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Mobile Legends Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide to Dominate Your Enemies

If you guessed that Mobile Legends, Moonton’s new Android and iOS game, is a MOBA with strong influence from League of Legends, then you are pretty much correct. It’s the company’s attempt to bring a complete multiplayer online battle arena experience to mobile platforms, and in this game, you can form a team with five heroes and take part in five-on-five battles with real players from all over the world. The game comes with a lot of PC MOBA features, including laning, jungling, tower rushing, and of course, that all-important element of the genre, team battles. This game is as real as it gets, as you can’t spell MOBA without the “m” in the acronym – multiplayer.

We don’t quite know if this game approximates League of Legends, DOTA 2, and those other PC-based titles in bringing the true eSports spirit to mobile devices. But we do know that the MOBA gameplay in here is as “genuine” as it gets for phones and tablets. We also know that this is quite a deep game where tactical strategies are paramount if you want to win more battles. But we won’t overwhelm you with any advanced tips just yet. We hope to start you off right with this Mobile Legends strategy guide, which we’ve written mainly for first-time players.

1. Try All The Hero Classes

There are several classes of heroes available in the game, and when we say several, we mean more than five. That means you won’t be able to take one of each at any given time, but we do recommend testing all the classes out for yourself and choosing the ones that fit your play style the best. Remember the selling point of these games – multiplayer interactions, not stock AI enemies!

2. Know Your Heroes (Part 1)

So what kind of heroes can you expect in this game? Let’s take a look at each of the different classes.

For starters, you’ve got your Fighters, who are your melee attackers. They’re usually of average constitution, but they do excel in close-contact attacks, and are able to do a lot of damage when used properly. They can start out fights easily, and they also have abilities that improve their attack power, providing buffs to this natural stat that could come in handy.

Tanks are usually best placed in the front line, and they do have a tendency to make the first move on opponents, all with the goal of protecting the rest of their team in mind. As they’re there to suck up damage, they’ve got high HP and Resistance figures. They’re also quite helpful in crowd control, and can stun or slow down enemies. As is the case with tanks in other games, they cannot be relied on for standalone attacks, due to their low damage ratings.

Mages are ranged attackers who cast magic spells on enemies. Emblem set, which we will be discussing later on, is very important; choose the right one, as Mages’ abilities are mainly based on magic power. You’re better off positioning them in the rear, where they can cast spells and launch abilities from afar.

3. Know Your Heroes (Part 2)

Those are basic hero types that you’re sure to see in other games. And here are the rest of them, in as complete, yet concise detail as possible.

Assassins are quick, stealthy, and able to polish off enemies with their expensive abilities. Word of warning, though – their abilities tend to be quite expensive and take quite a while to cool down! You can rely on Assassins for burst damage; that’s essentially hit-and-run tactics with a premium on damage. Be wary as well that these heroes have low HP and Resistance ratings, so make sure that your Tanks have their backs.

Marksmen are like Mages in the sense that they attack from a distance; they can also inflict some solid damage against your opponents. But they differ as they use fast automatic attacks to do most of their damage. You may have to launch an auto attack and run back to safety, which is necessary if you want to get the opponent’s melee heroes off your back.

Lastly, you also have Support heroes, which are those who can heal allies, and slow down or stun enemies. At the moment, Rafaela is the only hero who’s available in the game under Support. She does all of the things we mentioned above, and while that may make her a poor threat once alone, you can also do wonders if you pair her up with a teammate.

4. Why Is Emblem Set So Important?

We briefly mentioned Emblem Set a couple of tips back, so what’s the deal with them, and why should they mean so much to you when playing the game? Defining emblems in the game’s context, these are tiny runes that either help your hero immediately, or as you level up your heroes. It’s important that you give them stat boosts whenever possible to ensure that you remain up to speed and are able to deal with those human-controlled enemies.

At first, you’ll only be able to access a limited number of emblem sets, but you would be able to choose from a more complete variety once you’ve finished a few levels. Try to make the emblem set match up with your heroes and what they do, as there’s a specific set per hero, with each emblem providing a boost.

5. Make Sure You’ve Got The Right Abilities

Mobile Legends allows you to bring an ability with you when heading off to battle. These abilities are like the emblem sets, as each ability is designed to match a specific hero. For example, take the first two abilities, which are Execute and Retribution. Execute doesn’t just deal out damage – it deals out true damage, or damage that isn’t nullified or weakened by defense, to enemy heroes. The amount of damage will all depend on how well you’ve leveled your heroes up. Retribution, on the other hand, inflicts 600 true damage to monsters, and increases damage dealt out by 30 percent for three seconds. Those controlling jungle heroes should do well when bringing Retribution early on in the game.

6. Some Advanced Abilities To Consider

Although we did say that this is a beginner’s guide, we might as well include some information on advanced abilities, meaning those which you’ll get once you’ve leveled up more than ten times or so.

One example is Stun, which gets unlocked at level 13. This stuns all enemies in your vicinity for half a second, then confuses them for another second. Confusion doesn’t necessarily mean that enemy heroes and monsters will run around like headless chickens; it simply means abilities will cost twice the mana, and hero speed will also be reduced. You can use this ability when you’re dealing with an opponent who mostly has melee heroes.

Purify gets unlocked at level 15, and it works by removing all debuffs and disables. It also makes you immune to those for two seconds, and increases your movement by 30 percent. Make sure you’ve got this ability if your team of five has some particularly squishy heroes.

At level 19, you’ll unlock Flicker, and that allows you to warp toward any direction. You won’t be warping too far, but once you’ve warped, disable duration will be cut in half. This could be a great ability to use if you’re trying to pull a fast one on the enemy by launching a surprise attack.

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