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Townville Tips, Cheats, Tricks & Guide to Build Your Dream City

Townville is a cute city building game from Sparkling Society, where your only goal is to build the city of your dreams. You get a whole island to do it and lots of different buildings that will make your town unique and appealing.

You can invite more citizens by constructing houses, cottages, and other housing edifices. There are lots of different production buildings that will be working non-stop in order to fulfill various desires your townsfolk have, much like in the Anno game series.

In order to erect a prosperous and large town, you have to find a perfect balance between your people’s desires, various crafters’ abilities to produce different types of goods, the city’s expansion and the number of raw resources you receive via trading. The process can be long but at the end, you’ll become the mayor of the best town ever.

Now, the game starts slow, pointing you at all the necessary actions you must take in order to set up the basic structures of your town. Sooner rather than later you’ll have to watch over lots of buildings and to manage various goods being produced. This can be a tad hefty, especially when your town grows a bit, but by constantly watching your citizens’ needs and the number of goods stored in your warehouse, you can manage it all without much hassle.

Of course, Townville does offer ways to speed up the whole city building thing, but for that, you have to spend crystals which are always scarce. Instead of spending real cash on crystals you can read this guide and incorporate some of the advice so your city-building adventure can become an interesting experience worth playing. Stay with us and find out how to set up your town without hassle.

1. You Don’t Have To Speed Up Construction During The Tutorial

During the very start of the game, while helpful lady guides you through the game’s basics, she points out that construction can be speeded up with crystals. Since crystals are Townville’s premium currency you don’t want to spend them unless you really have to, and the good news is that you don’t have to speed up construction during the tutorial.

Just ignore her when she tells you to speed up construction and instead wait for the construction to finish on its own. You’ll save up a couple of crystals that will be very valuable during the later parts of the game.

2. Never Leave The Trading Port Idle

The trading port is the only way to get resources needed for crafting various items. You have to place an order to one of your trading ships and then wait for the ship to bring them.

It is important, especially during the early game, to never leave any ship idle. Make sure that all of your available ships are on their routes, bringing important resources to your town.

After you expand your city and start receiving lots of different tasks from your denizens, and after you construct more than a couple production buildings, send for resources only when you need them. And even then you can keep your town’s trading fleet busy. Just sell surplus materials at the market.

3. The Market Is A Great Way To Earn Some Coins

Coins are not easily earned, and one of the best ways to earn them is by constructing market and then selling surplus resources or items. Just make sure to not sell items unless you really have too many of them (more than 5 or 6) since they take a while to craft.

On the other hand, you can sell iron or wood without limit as long as you have trading ships getting them at the port. The best strategy is to find which resources can be sold (usually its iron and wood) and then always have at least one ship constantly shipping them to the city.

This way you’ll have a nice, steady coin income and your warehouse won’t end up being overcrowded.

4. Watch Ads, Get Free Crystals

The game will offer you some free crystals in exchange for watching video ads. This is an excellent way to earn some crystals since they are in short supply and the ads aren’t that long. So, as soon as you see the offer (it will be shown in the top left corner, as a blue play button) tap on it and get some free coins.

5. Upgrade Your Warehouse As Soon As You Can

At the start of Townville, your warehouse can store only 45 items. This is simply too low, and you’ll want to upgrade the warehouse as soon as you can. After upgrading, the warehouse will be able to store up to 65 items, which will be enough until you reach level 15.

6. Rewards For Delivering Necessary Items To Citizens Are Usually Not Worth Spending Crystals On Getting Items You Lack

Your townsfolk will always have a couple of tasks for you. They will ask you for different items, which all can be crafted at the production buildings. Instead of waiting for the items to finish crafting you can spend a couple of crystals and receive them in an instant.

This is usually not worth it since rewards aren’t that lucrative, and also because you can get those items just by waiting a couple of minutes. Spend crystals only when rewards are high enough, for instance when a reward includes more than 150 stars.

Also, spending crystals are wise when you are close to reaching the next level (but only after level 10) and a citizen wants items that would take an hour or more to craft. So, don’t always spend crystals on tasks, do it only when the reward is high enough.

7. Never Spend Crystals On Speeding Up Construction

As opposed to spending crystals on getting necessary items needed for finishing tasks, spending crystals on speeding up the construction is not an option. It’s simple; just wait for the building to finish on its own.

Yes, new buildings will come with rewards in the form of stars and, sometimes, crystals, but once you finish them there will be no new buildings to construct. On the other hand, after you successfully complete a task, a new one will appear.

Remember, you receive new building options only when leveling up, so spending crystals on speeding up construction is not recommended, and it will quickly leave you without a single crystal.

8. When Browsing Through Houses, Choose To Build Those That Offer The Best Ratio Between The Price And The Number Of Stars You’ll Be Rewarded With When They Are Finished Constructing

There are lots of different houses to choose from, and you’ll get new ones with each new level. Some are better than others, and it’s a good thing Townville doesn’t limit you when picking a house to build.

You can choose every available house, so always make sure to build those that offer the best price and the largest amount of stars. You see, on top of expanding your population each house rewards you with some stars needed for leveling up.

Some offer more citizens, but fewer stars. Some offer a solid amount of population slots and a solid amount of stars. There are many different combinations, but when you decide to build a new house always pick those that come with the largest amount of stars.

Remember, stars are more important than the number of citizens, by collecting them you will level up, getting new buildings. And new housing buildings will come with more slots for new citizens as well as with more stars as a reward for constructing them. As you probably realized, it is better to erect only those houses that come with a lot of stars, than those that can house more people. Since they all are similarly priced, pick those that come with the largest amount of stars.

9. You’ll Receive New Citizens As Soon As You Place A House

This is important since you don’t have to wait for a house to get finished in order to expand your population. You will receive new people as soon as you place a house, while the stars will come after the house is finished constructing.

So, do not speed up house construction, it’s just not worth it (unless the house brings 200 stars or more, and you are near the next level).

10. Roads Are Free To Build

Roads don’t cost a dime so you are free to place them as much as you want. Just remember that buildings do not have to have road access meaning that roads are basically unnecessary, place them only if you want for your town to look nicer.

11. Don’t Spend Money On Decorations

Decorations are completely unnecessary. They offer a humble amount of stars, even the most expensive ones, so placing them in your city is just pointless. Sure, if you have lots of coins and want for your Townville to look pretty, fell free to place a couple. Just remember decorations are just that, decorations. They won’t give you crystals; they can’t house new citizens and offer just a couple of stars.

So, If you want to save coins do not erect decorations.

12. Construct New Commercial Buildings As Soon As You Unlock Them

Commercial buildings are where items are crafted, so they are very important part of Townsville. The only way to finish various tasks is by crafting necessary items, so make sure all available commercial buildings get constructed.

13. Group Commercial Buildings Together

We noticed that, when commercial buildings are grouped next to each other, Townville is much easier to play.

You see, later in the game when you have half a dozen of commercial buildings, each requiring different materials, and some requiring other items in order to craft their own items, it is way easier to manage them all if they are placed in a tight group.

This way you will be able to quickly check out which resources and items you need for crafting complex items, to check out which items are being produced, and to manage production without jumping from one part of the city to another.

The best strategy is to place commercial buildings next to the warehouse so you can quickly check out the state of your town’s resources and items, always knowing what you can craft at any given moment.

14. Always Have Something Crafted

Having items crafted at all times will make you finish tasks faster. You can’t know what the next task will be, but you can stack some items so you don’t have to craft them all once some citizen decides he wants a new hammer and a couple of screws.

Don’t have all commercial buildings to craft items. It is best to craft those required for advanced items and those that are often asked by your citizens. And remember that your warehouse can be filled pretty quickly so make sure to sell some items and resources at the market when your warehouse gets near its limits.

15. Do Not Expand Until You Have To

Townville gives you a whole island to build your perfect town, but only a small part of it is unlocked at the start. You can unlock new parts of the island, but don’t do it until you fill up all the available space with different buildings.

Expanding is cheap on coins but expensive on crystals since you’ll need some items that you can only buy with crystals, so don’t expand until there’s no place left for new buildings. And when you decide to expand, pick an area that’s deep in the island instead of a beach area since the offer more area to build on.

Okay, folks, that was all. Townville is an interesting game that’s definitely worth playing. We tried to find as many helpful tips as we could and hope that you found something interesting while reading this guide. Be sure to check our other guides, they all are helpful and there are lots of them, so you’ll probably find the one you need. As always, thanks for reading and happy gaming!


Saturday 22nd of July 2023

Can you tell me why some of the houses show people inside an upward arrow and some don’t.