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Traffic Tour Guide: 3 Tips & Tricks to Become an Ultimate Racer

Are you looking for some exhilarating action, driving at break neck speeds and performing seemingly impossible maneuvers all without any risk involved? If you are a true racing fan then you need to look no further than Traffic Tour. The versatile racing and simulation game is the latest product from the gaming powerhouse Wolves Interactive and has already garnered huge attention since its release on November 7, 2016. Traffic Tour is available to download and play for free on iOS devices from the Apple iTunes App Store as well as on Android devices from the Google Play Store. The game offers beautiful and eye catching graphics coupled with a smooth and lag free gameplay on most devices in a reasonable package size of 217 MB. Traffic Tour, being a flagship release, receives regular love from the developers and do not be surprised if you are met with some new features which are not discussed in this guide. The most recent update to Traffic Tour occurred on November 29, 2016 and brought with it minor bug fixes and added downloadable content to the already rich gameplay experience.

Traffic Tour is not your typical endless racing arcade game. To give you an idea just combine the interactive Grand Theft Auto style of missions and the customizability of the Need For Speed series and you will understand the main concept of Traffic Tour. The game focuses upon making players work for their fair share of rewards and completing the missions is necessary to achieve any significant advancement in Traffic Tour. Accurate weather depictions and real life traffic simulation grant Traffic Tour the look and feel of a true simulation action racing game with all the elements of an arcade racer also present in the delightful mixture.

Traffic Tour will give you an incredibly challenging gameplay so do not be fooled by its friendly graphics and user interface. It does not matter if you are a racing veteran or just a newbie to the world of cars, Traffic Tour has a difficulty curve that is sure to impress everyone and grant you a true sense of achievement when you are able to successfully complete the missions. The first few levels are a piece of cake for anyone who has the slightest of experience playing motion racing games. Even if you have never touched or seen a racing game before in your life and want to begin with Traffic Tour, the developers have set up a very friendly tutorial that will direct you towards using the basic functions in the game like accelerating, braking and handling using either tilt or on screen touch controls.

Despite this seemingly detailed starter tutorial, you will be faced with an unbelievable and exponentially scaling learning curve and no matter how dedicated you are you will not be able to progress to a much higher stage without some of the tips and tricks mentioned in this guide. So pick up your smartphone and let’s start racing in Traffic Tour!

1. Upgrade Only When Necessary

Traffic Tour is similar to the thousands of other arcade racing games in the market but this game makes you work hard for a relatively low amount of reward. This means that you will have to be extra careful while spending cash in the game if you want to achieve any significant progress. This is actually the main reason why many new players give up or fail to progress beyond a certain level while in the career mode. They spend tons of cash on needless updates whenever a prompt to do so is shown by the game and as a result they do not have enough cash left for the purchase of a much better car or unlocking cool features in the game.

An easy way to avoid falling into this trap is to collect as much cash as you can without spending any except when you absolutely need to. You will face such a situation only when the difficulty level listed besides the appropriate stage reaches to “impossible”. When this difficulty level is reached the game does not allow you to begin the stage unless you have performed some of the required upgrades to make your car in accordance with the stage requirements. All other difficulty levels can be cleared without performing upgrades to your car and following this strategy saves you around 20 to 25 percent more cash. This may not seem like much but it really adds up to quite a lot and will result in you being able to purchase a much better car faster than you would have been able to had you been spending cash whenever the game prompted you to upgrade your car.

Another reason why you should hold on to cash is due to the relatively low value that you can obtain from spending it on upgrades whenever prompted by the game. Upgrades come at a small price but you only get around +5 to +10 in any specific attribute of your current car which includes increased handling, acceleration and braking abilities. To upgrade these attributes to the maximum you will require an amount of cash which is slightly less than that needed for a newer and better car.

Purchasing a new car will give you a boost of around +20 to +30 of the same attributes so now you can clearly decide if upgrading your car is worth the cash you race so hard to earn. As a general rule however, whenever you do get stuck at the impossible difficulty scenario, you should always prefer to put upgrade points into the power of your car and ignore handling and braking as both of those things can be supplemented by good racing sense on the road. The power of your car determines how fast you go so always give preference to this attribute over all others.

2. Building Your Road Sense

Traffic Tour is a game that has been programmed to represent almost real life scenarios for players so they can get completely immersed in the experience like they would while driving a race car through dense traffic in real life. This also means that the developers of this game have gone out of their way to make sure that the traffic movements and difficulty is also on par with what you would expect on an actual highway during rush hours. These improvements to the generally static Artificial Intelligence in a racing game entails that you must learn to improvise whenever needed and quite literally develop a keen road sense if you expect to progress beyond a certain point in Traffic Tour. The true difficulty of this game does not lie in how hard it is to earn cash or the upgrades being expensive rather it manifests itself on the road, always keeping you in the edge of your seat as you play this exciting game on your smartphone.

The first step to building a good road sense as you progress further to the higher stages of Traffic Tour is to anticipate the movements of the cars on the road. Just like in real life, when you are driving in Traffic Tour, think as if you are controlling all the cars on the road not just your own. The concept can be a bit overwhelming at first but when you really grasp this technique there will be absolutely no barrier to your accuracy of judgment while on the road. Also because the cars in Traffic Tour are controlled by a pre-programmed algorithm, there is no possibility of random movements as you would expect in a real life rush hour situation. Therefore you can use this concept to great advantage by learning the pattern of movement that the cars tend to follow. Be warned however that this pattern fails to be useful at very high stages where your car is moving extremely fast and the volume of traffic is much greater which would cause you to be distracted if you tried to find a pattern of movement among all that chaos.

The second step to building a good road sense is to know when you are outmatched and think intelligently for a solution. For example you are driving your lambo at break neck speeds through the traffic but suddenly you come across three trucks going side by side blocking the entire road. At this point it would be beyond foolish of you to try and weave your way from between these trucks because of the simple fact that they would be moving too slow relative to your speed. You can use a very handy trick in such a situation. The game has an option of honking the horn of your car as well as flashing high beams or using a dipper as known in common language.

You can use both these options in quick succession in order to clear out an intelligent path for you to cross. To do so, simply honk your horn repeatedly at the middle truck. Next, flash your lights at the first or the third truck and repeat this procedure in quick succession. You will soon see that the two trucks that you were honking and flashing at will try to move out of your way and in trying to do so they will collide with each other. This will give you a wide open space to rush ahead with speed while the trucks fade into the background behind you. As you can see, this step is crucial for the higher stages since you will be met with such situations quite frequently and it is only your presence of mind at that time which will determine your success or failure on any stage of Traffic Tour.

The third step to developing a good road sense is to pay attention to the small details in Traffic Tour. The game developers have put a lot of hard work into making this game as life like as possible and that devotion can clearly be seen in the details while playing Traffic Tour. One of the tiny details that you should always pay close attention to is the indicator function given to the cars in Traffic Tour. Once you have played the game long enough, you will notice that there are two kinds of cars in the game. There are cars that will indicate left or right to forewarn you of their desired lane changes and these are actually the most helpful cars in the game. The early warning allows you to carefully plan your strategy for overtaking them and apply the brakes if needed. Always pay attention for any car flashing their indicator lights as they are present to guide you and it would be really sad if their warnings went wasted.

Then there are cars that are the trouble makers and are present in the game to confuse you. These cars will give no indication for you to detect their movement on the road and they can change lanes at any time even while you are crossing them. A collision of this nature will not crash your car but it will severely impact your speed which is especially important if you are on a time challenge. There is no way to avoid these cars other than to have a knack for knowing when they will change lanes because the movement of these cars approaches an almost random nature as you progress to the higher stages. As a general rule whenever the speed of your car touches 160kph, always keep one finger ready on the brakes because braking to avoid these random movements is much better and causes you to lose relatively less time on the clock.

3. Collecting Cards And Coins

Traffic Tour has additional in game currencies besides the cash that you earn for completing missions and winning races. These are cards and coins that you can collect during your missions scattered randomly on the road. There are two types of cards, yellow cards and green cards with green colored cards being the more valuable of the two. Yellow cards are much more common as compared to the green cards and you will notice many side missions at the start of a stage rewarding you additional cash for collecting a certain amount of yellow cards or green cards. The purpose of these cards is to help you unlock upgrade and purchase features in the game. Yellow cards are responsible for unlocking upgrades for any of your cars with the amount of cards required increasing as the car performance increases.

The green cards are responsible for unlocking new car purchases in Traffic Tour. This means that even if you have the amount of cash required for the purchase of a new car, you will not be able to buy it unless you have collected the designated amount of green cards which will make the purchase available for you in the game. The number of green cards is displayed alongside the cash required for the purchase of each new car so keep track of how many you have collected during your missions and how many are left to perfectly synchronize your cash availability with the unlock of the purchase. Through this tracking you will avoid losing precious time to collect more cards while you have the required amount of cash ready for the purchase.

These cards although necessary for unlocking of upgrades and purchases in Traffic Tour are also a major source of distraction for you while you are on the road. The yellow cards will appear quite frequently and most of the times you will see them pop up inside of a moving car. In such situations you again have to think intelligently and weigh your options before making a move. You will have to decide according to the stage you are at, if the value of collecting a simple yellow card is greater and will not delay you in your attempt to cross the finish line. As a general rule you should never be tempted to go out of your way to collect yellow cards while on a time challenge or a particularly difficult mission. This is because you can find tons of yellow cards scattered about and the risk of slowing down to get one just is not worth the cost in terms of losses. Green cards are generally placed with greater access but you might want to risk slowing down if you feel that a green card might be missed by you if you keep going at a fast speed. This is because green cards are very valuable and will not appear as frequently as yellow cards.

Coins can also be found scattered around levels and these are of minor concern if you do not plan on trying out the online multiplayer feature of Traffic Tour. You need some coins to participate in each online event but if you would rather play a solo career then by all means feel free to miss out on the coins. It is recommended however to collect the coins which are quite literally in front of your car because after ending the career mode you might want to give the online multiplayer a try and you would be surprised at how good it actually is.

These would be our exclusive tips and tricks for Traffic Tour. Do you know more tips for the game? Feel free to drop us a line in the comment section below!