily, unless you have unlimited access to diamonds for Labor Points.

traha global buffs

However, the biggest mainstay of a guild is the ability to quickly team up with other players and get buffs from the Guild. The Guild Elder or Master only grants buffs, as they are the only ones that can purchase said buffs. They can range from higher defense or better attack damage. As they are global buffs, they get to remain with you for the entire duration as long as the Guild’s leaders have the coffers for it.

But in the case that you do end up being the Guild Leader, the game doesn’t complicate it that much. If you can’t join one, make one. Or in the case that you become the dominant player of the Guild or a Guild’s Leader decides to give you the responsibility. Either case is still fine for you as a player, only that you have more responsibilities than so.

traha global guild members

As a Guild Leader, it is your role to manage your members and check to see if the Guild is functioning properly. Even if there is no external conflict between other Guilds, it’s still an arms race to be the best Guild out there, as the game rewards those, by the end of the season, with more Items if they are a part of the elite guilds of the game.

Remove any members that are inactive and ensure that you always have Guild Gold to always have your Guild’s buffs active. In the case that you are low on money, then remember that you can adjust to when your Guild’s players are online. Don’t waste your Guild members’ money when they’re not there at all, to begin with. If you are creating a guild, remember that it will cost you four hundred thousand Gold to establish a new guild.

Always be attentive to the Guild’s call for Field Bosses, and always be ready should a Faction War event begin, as Guilds can, at times, coordinate with one another for attacks. Now that you are more than ready to go with the game, what else do you have to do?

9. Finish Achievements and Codex

traha global achievement

TRAHA Global has a progression tracker in the form of Achievements, which rewards players with Gold, Items, and Titles. You can track your progress via the Achievements menu in the side menu, as it will bring you up to the corresponding section. Each time you finish an achievement, you get to receive its corresponding rewards. If you are trying to do other achievements alongside it, there is the Receive All function below.

One of the reasons why finishing Achievements is a good thing to finish is how it gives you free Gold and Items for all your efforts, as well as any fancy Titles you can equip that also give you passive attribute bonuses. The game categorizes all the achievements into 8 categories, each with varying degrees of difficulty.

traha global progression

You can easily finish one of Combat’s achievements—its Timing achievement to be specific—to gain massive amounts of money in a short time. Since the game allows you to fight any monster in the field, or just mercilessly kill enemy faction players, it counts toward the achievement completely. 

The same goes for Progression and Life Skill (or Professions) achievements. Because you’ll be grinding for Professions as per a previous tip, you’ll be more likely to get Life Skill achievements in a heartbeat. Since Progression achievement’s Gold Received/Spent achievement also counts the Gold that you get from achievements, you can take advantage of said achievements to gain more money.

As for the other achievements, always be mindful of them, whether you are exploring or trying to destroy anything in your path. The more you can get achievements done, the better rewards that you can get.

traha global collections

Another thing to take care of is this Codex. Should you have spare Rare Equipment lying around in the corner, put them to use by registering said items to the Codex. As the Codex gives you Diamonds, it also allows you to get more chances to Recharge Labor Points, which in turn allows you to grind more on your Professions. It’s best to not waste your equipment upgrading your Core when you have Primal Energy for it.

Now you have your mindset and are ready for the journey ahead. You know now that you should do your job first as a soldier of your faction, your job to attend to, to be a part of the war. But what comes next after? Is there more to this than just slaughtering monsters left and right?

10. Explore and Get Promo Codes

traha global character

The world of TRAHA Global is tragic but beautiful. Every single set piece that you see in this game, either from the barren valleys of Vulcan or the majestic castle of Naiad, you can’t help but admit how gorgeous this world is. With the amount of player agency the game gives you for a mobile MMORPG, you’re bound to roam around the world and be caught up with the atmosphere it provides.

traha global death sentence

When you roam around the fields of Listania, you’ll have a chance of fighting the monsters that roam around the vicinity. While they don’t give you experience upon defeating them, they do give you valuable drops that you may not get from other quests. Upon defeating a monster, you get Enchanted Fragments, Items that allow you to upgrade your core. They vary upon the difficulty of the monster, incentivizing players who do go out of their way to experience the tragic world around them.

traha global gameplay 3

Another thing that usually doesn’t pop up in quests is the rare Elite Monsters, which drop Shards upon defeat. These shards are vital in shops that allow you to use said currencies to buy special items and costumes that you cannot craft via Professions. They are far tankier and more aggressive than your average monster, so be prepared to stock up on potions. Don’t also go too far where they spawn, or else they gain their health back pronto.

traha global lizard well

Another quality of life aspect that most players tend to ignore due to auto-pathing is the existence of Memory Stones. It is the game’s equivalent of a Persona Fast Travel that is only applicable to you as a player. They can be accessed via the Globe icon on the top-left side and the Winged Icon.

You can save up to 40 different locations. To quickly access these locations, you need to have the Memory Stone to travel in an instant. If you frequent Archeological Professions or have to register the location of an Elite Monster’s spawning area, using Memory Stones is the best way to get to your destination.

And should the opportunity arise, always get Redeem Codes! It can be found in the Account section of the Settings Menu, or on the game’s main website. If you are beginning in the game, there are easy ways to get Diamonds quickly for you to use to grind. You can find them in a flash by just searching and browsing the web, or by following the developers and checking if ever they drop a new Promo Code to redeem.

And that concludes our Beginner’s Guide to TRAHA Global. The world of Listania awaits the fervor of a new Traha to roam its lands, and its two major factions are willing to sell its life and soul to you to gain a new edge on its ground. Who will you choose? Who will you pick in this struggle? With allies and foes at every corner, there’s no telling where your journey ends, Traha!

If you have any tips or questions regarding this guide, please leave your thoughts and ideas in the comments!